Digi Prepaid offers Unlimited calls, Facebook and 4GB data for RM38/month

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Digi has revamped its prepaid plans once again with an offering that could put some entry-level postpaid plans to shame. Following Xpax’s #nokelentong prepaid and U Mobile’s new Unlimited Power Prepaid, Digi has simplified its prepaid plan and it now comes with more “unlimited” offering.

(Voice + Data) InternetPlus Add-Ons

For its monthly internet add-ons, Digi has two distinctive offering to cater for those who make phone calls and data-centric users. The new “InternetPlus Plans” offer a huge chunk of voice calls, data and unlimited Facebook all-in.

For RM28/month, you’ll get 3GB of data, 300 minutes of voice calls to all networks plus unlimited Facebook. If you make lots of calls, the higher RM38/month and RM48/month option comes with unlimited calls, unlimited facebook plus 4GB and 5GB monthly data respectively. At RM38/month, this is possibly the most affordable plan with unlimited calls and data all-in.

There are also smaller weekly and daily passes which are listed as follows:

RM18 – 1GB data, 100 min calls and unlimited facebook
RM9 – 500MB data, 50 min calls and unlimited facebook
RM4 – 200MB data and 20 min calls

RM3 – 1GB data

(Data only) Internet Add-Ons

For those who hardly make any calls, the standard monthly Internet Add-Ons offers more data for your money. You can get 5GB at RM28/month, 8GB at RM38/month and 10GB for RM48/month. All monthly and weekly plans comes with unlimited Facebook except for its smallest RM4/week plan. Their weekly/daily options are as follows:

RM18 – 4GB data and unlimited facebook
RM9 – 2GB data and unlimited facebook
RM4 – 500MB data

RM3 – 1GB data

Unlike their previous monthly data promo, you get more freedom without the dedicated music and video streaming quota. For daily passes, you can get better deal with their exclusive myDigi app offer. You can get 300MB for RM1, 2GB for RM3 and 5GB for RM5.

Digi Unlimited Passes

The unlimited passes from RM1 are still retained. You can get unlimited video (Lite), social (Lite) and internet calls for RM1 or unlimited high-speed internet and calls to all networks for RM8/day.

Updated Digi Prepaid LiVE and Digi Prepaid BEST

On top of that, Digi has also revamped its Prepaid LiVE and Prepaid Best offering. For Prepaid LiVE, it now gets 10GB of streaming data which is now combined for both music and video streaming. The streaming quota is still split weekly (2.5GB/weekly). Buddyz on Prepaid LiVE has also increased to 6 friends where you can call and text for free on the same network. Meanwhile, Prepaid Best now comes with unlimited Facebook and Twitter which you can use 24/7. If you spend RM1, you’ll get 200MB of high-speed data for the rest of the day.

As always, there’s also a catch for Digi’s “unlimited” offering. According to their T&C, Unlimited calls are capped at 1,000 minutes per month while unlimited internet calls and social are capped at 10GB respectively. For unlimited video/music streaming, they are capped at 30GB a month.

For more info, visit Digi’s Prepaid Page.

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26 Comments for Digi Prepaid offers Unlimited calls, Facebook and 4GB data for RM38/month


Is the free 10GB streaming quota limited to 4g or others?

    Tok Ang


      Question Soya

      Soya, what is the difference with Digi Postpiad 50 New. That also got unlimited calls and 3GB and 7GB for fb and youtube


DIGI has done it again
still by far the cheapest package inclusive 1,000 minutes

umobile is very quiet sleeping
nowadays no more the cheapest

celcom is getting worse and still more expensive compared to digi

maxis always cutting throat – most expensive telco in malaysia


Is the prepaid can be use in singapore?


    The RM 38, 4G, unlimited call is the best prepaid plan in the market. Good job Digi!!!!


    you pay the expensive roaming yes


The free 2gb every weekend is gone?


Oh god. Facebook? Instagram or Twitter lah


So, it's better than their postpaid plan. For postpaid, you have to subscribe at least RM80/month for unlimited calls or RM70 (RM50 plan + RM20 internet sharing fee). It will be useful for those have fixed line broadband.

For this prepaid, with minimum RM38 you can get unlimited calls, no 6% GST, throttled speed once exceed data limit (postpaid plan will totally cut-off after exceeded) & no itemised bill.


lately a lot ppl quit digi though…

Mobile User

This is the cheaper plan for unlimited calls (actually is 1000 mins but accepatble with this price) + 4GB data ( for 4G network as well) + unlimited Facebook.
Ported out from UMobile (U28) to this plan wife, so far it is good in term of voice call quality and network speed in my area; and on par with Celcom/UMobile base on my visit to Cameran.


The internet Digi line is it stable or run like turtle!!!
Any Digi user here can give feedback?


    dont know about prepaid,but im postpaid user here. it depends in your location plus digi indoor performance is weak due to using higher band spectrum.

    but since skmm has finished their allocation of spectrum,digi said that new 900mhz spectrum will start commencing in july this year.

    so,we wait n see. my place n my area,dont have problem with digi,speed is maintained,but not the fastest. no problem streaming hd/full hd movie.

    but some might have problem. u need to check it yourself though.(maybe through your friend who live nearby)


      my place in cheras is good, no problem streaming video movie song etc.
      sometime in door can be weak for digi due to spectrum limitation.

      but maxis is not consistent. very bad. unable to load, even just a webpage. same for maxis home fibre.
      try loading the same, digi faster than maxis at my area


    4G fast enought, but H+ slow like WTF, JB area

Digi User

For unlimited facebook, are they referring to usage using facebook app only or does it include facebook lite app and mobile facebook using browser. My facebook app keep crashing so I cant use it as I like.


    As long as it is fb…

    I hv tried upload with web fb and it consuming unlimited fb quota.

    FYI, fb quota capped at 10GB


Damn! The RM38 prepaid is much cheaper than my RM65 postpaid plan! Digi, what’s up with that?! Can you either bring the price down or offer more benefits for my postpaid plan?

JL Goh

what is the speed of the internet? 64kbps?


Digi…Prepaid Internet for monthly RM30.. What happened to the free unlimited Internet 1am – 7am ? Why now changed to free 10GB 1am – 7am only..

JL Lee

Digi has revoked the unlimited calls on 30 days-monthy RM38 & RM48 InternetPlus Add-Ons.
Now you will get 1000 call minutes (RM38) and 1500 call minutes (RM48) instead of unlimited calls.


But its not unlimited calls though. I checked the data plan on *128*3*2# and it is
rm38(1000mins+4G+100 or 40 IDD,FB) and
rm48(1500mins+5G+100 or 40 IDD,FB)

Did i misunderstood something?


Digi prepaid marketing is macham like scam
I used the RM3/ 1G for a day. After 24hr, you have to monitor and re-subscribe.
Otherwise, they will let you use at RM8/ day, and I have only RM7 credit. They zero my account and cut me off the data. I was using it to do Grab to save taxi fare

How jiun

I’m a student that is currently using the rm28 plan that comes with 5gb data and unlimited fb
I’ve been using the plan for a few monthsamd I usually binge vids on fb as it doesn’t eats away at my quota but today when I watch video a message suddenly pops up saying that I’ve used up 75% of my quota.
If anyone know what’s going on pls reply


1000mins calls is that split into 500min digi-digi and 500min to all network?