In this respect, Android doesn’t even come close to iOS

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While Android has come a long way since the dark days and has matured into a really awesome mobile operating system, there’s one area where it simply can’t hold a candle to its rival, Apple’s iOS: Rate of adoption. About half a year after its launch, Android Oreo is still only on just over 1% of all Android devices.

Yeah, just over 1% for both 8.0 (0.8%) and 8.1 (0.3%). There are more devices still stuck on Jelly Bean than there are devices on Oreo. This data comes directly from Google who collected it over a 7-day period ending February 5th of devices that visited the Google Play Store.

The majority of Android devices (28.5%) are still on Android Nougat (7.1 and 7.2 combined) while 28.1% of smartphones are still on Android Marshmallow. KitKat and Lollipop’s numbers are also pretty high, sitting at 12% and 24.5% respectively. Meanwhile, the “legacy” versions like Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread are sitting at 5%, 0.4% and 0.3% respectively.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Apple’s latest numbers show that iOS 11 is currently on 65% of all devices (last measured by the App Store on January 18th). And this is despite iOS 11’s slow initial adoption.

How can Google fix this situation?

But Android has always had adoption rate problems because of its fragmented nature. Individual Android OEMs (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.) will want to have their own proprietary hardware/software features and all of this will require extensive testing and work put in before each major Android OS update to ensure stability. And this isn’t easy with the way Android’s software layers communicate with the phone hardware.

Google’s trying to take matters into their own hands with their own Pixel and Pixel 2 handsets, but the fact is these phones are hard to get a hold of outside of their selected markets. You still can’t officially get one in Malaysia and not many are willing to get them at a marked up price from grey-importers.

But doing their own hardware isn’t the only solution Google’s throwing into the ring. There’s also Project Treble which will allow the for upgrading of the Android OS framework without needing to rework any vendor implementations.

That said, this does not mean that it removes any need to test OEM-specific proprietary technology with each update of Android, it just makes it easier to update by removing the need to reconfigure lower-level hardware parts for each OS update. You can get a more detailed explanation of Project Treble in Android Authority’s comprehensive article here.

How much will all of this improve new Android OS adoption rate in the future? Only time will tell.

Of course, the numbers are set to improve once Samsung gets around to rolling out oreo onto their devices. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know in the comments below.


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79 Comments for In this respect, Android doesn’t even come close to iOS


How would tat be a Google problem?

Phone maker r not releasing it to their older models. It’s the phone maker to b blamed

    Chi bye

    Yeah, mostly are manufacturers’ problem. Their decisions not to provide update are not something Google can deal with it, blaming Google is kind of stupid.


how come 90% of the android users claim that android has already surpassed ios in term of stability and speed when theres merely 1% of ppl using the latest os?

all syok sendiri punya a? pakai myvi imagine blh flash bmw? lel


    Talk again when “BMW” can actually be driven properly.

    Also car analogies are dumb in mobile tech. An iPhone is an Indian made VW at best with AAA marketing. RM50 Nokia 3310 can make calls properly and reliably more than a RM5k piece of notched turd ah?

      Jim Ho

      I bought a Nok3310 @Lazada rm80. They call it OEM, meaning it’s a fake; lots of probs with the very limited functions. Total waste of money. I advise dont buy.


      your name should change to NoMoney+BornToBeASheep


        Yeah, like your name is not girly/ugly enough for a sheep.


    Using latest update software doesn’t mean it most stable and speediest..iOS11 as an example..less stable and laggy compared to previous version


      Totaly right.
      I has seen iphone 6 navigation app super duper suck when you need it.


    You again? I praised you for being the most ignorant isheep I have seen so far. How in the world does BMW and myvi related to android and ios do tell me.


      praised by someone who're the real bodokambing/katak wouldn't bother me at all pls lel.


        Swan, dun waste ur time arguing with them.. Because they will never understand ur stupidity.


          pity otaku like you, see your comment also know u got no future, lel


          yes, bcos stupid sheep like u got future, right??


        Wow you replied to me. Just goes to show your level of intelligence. getting triggered by a troll comment. Bravo miss/mister isheep


    Bcz oldest android version have character and functions more than latest ios and its fully stable no problem like the latest ios version


    You are right, swan. Swan is always on point, only selected dumb ppl can understand swan's logic.


    Swan, your “bmw” giving it’s brain washing matra to defend them selves.. Hope you are happy your bmw can now fly

    They can say whatever the please and get away with it as long as they have swans following and worshipping them


Really 1%? So it means I am one of the 1% with oneplus5 updated weeks ago. Thanks oneplus!


even Android One facing slow OS updates


Let’s just accept that android iOS. Why waste your good night sleep over why android cannot beat iOS in term of update? Android user don’t care. I see a lot of my colleagues use Android phone with update notifications pending. Those who care already buy either iPhone or flagship android phone with 2 years update.


this is s2pid. You compare iOS and Android as if Android only has 1 manufacturer. Did you do your research soyacincau?

here's an article. Take time to read.…
It will help you be more logical next time.
Oh btw, I'm using a Motorola Moto X4 running Oreo so please stop this nonsense.

    Rani Razlan



    You can say stupid because you already got Oreo. Look at the world number 1 brand Samsung until now s8 still nougat. Android One phone also release so slow. Go ask any Xiaomi mi A1 user.


    You sound like some stewpid minister that say Malaysia economy very good because A FEW people a can travel overseas. How about the majority of Android users that are still stuck with Lollipop and marshmallow? Some never get updated at all. Who’s fault is that?


      You sound like some stewpid customer who buys something and will complain if he doesn't know how to use it.

      It's YOUR choice of Manufacturer. I chose Motorola as my Android phone coz I know they are reliable when it comes to updates.

      Whose fault is it now?


        Thank you for saying 99% of Android users are stewpid. Cannot argue with someone so clever go and buy a Moto X4


          He didn't say 99% android users are stupid. It is really the manufacturer's fault.. If u care abt updates, choose the right manufacturer.


          Honestly, majority owners don’t care about an update and don’t want an update. It’s the same with both iOS and android. Only enthusiast wants the update.

          As long as the phone is good condition and able to run all the apps. Majority ppl is fine with it. Go ask your wife, parents , non-enthusit friends. They don’t care about update. Some even hope there is no update because update slows down their phone (eg ios)


          IMO, most Android OEMs suck at updates.

          If updates are a priority, you should probably be looking at a Google Pixel, the HMD Nokias, some HTCs or the like. If you buy a phone like a Galaxy A8 or whatnot, you shouldn’t expect quick and timely updates in consistent manner.

          To be fair, companies like Samsung and Huawei aren’t super terrible these days, but if updates are a prime priority, these shouldn’t be your first choice.


        Except Motorola isn’t even great at updates.

        Remember how long it took for the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition to get Android 7.0? Or how they tried to leave the Moto G4+ on 7.1.1 until they were called out of it due to them actually promising an Android Oreo update for it?

        Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that your Moto X4 has gotten Oreo, but Motorola has a spotty update track record since Lenovo owned it. I don’t expect Android P to arrive soon for it unfortunately.

        I’d love to be proven wrong, but my old Moto Z is still on Nougat with no Oreo in sight yet.


    your source how old already bro?


there are more iphone that runs on ios 11 than anything , but even android lollipop has more features than ios 11. while android updates make any android phone feels faster and snappier, ios updates seems to make the phone alot slower with numerous bugs and crashes, not to mention the throttle problem. its soooo slow. dont deny it please. ive changed the battery but the problems still persist. at the end of the day, android is android . thats how it works. u want the latest just to for the sake of having the latest u can always root and use custom rom, if not , u dont really missing anything much compared to ios. i know, cause im using iphone 6 right now running latest ios 11 something. im new to ios came from nougat-running android phone, and im amazed how restricted the ios is.

    Syakir Zainol

    Well said


    exactly, and there are still some brainless people think that it was still a myvi which the technology had already progressed much further.
    my guess is though the version might be a bit dated but still function much better than the latest bad apple 11…


whole issue is due to google control on the android layer full of inefficient memory management that run on top of jvm! be it dalvik or oak art


    Ndk integration with native c,c++ still not fully open unlike ios with swift fully tied with c


That’s because older versions of Android are better than the latest iOS and people don’t see the need to upgrade it. Majority of Andriod users aren’t tech savvy. They use it for utilities rather than showing people that they keep up with the trends like iOS users do. Also, iOS is only available for iPhone while Android dominates the market. Most manufacturers don’t support their old phones. They only care about their flagships.


    jvm fault and Google refuse to acknowledge how inefficient the android memory layer run a native is as compared to IOS which integrate well with native C


    Better as in “safer” ? Does that mean KitKat is as safe as Nougat , or Oreo ?

    In that case, I am also not keen to upgrade to Windows 10 or 7 because my XP is still better than those to me.

    I hope we don’t give people “false” sense of “better” by just focusing only on certain areas neglecting security and privacy.


Look at the these Security bulletins. Almost every month (Android), there’s an update. Features and bug fixes aside. These are security updates. Check every version and see the number and vulnerabilities that they fix and against your current state. What’s the most recent of update have you got?



Am I over worried? To me, it will be too late if something bad happened. Similarly, when do you think you need a seatbelt or airbag?

Security is a commitment and practice. It affects everyone. It’s not just about protecting my info, privacy and money. It’s about other’s too like my friends and family members. Especially, if my devices hold, access or work on these data.

How do we know if the recent scams or massive information leaks are not due to unsafe practices and/or vulnerable system?

Regardless of which platform or brand that we choose, more emphasis should be placed on security. And one way to ensure that is to continuously stay updated.


    My Redmi 1S is still on Kit Kat 4.4.4 although recently upgraded to MIUI 9.2 but still on Kit Kat! Security patch level? October 2016

    My iPad mini? Still on iOS 9. Apple stopped support altogether for A5 in 2016.

Izzat Salleh

But where’s the fairness in the argument? Keeping track of all Iphone products are way too easy in comparison to Android.

4 > 5(C) > 6 > 7(+) > 8(+) > X

Whereas on Android, Samsung Galaxy Note, S, J, A, LG V30, HTC One Plus, Xiaomi, Huawei etc.




    Apple play dirty for not having other brands to make iOS phone. Bad Apple.


      I would also like to install Sony Bravia system into my LG TV, if this is “OK”.

      Or boot my PS4 into Xbox One?


      That is not dirty, that is serious business.


        someone who is willing to do anything because “serious business” should be prevented.
        ios wil be no 3 defeated.
        #chill is better for you own health


iOs is merely for Apple devices. What if ios for other manufacturers?… It cld ended up like the Android os.


for some people, as long as the OS is stable, they doesnt care about upgrading

in iOS case, you have no choice but to upgrade since there are a lot of bugs that impacting daily usage


    In ios, it's like you are in a never ending cycle. Update to get more bugs, then update again, and again until ur apple decided to activate i-slow features.


I believe the 65% people would very like to downgrade …

Dan Ger

You screwed up soyacincau.

How come you compare 1 manufacturer in ios vs android with so many manufacturer in terms branding,well now people probably see you stupid right now…


    How about let’s compare OnePlus/Moto and Samsung.

    Who’s on Oreo now ?


    See the title? Android vs iOS.

    Just blame why Google allow other manufacturers use their OS.
    If Android vs TizenOS, then you will diam diam… 🙂


    1 iOS manufacturer vs hundreds of Android brand is a silly excuse to begin with. Last time you can use that reason but this victim playing and finger pointing game has to stop.

    Ultimately is the smartphone manufacturers that need to be responsible. Google is actively pushing new updates but how many brands actually give a damn to update their phones? Samsung is a big company and their Note8 is not even running on Android 8.0. HTC once promised 90 days guarantee updates but failed to deliver. Each Android brand got 2 or 3 current flagships but many still struggle to run the latest. Apple can update from iPhone se to iPhone x with the latest overnight.


      Agree. Especially those devices marked at premium level.

      Use stock Android if they are not willing to provide reasonable updates in reasonable time frame. Please don’t let us wait for months !

      Otherwise give Android users the choice to remove any customisation and flash with stock Android.

      Android devices is about openness and flexibility. Don’t play selective game.


SC authors must leave out tabloid journalism. Dont publish troll articles with sensational titles to solicit response.


Lollipop/marsmallow devices are still running well, many don’t see reason to buy new phone.
I suspect many Kitkat users will jump direct to oreo by 2019. Android users jump 2 generations. I think my sony’s last version is nougat. So I will jump to android Q for next phone, skipping O, P version

Syakir Zainol

This is coming 2-3k phones to a majority of sub 2k phones. Of course they won’t get the same treatment like their flagships siblings do.

It’s business logic.


Well, I don't think it is fair to compare the Android's and iOS's update cycle due to the difference in nature of the 2 operating system.

It would be a joke if iOS update is slower than Android due to the fact that iOS is only available on iPhone

Let's see how Project Treble hold up in 2 to 3 years time. What I heard is Project Treble implementation is compulsory for those new phone that come pre-installed with Android 8.0 onward.

Super Discount

Well I’m still on 7.0 because Samsung hasn’t release 8.0 yet and my Redmi Note 3 is stuck with 6.0 because Xiaomi isn’t going to update its platform and my Huawei phone is also stuck with 7.0 because Huawei won’t be upgrading it. Mostly manufacturer problem which sucks.

Samseng slow

Blame biggest android phones seller for that.
They held off oreo updates pending the next flagship release

N Tesla

Android or ios. As long as the phone working is fine by me. What is the issue again?

Lim Kai Yang

Not a a news. And no need to be a news.
It is just Apple drop old iOS support very fast and whoever didnt update wont be able to download many apps.


Really the most stupid comparison ever. How many ios devices are out there and how many android devices are out there too? Come on stop this stupid comparison. And yes most people saying android is better are using android 6 and 7. Which still has alot if features than ios 11.


    Plus they will probably throttle your phone if you don’t update… Lawsuit already… Mesti update! If not slow your phone and you’ll need to get a brand spanking overpriced iPhone. No wonder making boat loads of cash


How is this even a comparison? All ios is from Apple, which is the sole phone maker for ios. Android have multiple phone makers, and they all release numerous phones per year (much much more than iphones). It’s better for you to compare Apple vs Google (Pixel and Nexus device) and see the adoption rate. Pretty sure iPhones will win too but the result will be much closer.

Minami Eme

And most android user not even care about this, only me and another 1% always think about this. For iOS users..they have no choice..hahaha!

U Mobile 1Gbps

Apple got update with new bugs feature.
Android no update. No bugs. Hail android.

Ah Meng

No need to racist,i used ipX and oneplus5,no problem both aso good..and another thing,no need to compare bmw & myvi,both car are my 2nd & 3rd car..each quality based on price ma,good money good quality


No need to racist,i used ipX and oneplus5,no problem both aso good..and another thing,no need to compare bmw & myvi,both car are my 2nd & 3rd car..each quality based on price ma,good money good quality


IOs is only on apple whare android is everywhere..
I got older phone where only stuck at KK and Lolipop. Quest what? Now im using Nougat and also testing oreo.
Can apple 4 user using ios11?

This beat ios far beyond..
We android dont hv to change new phone to get new OS..


Sometimes I can't really bother to read Soya cincau article when they do the comparison. Totally does not make sense. How can you compare IOS. Apple forces everyone to update else your apps could not be used.

As for android you can use your apps without worrying to update the OS.

Please do not publish such article which makes soyacincau a less preferred place to visit.

    Soya Jinchao

    Either I do, bunch of mess published by this site. Sometimes their comparisons and reviews are just not making sense.


Pathetic Android fan boys will defend their poor software updates with the lamest excuse. If it was ios they will not hesitate to bash them for not providing the latest security. So proud with just 1%. Here, let me pat you at the back for job well done.

    Chi bye

    Pathetic? You’re referring to yourself, behaving like a dropout boy having nothing to do with both OS but just being stupid. Tell me what do you know about smartphone OS? What makes you think iOS are ahead of Android? Both os has their Pros and Cons, judge them equally with your rational mind.


Every man on the street knows that software updates are just a ploy to slow phones down and to get you to change phones. Apple recently was caught red handed for slowing down old phones and we all know that is just a tip of the ice berg. Android users don’t want updates or security fixes. Security bugs and malware are actually made up by a few companies to sell you something that does nothing but to slow your phone down. It is the same fake story as anti viruses for PC. I used my windows XP computer for more than 10 years without using anti-virus and I never encounter a single problem.

That is why android phones are always faster and lag free than Apple. If you never update, it will always be as fast as the day you get it. That is the truth.