Huawei Mate 10 review: Makes you wonder why you pay more for a flagship

Posted:  January 11, 2018   By:    22 comments   


Besides being the year of the disappearing bezels, 2017 was also the year of some truly astonishing smartphone price tags. Between products like the RM3,999 Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the RM5,149 iPhone X, the cost of owning a flagship smartphone was beginning to border on the absurd.

Then along comes the Huawei Mate 10, a smartphone that’s very nearly as much of a flagship as any of those phones. It’s price? RM2,699.

That, in itself, is a pretty impressive feat but, deep down, a small part of you may be wondering: What did I have to give up so Huawei could keep the price down?

Honestly, not a whole lot. The Mate 10 is as much of a flagship as any of its competitors out there and in places where it lacks, the phone makes up for in others. Makes you wonder why anyone would pay more for a flagship.

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22 Comments for Huawei Mate 10 review: Makes you wonder why you pay more for a flagship


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I been using Huawei mate 10 for the past 2 weeks. So far so good, I don’t have any bad experience like lagging etc, k am an average gamer. The battery really last long and i love the camera. It kind of I have DSLR with me anytime.


using it for 2 months +, getting better n better after 3 firmware updates. initially has some bugs here n there, more or less on kirin side n oreo side. facebook no problem after latest update but still no support for api 26.

battery, pretty great for flagship. 7 hours sot average daily with 24 hours standby,but im no gamer, just heavy chrome surfer n others social media apps.

camera is great most of times, just dont like the ai face detection doing too much post processing on human face. low light is good, not too overexpose to brighten up the scene. but still, can change exposure easily by tapping on the screen.

suit me well, but may not for others.

Pak Mat Tempe

I’ve been using my mate 10 for a month and i’m impressed with it’s features and capability. No lagging and crashing problems so far. Even my antutu scores a 173k points. The charging speed is fast and really convenient for me. And I love the monochrome sensor. Shoots really great images.


I have issue with Gmail and Google Contact not able to sync. Any othet Mate 10 users have the same issue?


    try to take a look at the launch control, use manual launch for gmail n gplay services. tick all so that android will take full control. restart your phone n try to sync again.


      Can u be specific where can i find the launch control




Hairi Hashim

this is the most photographed skilled write up..kudos to whoever snap n review that awoseme pix…tak sabo teman nak meneghai Mate 10 yobbb…. 🙂


So far things are in place and works. When i encounter lag, I just simply refresh my storage and then restart my phone. It seems to be faster and battery last longer.


So far so good. No sluggish or crashed apps.I have been using my mate 10 for almost 2 weeks. The autofocus camera is better than my previous P9. The super charge is proven to be fast, battery can reach up to 59% after 30 mins charging but only if you use original Huawei type C cable. Remax cable or else won’t be effective.


Good review. Well documented and presented. Single page article would’ve been better though. Curious how it compares to it’s cheaper sibling the honor view 10 that sports the same AI enabled processor.


Its competitors are the oneplus 5t and ZTE Nubia z17s..


    honor view 10 is the competitor for op5t n nubia cuz that is budget flagship proposition.

    well,people still make direct comparison though.


Samsung 7 Edge is better than Mate 10


    On which way? Or spec better?


Was gonna buy the mate 10 pro for Christmas until I found out Malaysia only gets blue and gold. And not black. Pity


The first photo is very nice.

Can still see the car plate number clearly after zooming in.

Hmm if only our currency was stronger, the price would be lower.

Daniel Cheong

I am using Mate 10 for 3 weeks now after got frustrated with my slow Iphone 6 plus.

I love the camera most especially the video. Still get can very clear video even though at high zoom.


No other phone can compete with Huawei mate 10 for rm2400. Its battery lasts for 1.5 days, included with micro sd card slot, 16:9 5.9inch screen, camera better than iPhone, simple external monitor projector and no lagging apps like Samsung mobile phones.


my personal review so far..
pro: hardware spec is great. design is awesome. super fast charging. great camera. clear stereo sound.
con: no call recording function. no many great themes. battery drain fast although normal use.