webemobile now comes with 10GB of hotspot data

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webemobile free 10GB LTE hotspot data

When webe was first introduced, its mobile postpaid plan at RM79/month gives you almost unlimited everything except for wifi tethering. A few months ago, they had offered a few months of 1GB of free hotspot data and obviously, that isn’t enough for most power users.

Probably after much persuasion by its potential subscribers, the TM mobile brand is now offering free 10GB of LTE hotspot data to all webe mobile subscribers.

As the name suggests, this LTE hotspot is only applicable for LTE so it won’t work if you’re roaming on Celcom’s network. According to the FAQ located on their add-on page, the 10GB hotspot data is applicable to all existing and new members that sign up before 1st October 2017. It is also worth pointing out that the hotspot data is given out as a promo which will begin from today, 12 July until 31 December 2017.

If you don’t have 4G LTE signal, you can still enable hotspot by purchasing their standard hotspot add-ons which are offered at RM8.48 for 500MB, RM15.90 for 1GB or RM6.36 for unlimited usage for 2 hours. Prices mentioned here are listed with GST.

You can also keep track of your hotspot using via their web-based selfcare or through the webe app.

With this 10GB free offer, would you consider webemobile as your main postpaid line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more info, visit webemobile’s website.

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24 Comments for webemobile now comes with 10GB of hotspot data


bloody nonsense!
offer till year end???


10GB total until end of year? or 10GB per month until end of year?


    It's 10GB every month. The hotspot quota will be refreshed on every first day of the month.

      Nurudin Andhar Che Husin

      The webe hotspot can make if get LTE coverage only? And can hotspot for smartphone or laptop? Because Umobile P78 unlimited only can hotspot for smartphone..cannot for laptop.


webe can keep it to themself, my digi 110 can hotspot 125gb included weekend…who the hell want 10gb only???


    this 10GB is response to Umobile P78 unlimited 5mbps data plan which come with 10GB hotspot….


      Because you already have unlimited data on your phone? Lol

Wateva lar

Offer came too late. Already terminate my webe.
And why must u put dateline everytime new promo came out.


    they are just testing the market. no balls to say forever, that is why they put a dead line for every promo.


Haters always hates

Get yourself a life


    u get a life!
    Ding Dong!
    if u don't like to read, buzzzz off!!!!!


webe is as useless as useless goes….
look at the management and you'll know why.


the guy's neck on the right look so solid


    I wish I could give u more like


Quite cheap, but 10gb not even enough quota to download 1 single game for my ps4.


ok la.. fair enough. at least i can use it sometime on my personal laptop for banking payment purpose, 10GB more than enough, which is better than 1GB previously.

For file downloading you can always use your phone to download later copy to PC or other gadget for viewing.
For social site surfing, just use the phone and served the purpose.
For exotic material, just use your phone and view it yourself or maybe downloading it using your phone and place it to your pc, that serve your exotic desire as well.
For work, it depend, maybe 10GB too little for you, but you can goes for other option always (streamyx/unifi/other telcos)

Webe is still among the best if you put to compare price/coverage/data/speed overall, i did subscribe digi RM150 infinite as well, the performance is still lose to webe for Kuching/Sarawak area, going to terminate it soon after 2 months.


    u sure must be the only soul vouching for webe.
    u a webe troll???


      well at least it is the mobile plan work best for me, speed cant complain, price cant complain, data is already unlimited, tethering is given to you already, what else you want?

      remember this is mobile, not land line (streamyx/unifi/time you get unlimited everything), so please compare to other mobile telco..


        Yea, you got some points which I agree..


    which part in kuching sarawak are you?


Is it only until the end of the year or not?

lau chin

ada soalan,

cukup ke kouta 10gb personal hotspot untuk main game online di pc?


    Cukup lah bro kalau game mcm dota atau conter strike pun like 100mb per game

kur kur

walau ramai claim line slow bagai, aku masih setia dengan webe aka unifi. dengan rm79, unlimited internet/call/sms dengan hotspot lte 10gb sebulan. buat apa nak pening kepala dengan pelan beratus ringgit dan ada limit kuota internet.