Digi introduces INFINITE postpaid plans with unlimited calls and internet

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Digi has just introduced its new INFINITE plans designed for those who need bottomless internet connectivity. Since Digi has bastardised the word “unlimited” on their previous plans, these new INFINITE offering comes with true unlimited data and unlimited calls to all networks from RM80/month.

The Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite looks like a parody of webe’s unlimited postpaid plan. At RM80/month, it comes with unlimited calls and unlimited internet that’s capped at 5Mbps. If you want to tether, Digi will charge you RM10 for a Hotspot pass with 5GB/month quota. As a promo, they are giving the first 10,000 subscriptions with 12-months tethering for free.

The plan also comes with 300 SMS and you can roam overseas with 5GB data + 60 calls in 8 countries for RM10/month. For calls, they are unlimited for domestic mobile and fixed line numbers excluding video calls, special numbers including toll-free 1-300/1-800 and 121 numbers.

If you want full speeds with unlimited tethering, there’s the Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite plan at RM150/month. This gives you unlimited calls and unlimited internet at full 4G speeds that you can tether with no extra charge. It also comes with 1,000 SMS and free 5GB data + 60 minutes of calls on roaming in 8 countries.

Take note that these plans are exclusive on Digi’s online store and it isn’t valid with any device bundles. The plan will be available from now until 24th June 2017. For more info, head over to the Digi Postpaid Infinite page.

What do you think of these plans? Would you pay RM70/month extra for faster speeds and unlimited tethering? Let us know in the comments below.

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112 Comments for Digi introduces INFINITE postpaid plans with unlimited calls and internet


Can I use this to replace unifi at home?


    pretty sure you can


What is “unlimited” means? Same speed forever at any time?


    without quota….


      DiGi always using "UNLIMITED" term for something limited for instance, "UNLIMITED' calls Digi-DiGi for RM3 actually 1000min and their "UNLIMITED" HIGH SPEED INTERNET actually at 20GB. This false advertising and misleading should be reported to authorities for immediate action.! Exemplary punishment should be imposed to deter other telco for misleading ads.


Good, better of plan start, good for consumers, can replace this from Unifi.


Soyacincau, where are the fine details ?

orang biasa

This package benefit to hardcore talker and surf net user like businessman, salesman, agents, or company got subsidy phone line.


look good, RM150 too expensive


    RM150 for Unlimited call + Internet (available to tether), compare this price to Streamyx, and you will find it's not expensive.


      ya,better then lousy Streamyx


        You are right.. I’m now trying to find other faster network avaible at my house. Streamx very lousy took forever to download movies.


    that quite cheap for unlimited data + unlimited call summore.


    Dont forget… the internet is on your mobile phone… which will give you extra benefits of internet access wherever you are going…


RM80 for unlimited call and Internet with 5GB Tethering is better than Webe


    WEBE unlimited LTE speed, DIGI limited 5mbps


      Webe speed at times are far worst than any telco.. Some even get below 5Mbps..


      thats right….there's a catch


      I’am using webe now… with a 4g lte coverage… webe could give me a pleasure when youtubing or websiting… but you’ll get a lag when gaming online such as mobile legend…when i want to download something, it seems i am using the 1mb streamyx… with just about 20kb of data persecond…. i am just applying the 150 infinite and will absolutely terminate my webe… worthless…


    well you need to pay RM150 for no cap + tehering free


must be current post paid user from digi using minimum 30 days to upgrade, damn it!


Soyacincau, where is the contract details? that is the most important part missing.. RM150 for 24 months is definitely a No.


    just go to Digi site and read urself lor…


    it is zero contract based on the info at register screen :p


      I think it is in their terms and conditions agreement..


Hah. Get the RM150 package and use the sim in a LTE modem instead of a phone and you'll get a cheaper and more portable version of a good fiber-like home broadband.


    use sim card 4g modem with voip phone port can dail and received call, better than UNIFI.


      please recommend what 4g modem can be used with Digi sim card. thanks a lot


        Huawei B315 4G Direct SIm Router Modem with 4 LAN, WIFI & 1 TEL PORT


          hi bro alex, how much is the Huawei B315 4G Direct SIm Router Modem price?
          tq ya

          Ron Tiew

          RM500+ from Lazada or 11street. ^^

          same lor

          is the Huawei B315 4G Direct support all LTE band? Even that band 5 850Mhz?

          Mei Ling

          Can use this sim card using the mobifi Huawei E5577?


          yes. it worked on it.


    Wireless is not as stable as fiber. Load and balancing is crucial if you want to share the line.


      Been using for years. Usually Not as good as fiber but obviously usable without problems with a family of 5 or more people and very much better than Streamyx.

      Also, able to play games online smoothly.

      So far the problem has been quota. Now that Digi is offering unlimited with tethering, then it's worth it.


This point need bit more scrutiny:

22. By subscribing to the Plans, the Customers acknowledge that they understand the terms and conditions herein as well as the General Terms, including but not limited to Privacy Statement and Fair Usage Policy, which are available on Digi’s website at www.digi.com.my, and agree to abide by them


What happens if you exceed the 5GB for RM10 for a Hotspot. Pay per use, throttled, totally cannot hotspot


This point need bit more scrutiny (FUP):

22. By subscribing to the Plans, the Customers acknowledge that they understand the terms and conditions herein as well as the General Terms, including but not limited to Privacy Statement and Fair Usage Policy, which are available on Digi’s website at www.digi.com.my, and agree to abide by them


rm150 package can apply sub sim?

    Fadzlee Hizam



Maxis are doom ?


whatever is it, I credit Digi and U Mobile for bringing the fight to Maxis and Celcom.
without these competitions, Maxis and Celcom will still be milking us like a cow.


Unlimited?? Peer to peer downloads is capped at 64kbps only


    No torrenting..

    John Doe

    Use a VPN. settle. Then cannot capped what they cannot see. If you use a VPN, your internet traffic is hidden.


      what if they block vpn?

        John Doe

        Even if block, there are ways around it. Malaysia not China yet. There are VPNs which have a stealth setting which makes it invisible that you are using a VPN.

          Unlimited? There must be a catch

          Good idea bro


      How to use thw vpn ?


    dude, u sure about this? i just thod of buyin this shit now. torrent are limited af then? :<


If only they improve their speed, then it is worth it. I will consider using it to replace the shitty streamyx that we are stucked with for office.


    office cannot subscribe this plan, use personal name, but still far more better than Streamyx, 2mbps @ RM130+gst, speed never more than 1.3mpbs, mostly 800-900k


Hope U Mobile make their next step~


dun so fast subscribe the plan guys
wait and see how other telco fight back.
if maxis have similar plan and prices Rm150, it's really worth to subscribe from maxis then, if got la. since maxis coverage and speed is great.


    Haha you wished for Maxis. If they are serious, they could have launch something earlier


      they already do that for a long time ago was back in time 2007 introduced called maxis 99 discontinued in 2009,,first telco introduced unlimited data..now time for pay back

Wong wee phin

Great plan!

Jack Midas

Guys u will know all these free unlimited data with acceptable speed WILL BECOME very important when u start using free streaming tv site or movie/anime streaming site….or apps!….for FREE!!!….like FILMON STREAMING CHANNEL app OR some free movies streaming app(find outside of google market) or open source KODI TV/IPTV app…..This year will start as YEAR OF STREAMING…..no more download needed to view or watch….juz STREAM MAN….2018 Malaysian channel got to be digitalise too right?…no analogue..this make sense…


now no use torrenting la, all direct download maa..

exasperated user

who remembered maxis unlimited from yesteryears?

slowly, maxis instituted tnc that redefined the initially unlimited into a quota of only few gigabytes in the end; finish it and speed gets throttled.


    the ****ing FUP. maxis trick using FUP.


Coverage remains a problem.


What is the use of unlimited speed and bandwidth if the line is not stable and they cap at 15mbps ++ only. Not worth it. Unless you can survive with slow internet speed. Unlimited LTE speed should be more than 20-30++ mbps like Celcom and Maxis.


    give and take…there is more people out there need it and they dont really count on you


      There I said .. "Unless you can survive with slow internet speed". It depends on your location anyway..

    DIGI 150

    i receive 30mbps with 100% LTE signal


Someone posted at lowyat forum that thr is quota for 150 plan which is 1TB…
For those heavy users, better dun switch to this plan as it only 33GB per day…

Yup… Only 33GB


    kind of similar to the previous maxis BIZ plan. FUP FUP FUP bla bla bla.


    where is the post 33GB per day?


    33GB per day is not enough? good… go somewhere else… I doubt any telco is interested in your business anyway. pay peanuts but clog up all the bandwidth and slow down the network. I for one, am in support of FUP.
    having said that, I also dislike telco loosely use terms like “unlimited” when there is clearly a limit.


Been using digi since day 1….to be honest…digi give ‘unlimited’ before with 20 n 10gig quota…so with the new infinite i still belive they have the hidden quota…


    Yes, because of the existence of the holy damn FUP.


    ya…I think so…just like last time after received the bill have to charge by the hidden fees some more…they hope happen again…window smashed


    read tnc la…fair usage policy = 1tb/month


I think a lot of people out there in need of this kind of package, especially from those township that will not be seeing UNIFI, Fiber anytime soon in near future (next 5 to 10 years). I have been paying for top tier Telco plan monthly, p1 4g biz 5Mbs plan, streamyx 8Mbps, all can’t provide constant connection, a lot of time can only stream YouTube at 360k only. We need unlimited broadband plan like what digi offer, to complement the existing eco system that is serving township that out of fiber construction plan.



S7 Edge User

I’ve been using BB plan 145 for almost 8 months at Puncak Alam and totally satisfied with it. Tq digi


Hi,may. Know your new postpaid 80 infinite plan has a sub sim card.


the offer just ended today. crap, I read somewhere it sez end by june.


    no its still up there. that happen to me yesterday too, i asked the operater then they told to try one more time. i tried sub again then it goes well.


exactly! the promo was supposed to be until june. i was busy the whole week and waited till today to sign up but Digi decided to end the Infinite 80.


u guys should read before buy..64kbps for download speed ..u think?


    only p2p which means for tv box, chinese app streaming.


      Do you mean TV box can only run at 64kbps?


      tv box = android box?


150 infinite P2p download has problem, slow download, dunno digi had blocked p2p download.

    me with digi

    Peer to peer downloads is capped at 64kbps


I just switch to infinite 150/month, perfect with backblaze online backup! It keeps all your data backed up at a cheap. I have >600GB worth of data to back up so this is perfect.

Digi user

I wonder if the rm80 infinite plan really existed.. was sold out right after launch…


Phone consistently no signal and restart by itself after switching to this infinite plan.. Regret big time!


ya the offer RM80 plan just end just like that. There is no other competition price plan from other telco as well too. How is the RM150 plan? I think RM110 plan still not bad, u can download movies during weekends (Unlimited) . Plus rebate RM10 for 12 months. So it's RM100 plan. still not bad right?


    Dun forget got 6% service tax RM150 become RM159. wahaha…


people should start applying for this so other telco will have to follow. if you can get about 3mbps at your house, just change to digi. You can youtube smoothly at that speed lor.
Later once other telco follow, just jump ship to you preferred telco.
If nobody apply, there will be no market for this kind of offering, then digi may have to stop also.
Then we're back to nothing….


our gov forbidden any telco to give the real unlimited data. any telco can use the term unlimited but under FUP they must state the limit for their plan (normally it's not show to public). that's why webe give unlimited with 9999999999GB. 9999999999GB is not unlimited right?

for this digi infinite, from a trusted source, it is 999GB per month with no cap speed and no contract! still better than unifi.

64kpbs for peer to peer? is not an issue anymore! it is 2017 and we need no peer to peer! streaming coming strong this year!


sy dah guna plan 150 ni 2weeks. Already used 150+gb. I using huawei cpe b315s-22 router, bole connect desktop phone. evrything fine. dwnload speed 8mbs-16mbs. lbih laju pd waktu pg buta, 3-5am. upload stable at 16mbs.
my review: best alternative to streamy 8mbs….


    how about using p2p download ?

    Faiz azizan

    Utk hotspot Brpa bnyk device blh connect pd satu masa ??


baru guna lima hari infinite 150. test speed mmg boleh dapat >20mbps. tapi bila video streaming dari iflix ada buffering dan unwatchable.berdasarkan pengalaman saya, the best LTE internet setakat ni masih lagi maxis


Test speed hari first switch 150 infinite 40mbps (9/4/2017). Testspeed lepas sebulan 10mbps (3/5/2017) dan (14/5/2017). At the same location.


    mungkin makin ramai user dh pakai kawasan tu.. line jd crowded


i don't know why it is not stable when i using dlink 4g modem.
always signal lost and have to restart.
should i change to huawei b315s-22 router?


Are still available for this plan infinate rm150


    yes.. until 10 September 2017 or such period to be determined by Digi.

    yong ing ping

    need to pay gst beside rm150?


is it same speed direct sim router and dongle connect to router? so many suggestion and complain about this package. how if i add the router with ectra antenna for get better signal 4G Lte? i just use digi 150 for two week. but i just tetthetring with hotspot. but sometime 4g down to 3g or hsdpa. pls do cntc me kal 0195061122


Hello to all newbie.

there is no regret if you get the Digi Infinite 150. make sure ur PHONE have 4G LTE ready.
or you can use any type of 4G modem . mine im using OPTUS 4G modem CAT11 150mbps/dll/upld.
4G coverage max DLL 20-80mbps (BLUE AREA) 4G LT+ 110-150mbps (PINK AREA)


consider this one abit cheap for portable broadband with infinite package.
ONLY DIGI make this package. other providers still not make any new plan.

ONLY 10,000 subscribers for this year for INFINITE 150 (AVAILABLE) & INFINITE 80 (SOLDOUT)


Does it means the Digi Broadband package will soon be out of the market? Sounds to me this Infinite package can replace Broadband package really well.


The Digi unlimited 150 is that able to replace Unifi? My house area had port but full. wait for almost 3 years also dont have port yet. Play online game and download stuffs also can?