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Huawei Mate 10 review: Makes you wonder why you pay more for a flagship


Besides being the year of the disappearing bezels, 2017 was also the year of some truly astonishing smartphone price tags. Between products like the RM3,999 Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the RM5,149 iPhone X, the cost of owning a flagship smartphone was beginning to border on the absurd.

Then along comes the Huawei Mate 10, a smartphone that’s very nearly as much of a flagship as any of those phones. It’s price? RM2,699.

That, in itself, is a pretty impressive feat but, deep down, a small part of you may be wondering: What did I have to give up so Huawei could keep the price down?

Honestly, not a whole lot. The Mate 10 is as much of a flagship as any of its competitors out there and in places where it lacks, the phone makes up for in others. Makes you wonder why anyone would pay more for a flagship.