Digi’s RM100 unlimited postpaid plan is back for a limited time only

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In conjunction with the year-end 12.12 sale, Digi has brought back its RM100 unlimited postpaid plan offer. The Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite Plan is their affordable unlimited data offering which is a step below their RM150/month Infinite Postpaid 150.

Once again, the 100 Infinite Plan is offered as a limited time promo and it is still available right now on Digi’s website. To recap, the plan offers unlimited calls to all networks within Malaysia and unlimited data that’s capped at 5Mbps.

On top of that, the plan comes with 300 SMS included which you can send to all networks and there’s also 20GB of hotspot quota. If you need more, you can top up 5GB at RM10/30 days. If you travel a lot, there’s also an optional Roaming Freedom add-on at RM10/month. This allows you to get 5GB of roaming data and 60 minutes of calls when you travel in 10 selected countries.

The Infinite Postpaid 100 offer is available exclusively online and you can sign up or port in on Digi’s website.

In case you missed it, U Mobile has recently introduced an unlimited plan at RM99/month. The Unlimited Hero P99 Postpaid also comes with unlimited data that comes with no speed caps. The plan also offers unlimited calls to all networks while unlimited video streaming is capped at 480p which is standard on their Video-Onz offering. Also included is 30GB of hotspot data and you can also roam in 12 countries for free with 3GB of data roaming each month.

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4 Comments for Digi’s RM100 unlimited postpaid plan is back for a limited time only

Hana Bella

Bolekah berbayar dengan bit coin


is the charge for supplementary lines also RM100 per month? or is it cascading cheaper as per webe/unifi's?


hati2 dgn post paid digi
hidden charge byk..
sy dh kena..
user apple i messege dia bole charge rm 0.60 sekali ikot rate intetnational..
facetime pn sama, sedangkn aplikasi tu gunakn server dan di sediakan oleh apple.. sama spt bbm blackberry …
sy juga pgguna postpaid maxis, maxis x charge pun?? mana unlimited call digi? dlm bil ada juga yg di charge?
bil sy shj utk international usage rm110.40.. dlm x sedar kena tipu .. jilake digi …


digi network is getting real unstable these days, esp Penang area