Samsung Malaysia announce Galaxy Note8 pricing and pre-order details

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Following the earlier leak, Samsung Malaysia has finally revealed the details for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone pre-order bundle and pricing. Here’s everything you need to know.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 will retail in Malaysia for RM3,999, RM300 more than the Samsung Galaxy S8+’s RRP of RM3,699. Samsung Malaysia will also begin taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note8 on the 5th of September and this pre-order period will last all the way until the 10th of September  2017.

Customers who pre-order this smartphone during that period will receive goodies worth RM888. These goodies include a cash rebate of RM321, a 5,100 mAh battery pack worth RM269 and Samsung’s Protection Plus programme worth RM298.  The Samsung Protection Plus program will give you 1-year screen crack warranty, that allows for a one-time free screen replacement, as well as a 1-year extended warranty.

This pre-order bundle is pretty generous and is pretty similar to the pre-order package Samsung Malaysia offered with the Galaxy S8. However, this time you get a cash rebate of RM321 which effectively brings the price of the Note8 down to RM3,678 which less than the Galaxy S8+’s RRP.

Unfortunately, unlike our neighbours down south, Malaysian pre-order customers will not be receiving a free DeX Station.

To place your pre-order, you can do so at Samsung Malaysia’s website. However, do note that they will only begin receiving orders from the 5th to the 10th of September 2017. 3 colours will be available – Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Maple Gold.

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25 Comments for Samsung Malaysia announce Galaxy Note8 pricing and pre-order details


The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pricing and free gifts is very attractive package but to many it will be hard for them to pay cash for it if payment can be done with 24 months interest free installment definitely more will buy it.


    agree on the installment plan but I hardly find the goodies attractive. powerbank and clear cover don’t cost much. the instant rebate is the only real value, in which, if you can wait a little, the street price could easily match that decrease value.

    free dex station is a better deal.


As expected above RM3600…


rather use the money to pay for mortgage that will appreciate over time or maybe buying a LV or Chanel that will also likely be appreciated over time too…

HP. Enthusiast

Quite interesting pre-order offer since this phone should be priced RM3999, Samsung Malaysia surprised us with this cash rebate.

However, once the pre-order period ends, then things going nasty with that RM1 more to RM4k price.

Samsung need to come up with another strategy for that.

Power bank 5100 mAh and clear cover is not that interesting though. They should give away 10000 mAh power bank for after pre-order free gifts bundle package. Samsung Gear VR? Samsung Level U Pro?


    It's definitely overpriced and probably not worth it. It's the price set by Samsung so Samsung Malaysia can't really do much, It's already considered one of the lower priced Note 8 around. Our economy and the value of RM are not helping too.

      HP. Enthusiast

      Yes it is indeed super overpriced.

      However, Samsung Malaysia pre-order offer quite a bargain with cash rebate as Samsung want to cover their losses in Note 7 with this ridiculous overpriced Note 8.

      Samsung always put their customer as an easy prey such like in the case of Note 7 in the past.

      They blame solely on batteries manufacturer but they tried hard not to blame their own mistake in their flawed design of the phone. Now they are going for 3300 mAh only for the battery. They never blame themselves and instead put the burden on their customers.


        if Samsung is a company as per your description, would you still buy from such a company, irregardless of price?

        The preorder deal is not very good at all. I suspect the launch day deal would be better with goodies (chance of VR and wireless charger or maybe discount in Dex), but might be without the instant rebate.

        my advise to all is, if in doubt, wait it out.
        the price will only go one way over time.


      you lots have to learn english again.

      what do you mean overpriced?

      is there a similar product at a lower price? no, none of the similar product has an S-Pen, wireless charging, ip68, edge screen, dual ois camera lens, etc.

      overprice is when your piece of junk china phone that charges over rm2k that has similar features and all using similar 6gb ram.


        You should learn your vocabulary again. Since when ever are there a single explanation or example of usage to the word overpriced? Anything can be considered overpriced, even if it's just one's own opinion.

        If you, personally, believe smartphones should be priced beyond 4k, that's good for you and I respect your opinion. But in my opinion, I could buy a Canon M10 that will shot better images and videos than of the Note 8 and buy a flagship phone with a Snapdragon 835 and still won't cost me 4k. If I want the SPen, I could just get the Note 5, it's pretty much the same thing with updated software on the Note 8, really.

        and so you know, the Mi6, Oneplus 5 and HTC U11 has 6GB of ram (8GB option on OP5) and 2K display on the LG G6 or even the HTC U11 (IP 67 certified) and they are not priced close to 4K. These facts, alone will tell you all that hardware are not as expensive as you think. Samsung is just overcharging them.


With this kind of price and very low mAh internal battery pack … hmm.. i am not going to upgrade from my Note 5.


High end smartphone prices are getting ludicrous by the year! Apple and Samsung alike.


    only Samsung is ludicrous!


welcome back to 1992…where your OKI dai gor dai costs roughly the same


RM4k could probably get me a cheapskate online degree which could probably land me a job.


    RM4k i can buy a nice leather sofa, a 60 inch TV, a comfortable massage chair, 1 set of dining table, 1 set of kitchen set include hood,cooker,oven, 1 package of wedding photo shooting include video+photo, 1 package of Europe travelling, 1 2nd hand car (kancil maybe), feed your family of 5 for one or 2 months, There is alot of thing you can do with RM4k.


new laptop … Note 8, new laptop … Note 8, guess the answer is obvious here.
awaiting to see the V30 now (and it's price).


droidfan forever talk of spec, price, ram, ifan class above never talk of any of those listed, what a noble nation!
from #loyal ifan#


thats bcoz android users are cheapo!


android users want everything but don't want to pay for it!


Why pay so much when things should be cheap or free? How much is a camera module and those rubber sealing around the phone for weather proofing? Most probably a few RM more but they charge hundreds more.

Who will buy discs from Speedy Video when we can download and burn onto RM0.50 DVD-R?


Jus wait 1month price will drop like 15% or more like S8/+. Why rush to buy ?


I see so many kids who only can afford a viva complaining how expensive it is to buy a BMW. If you cannot afford, don’t buy. Complaining won’t drop the price down to your “affordable” level.


    I drive a bmw and I still think the Note 8 is overpriced… Such obnoxious mentality you have.


Apple to apple