Xiaomi Redmi 5/5 Plus with official Malaysia warranty are coming next week

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Redmi 5 Malaysia

UPDATE: The Redmi 5/5 Plus with Xiaomi Malaysia warranty have finally arrived. Priced from RM679.

Looking for an affordable “FullView” display smartphone that has decent hardware and an affordable price tag? The Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus are some of the top contenders that are priced under RM800. If you prefer not to get imported sets, it appears that the official Mi Malaysia units are hitting our shores as early as next week.

Retailer Satu Gadget Dot Com has recently teased that both the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus official Malaysian sets will be arriving on 7 February 2018. According to their image below, there will be just a single variant with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage.

There are no details on its official pricing but we reckon both should be priced under RM800. As a comparison, DirectD is selling both Redmi 5/5 Plus imported models with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage at RM699. It is interesting that both are priced the same considering one is bigger and has a more capable Snapdragon 625 processor. In China, the Redmi 5 (3GB RAM + 32GB storage) is going for 899CNY (about RM554) while the Redmi 5 Plus (3GB RAM + 32GB storage) is priced at 999CNY (about RM615).

To recap on the specs, the Redmi 5 gets a 5.7″ HD+ 720p display and it runs on a Snapdragon 450 processor. It carries a 3,300mAh battery and there’s a 12MP main camera plus a 5MP selfie shooter. The larger Redmi 5 Plus has a bigger 5.99″ FullHD+ display and it is powered by a familiar Snapdragon 625 processor. There’s also a 12MP main, 5MP front camera and a larger 4,000mAh battery.

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30 Comments for Xiaomi Redmi 5/5 Plus with official Malaysia warranty are coming next week


Low life China brand keep copy iPhone, users consist of cheapskate uneducated katak at the bottom


    Oo i dont think so. Think who introduced the first full screen display device? IT WAS XIAOMI MI MIX. Not to hate the Iphone but Mi Mix was introduced way way earlier than Iphone X. Please do some research b4 commenting


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    IPhone the one who keep copying right now. Apple is not the first in everything they just play catch up with everyone else


    You missed the entire point of the brand. They make their phone affordable because not everyone can afford an iPhone. How dumb can u be? Can afford an iPhone but can’t afford to use your brain?


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    Are you sure that China phone are copying iPhone!! If so why don’t iPhone taking legal action against China phone manufacturers and yet they take legal action against Korea brand Samsung!!! Did it make sense!!!


    Mi mix the 1st full screen phone my man… Not iphone


The photo got mother of all mistakes 2017




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      See properly. 2017. This year is already 2018.


Why no 4gb ram and 64gb memory


    Yes they do have in China just buy China spec not Malaysia spec


What’s the point of that weird screen aspect ratio if the bezel is still arguably thick. Those bezels size with rounded corner is good enough aesthetically without that weird aspect ratio.
Just my opinion, since I’d want to buy this phone, redmi 5 plus.


And yet iPhone is a low grade phone with high in money!! Brainless only will use iPhone!! For example iPhone X only running on 3gb ram with hexa core and click with 2.39 ghz and 12mp on camera for the price of rm5k and Redmi note4 high in grade low in money!!! For example Redmi note4 running on 3gb ram/4gb ram with octa core and clock with 2.1 GHz and 13mp on camera for the price of rm650 for 3gb ram and rm750 for 4gb ram


    Don't rely numbers on the papers. If given Redmi with 30mp camera also quality like shit.


For phone specs Redmi way too far and advance compare to iPhone X!! iPhone no way near to compare with China phone so do the world economy China are leader now

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from Redmi note 1, change to Mi Max not much problem arise, shd I need to buy iPhone & Samsung galaxy series. Both brands actually values on it named, Look Huawei, soon overtaking them and


DOA if it really come with 3gb as ram

4gb is what people really want


Beside the mediocre camera, the cheap redmi note 4x is a damn good phone to use, surfing like 2~3 hours non stop the battery like drop 10% only, the a few thousands fruit phone can or not?


    BUT Redmi Note 4 have 4K mAh battery