Xpax Prepaid now simplified with #NoKelentong

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Before 2016 comes to an end, Celcom has revamped its Xpax prepaid offering with its new #NoKelentong. If you hate data restrictions on application, 4G only weekend and offpeak only data, then this is good news for you.


Every month, Xpax #NoKelentong gives you 10GB of Basic Internet (64kbps) and another 10GB of Facebook data. There’s no daily data limit and the extra quota is given to you for free as long as your line is active. There’s also no 4G-only restrictions so you can enjoy the free data on both 3G and 4G network.


Unlike its previous Xpax Turbo, the monthly data plans have no quota restrictions. You get full access to your data which is accessible at anytime and on any app. The data plans start from RM3/day for 1GB of data and for monthly subscribers, you’ll get 5GB at RM30/day and 10GB at RM50/month. Unlimited Yonder music is also bundled for free. These new plans are also applicable for existing Xpax customers.

Extra Add-ons


If you need more perks, Xpax #NoKelentong gives you more add-ons from RM1/day. You can pick between unlimited calls for one contact (on any network), 1GB data between 1AM to 7AM or 1GB of YouTube data. If you want more, RM7/week gives you free calls for 10 numbers, 10GB of 1AM to 7AM data or 10GB of YouTube data.

The Xpax #NoKelentong prepaid starter pack costs RM10 and it comes with 200MB high-speed data and RM6 of credit. Calls are charged at 30sen/min and SMS at 15sen each. It is available now at over 10,000 outlets nationwide. More details are available on their website.

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134 Comments for Xpax Prepaid now simplified with #NoKelentong

Calvin Dee

They should upgrade the basic internet speed to at least 128kbps. Might as well make it unlimited with 64kbps.


    we can't expect them too much since we didn't pay for that just we just enjoy those free quota that given
    pay nothing still can get 20gb is amazing compare others telco giving


    Sick of freebies. I’m waiting for prepaid that pays me to use their sim.


      Life is so easy meh? Go for Tone Excel or OneXOX and tell me how long till you make income


        I say prepaid that pays you and now you temberang say generate income. Use logic la. People give free complain. Now people want telco to fund your living cost?


LOL with 64kbps of speed u need 100 years to finish 10gb data


    But it's still free meh. Huhuuhuuhuhuuhuhuh.


    LOL. Other prepaid let you finish “faster”
    Digi, hotlink 500MB
    U Mobile 2GB
    Celcom 10GB


10GB = 83,886,080kb. Therefore to finish 10GB at 64kbps = 83886080/64 = 1,310,720 seconds = 21,845 minutes = 364 hours = 15.1 days.

That's assuming the network is so good that it can be connected at 64kbps constantly for 15.1 days.

So.. yeah………

    M Huzaifah

    Maths win again…


    10gb for 64kbps? Even loading a webpage also few minutes, open text e mail 3 minutes, forget about video streaming or download video clip, some more its not free, you need paid them 31.8 30 days to remain active, this is not free, and with zero benefits

data thief

with 90℅ of malaysia without home fiber, 64kbps can still be used to download legal torrents overnight and ready in the morning


    r u sure? it feels like forever downloading man. How many movie can u finish downloding overnight?

data thief


    Hi I'm Adam

    Are you seriously that dumb? 64kbps is basically 8-14KBps, not to be confused with 64KBps. So your idea is to torrent a file overnight and happily look at it complete in the morning? Tough luck my child because torrents are throttled so you get 6-8kbps, say you want to download something 2gb, good luck waiting for 1 year for it


      exactly man.. it feels like forever just to load video from whatsapp. Torrent will be foreverrrrr n ever n everrrr.r..


We should thankful free 10gb quota given at 64kb. Don’t complain..


    Better don't give if it doesn't load at all. More like u see the loading symbol keep rolling looking at u.. so much for free 10GB..

derek laa

Bro, are you sure, the 10GB of Basic Internet is at 64kbps. What is the point of such high quota at such a low speed.

For sure it lose to Hotlink FAST which has base data at 4G speed.

Is about the journey not the destination. No point flying 10,000 KM on a bloody propeller plane when you can sit in a Airbus 320 for only 5,000 km.


    This is the free basic internet which is enough for instant messaging. It acts as a safety net when you have finished your high-speed data quota. Most telcos only offer 500MB per month.

      Derek Law

      But need to pay RM50 a month to enjoy 10 GB data at such trotted speed makes no sense right. Something is missing somewhere.

      If you say pay basic rm100 for such basic data at trotted speed might be acceptable…

      Unless I am reading it wrongly


        The RM50 for 10GB/month data plan add-on is high-speed internet while the Free 10GB throttled basic + 10GB Facebook data is given free of charge each month if the line is kept active. Any data plans you top up are high speed and it is the same with any prepaid.


        Derek, RM50 is for 10GB High-Speed Internet. If you have finish your quota or do not subscribe for the monthly internet plan, you still can enjoy 10GB basic internet and 10GB facebook (high speed).

          derek law

          Tks for the clarification and also to Soya Cincau editor. Now its clearer, so its 10GB high speed + 10GB basic (for combined 20 GB)

          Now that's quite okay. Hotlink is basically 5GB + 4GB YouTube + 8GB on weekends (1GB per Sat/Sunday) + 100 minutes.


          I’m using this simcard, and used up all the internet quota (I bought the 2gb for RM10 weekly). Then how can I use the 10gb FREE BASIC INTERNET IF my 2gb internet already used up?


    Hotlink's free basic internet is always throttled. From their T&C:
    'Basic Internet' refers to internet at reduced speed limited to a maximum of 64kbps.
    Basic Internet is FREE over the Active Period only, applicable to all customers on #Hotlink Plan.
    Effective 23rd July, all customers are subject to a monthly Fair Usage Policy of 500MB on FREE basic Internet. Upon exhaustion of the maximum quota, Basic Internet services will be disconnected.


    actually you can remain your old xpax plan without upgrade LOL
    they won't force old user to upgrade get 10gb free data and can be addon 10gb for additional a few ringgit
    if you don't want use at midnight then just upgrade to new plan get 20gb for free the 10gb basic will be capped but if want high speed just go for subscribe the data pass for 50ringgit


still dare to say no kelentong.. like wtf this sialkom.. 64kb need 15 days to finish 10GB.. gg sialkom


    why always complaining? do other telcos give better offering for their basic data quota? or you think it's cool to bash Celcom?


      why so defend Celcom??? Celcom give you any benefits? When someone defend those wrongdoers, sure someone have the benefits. There 'No free lunch' in the world


        I believe whatever comment you see here are paid by telco company. What they do is to get media company to write nice comment or bad comment

        That’s what happened to the Maxis earlier case. Some random guy from media company just hype up the whole hidden fees case and make it such a big news.

        Celcom no pay them benefit coz media company absorb the price already. Just bunch of dark social people talking bad about each telco.


          Very true. You can easily spot those paid keyboard warrior who don’t argue with facts. Why are they making fun of free basic internet when celcom offer the most in Malaysia. Besides nobody will survive on free basic internet at all. You see none of them dare to comment about the data plan which is 100% usable.


          actually those gb free just a bonus for us not for our daily usage for me i pay 50 per month so it's not much effect but they give extra then just take it only. In others side, they offer 20gb is real big quota without too much rectiction and compare to other it actually double of they offer. This is the fact that we can't argue right?


          You say other side give 20GB real big quota? Please explain in full. Free without topping up or paying how much? Don’t hide fact and give just short comments.

          Now xpax spend RM50 in a month can get 10GB basic 10GB Facebook and 10GB high-speed.


          Other than telco, another famous paid keyboard warrior from Apple and Samsung, however Apple paid keyboard warrior form majority, you can understand why Apple can achieve 95% of international mobile industry revenue with only sell 12%, each products mark up incredible insane up to 50 times of cost, that indeed the results of keyboard warrior whom call themselves ifan, all because they get paid to comment


        I don't defend Celcom. But with that freebies, other telcos also cannot lawan. Free things also complain eh? I know Celcom isn't creative(like, wtf to do with 10gb basic data??)


    How stupid you want to be?

    If you actually need to use that much data to finish it in 15 days then you have to subscribe data plan.


i should say: thank you celcom, you give us free 10GB quota

    Tiada Gigi

    Should say thanks because they also give you 10gb free fb using high speed (4g) Hahahahahhahaa


How are customers to "remain active"? Purchase one of the above plans(and remain within its validity period) or just reload credit to maintain calling?

    Its me

    Reload your credit, brother


Hmm..doesnt hotlink also already give unlimited basic internet isnt it?


    From Hotlink's Terms and Condition:: Effective 23rd July, all customers are subject to a monthly Fair Usage Policy of 500MB on FREE basic Internet. Upon exhaustion of the maximum quota, Basic Internet services will be disconnected.






        If not mistaken, since last year.

      Calvin Dee

      I’m on Hotlink EC/EM and subscribed to the monthly RM30/2GB + 4GB YouTube. Usually used up all that quota in like a week and sometimes less. I never seemed to run out of the free basic internet with the 500MB limit that you said after using up my monthly internet quota. I use WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter a lot and I can still even read online articles with the free basic internet.

kaki skodeng

webe still the best 🙂


    webe 1 plan.. 1 price all unlimited.. good..


Lol at keyboard warriors complaining but they don’t know how prepaid works. That is the real kelentong.


    Another keyboard warriors given unknown benefits


10GB free basic internet and 10GB free Facebook. And now you even say 64kbps is slow and whatsoever. Hahahahhaha, but it still free meh. Why still complaining?


    sorry pal, i not keyboard warrior, i should say sorry pal, sorry celcom, i cannot complain, i must accept the fact 64kb, just like br1m, you must accept and say thank you. No complain at all, master give you bone, you must eat, its free..


      It's freebies bruh, not even using your money(in this case, credit) like BR1M did


So dulu klentong la ye?


    hahahahaha..obviously lol


      What an awesome strategy. Admitting without admitting, then say neighbour did it.


after U Mobile, Digi, Maxis update their Broadband plan, I really hope Celcom can update it as well before i decide which is better.


After such a long time, Celcom is offering a plan which is more competitive than Digi. On your face Digi !


    I am using Digi Live Prepaid RM28 per month with 3GB/month, 2GB video, 2GB music + weekly 2GB video & music. In my humble opinion this is better than this #nokelentong. Tried my best to stream Youtube after I am back to home from work but still couldn't finish the weekly refreshed 2GB data.


so, this is new plan after xpax turbo.. I think this plan better than xpax turbo..


    Yes you are right. Now more good than the old

      nurul adrinna

      i am happy with 10gb Facebook even the Burung Hantu is no more….
      i dont want to wait until late night to get my free data and my eyes become Pand eyes…

exasperated user

xpax turbo to this new xpax plan:
– call rate from 24¢ becomes 30¢
– sms rate from 12¢ becomes 15¢

that is where your free basic internet is paid out of.

exasperated user

once upon a time, dial-up broadband in malaysia is 64kb/s….


very confuse…it is RM7 for 10gb or RM50 for 10gb per month??
and which 1 free fb 10gb?


    Dionn, you will get free FB of 10gb per month as long as you stay active. The RM50 for 10gb per month is monthly internet subscription for all other internet usages at high speed such as surfing, youtube and etc.


      how about free youtube???as u mention The RM50 for 10gb per month is monthly internet subscription for all other internet usages at high speed such as surfing, youtube


another stupid arse move by SiauCom.


The marketing team really going from bad to worst. Burung hantu la no kelentong la so whats next?

Pls la guys if want to appeal to urban youths be for hip can?


Really dont understand what the fuss is about when its free and its good enough right out of the box to use it for chat and fb. #apalagilumau


    It is not FREE. You need to have an active account to use the FREE slowmo quota. That means a min RM30 contribution to Celcon every month for their revenues. Once you top up that amount is not refundable. My granny suffers from this klentong, as every month she just top up to let the line remain active.Accumulate until hundreds of Ringgit but almost never make calls or use for mobile data subscription plans. I'm not sure if this klentong plan has long life validity subscription, but I doubt so because this is their "klentong trick" behind their marketing.


      So which prepaid lets you use the line without topping up? I really want to know oh brilliant one.


give free complain, no give oso complain.. ppl that complain kena say keyboard warrior, ppl that defend kena say najib beri habuan.. hahaha apa lagi lu mau :))


    It is not free but a klentong statement. Need to top up RM30 to stay active to use is not FREE. 64kbps on a 10GB FREE quota is peanuts to the telco because they know your hair will go in smoke trying to wait for web contents to load.If the quota is high speed then it's another story just like Umobile's Free 1GB as long as you stay active. Might as well say UNLIMITED Whatsapp, Waze or WeChat as a fairer statement. 10GB Free 64kbps? For RM30 a month? Nah…klentong!


    This Wanda sure keyboard worrior keep spamming conversation


      Very well paid kaki kelentong this one. NBTD.


        How many dupe accounts you want to create to counter my arguments. It shows pure desperation because your arguments are pointless.


          Say hello to the mirror.


I think it is not bad…sign up any prepaid plan will free 20gb some more, quite worth it


Most Malaysians don't really understand the true "kelentong" or trick behind this. It is not FREE because you cannot use it when your account is under passive period. What is the min amount you need to top up to remain active for a month(30 days)? RM30 right? That's what Siaocom wants you to do. Once you top-up your money is burnt whether you use it or not, they are not going to refund any balance to your accumulated amount if you decide to switch to other telcos in future. What a "klentong" instant revenue move.
64kbps? Ok lar if you use Opera Mini with image and plugins disabled.Load plain text ok wor, want to load multimedia rich sites?Forget about it.


What difference does this plan have compared to Hotlink FAST? It also gives you 64kbps internet on weekdays and UNLIMITED Whatsapp, Waze and WeChat. On weekends you get 8GB per month high speed access. All these as long as your line remain active. Also it's not FREE. You need to top up RM30 every month to remain active to use you line. Where the telco made your money is the required RM30 you need to top-up which is guaranteed revenue for them already. The idea of FREE is a klentong statement. If every prepaid user tops up RM30 every month faithfully, the telcos will be smilling their way to the banks.


    Stop BS hotlink give unlimited messaging.


      I've never experience being cut off from their unlimited messaging due to exceeded FUP or let alone even finishing my monthly 2GB data plan with Hotlink so I consider it UNLIMITED when using on my phone. So it's pointless giving 10GB 64kbps as a selling gimmick because even you say it's100GB, your usage will be very restricted. What's the point of paying toll on the highway when the traffic is still crawling like tortoise because the provider refuse to upgrade the road width for a smoother traffic flow?


Hi Celcom I will call your plan nokelentong when you bring back unlimited burung hantu 1am – 7am

    yellow bottle

    why u don't like the new plan?? the new plan gt free fb and basic internet can use it all day, no need stay awake just to use free internet at midnight, like this more better leh

      Ediam lah jilake

      how about us? who use sim to call not for internet…


Im still on x2 plan with 2years validity, no need top up if i dont use it, 28cents/10mins celcom-celcom, 28cents/5mins to other network, best prepaid plan for me for calling purpose,,no basic data though. On the old payperuse data if i dont subscribe to any data plan.


Celcom used unlimited burung hantu to attract new prepaid users &make old users to switch plan. when enough ppl join then they switched to rm5/10gb/month. Now rm7/10gb/week do u see their trick?. 10gb basic data is pointless. Only useful for whatsapp. Sending pic using basic data will take eons. celcom users are basically f*cked


    This UNLIMITED 64kbps is nothing new but just talk spin. 2 years back we already have real unlimited 64kbps started with Hotlink and followed by the other telcos once you finish your monthly quota until the next bill cycle. Then some of the telcos started to act greedy such as DiGi, they went and redefine the meaning of UNLIMITED by implementing FUP even with 64kbps minimal speeds such as 2GB before your line totally gets cut off from internet. In the end, now even 64kbps basic internet also becomes quota limited.

    If wanna blame, it should be on Dee Kabali Gee that should be the proprietor who started this limited 64kbps basic internet FUP nonsense. This No Kelentong 10GB basic internet is just word twisting from the past basic 64kbps internet that has been in existence for years already. It's like saying I eat from the mouth and dump from the rear, but now I dump from the rear but take food from the mouth?

    The digesting process is still the same, you need a min RM30 to keep your line active which is guaranteed revenue for the telco company just as you need food to keep alive.

What is kelentong?

I switched from Celcom to U Mobile. U Mobile is the one telco that i satisfying with reduced speed among 4 (and Yes broadband’ reduced speed also fast enough). Since Celcom keep changing burung hantu and their 3G congested, I ported out. Unless your area has stable 4G. Reduced speed of Celcom is a nono.


    Yes's throttled speed if not mistaken is 128kbps. Double of the rest of the competition. Umobile gives 1GB high speed quota every month as long as you remain active. For my area, Celcom is almost useless now during school holiday season especially peak hours and late nights. Even with 4G I'm only getting 1-4Mbps Streamyx speeds on average.


Celcom's XPAX is now the most expensive and worthless plan out there even when compared to Hotlink plans.

Let's make a real comparison on both plans when you top up a non-refundable amount of RM30 every month with a data plan subscribed.

Celcom Xpax: You get 5GB all-day high speed quota, Unlimited 64kbps internet with 10GB FUP

Hotlink FAST: You get 2GB all day high speed quota, redeemable 4GB of Youtube, 8GB of 4G high speed weekend bonus and UNLIMITED Whatsapp, WeChat and Waze including 64kbps internet once your all day high speed quota is used up for the rest of the month.

Who is the bigger kelentong?


    Sorry dude i am using dual sim which is maxs and celcm What i can tell you the fact is
    maxs line is not so well before i can get 4-5 bar signal but now just 2-3 only sometimes can't access 4G
    therefore my 8gb weekend had been wasted Now i know those people who live in kampung without 4G
    Recently celcm launch out this plan is more flexible than what you said because can use any time and they are offering 10gb facebook and 10gb basic Although the basic is capped but we will buy those internet pass izzit? I checked just their plan 50 is for 10gb high speed but maxs just 5gb
    i really don't know who is the bigger kelentong


      That is your case. For me I'm consistently under Maxis 4G areas even weekends. Average speed is 60M+ even at peak hours at 8pm weekend nights. How awesome is that? When with Siaocom my speed at these times can't even hit 5M with 4G.

      10GB with 64kbps is like offering you a buffet with only white rice when telling you that if you can stand eating just 10kg of plain white rice, your meal is FREE. I'm not turning on my computer the whole night and let my downloads crawl at 64kbps, it's just plain silly.


    So what happens when youre not in the 4G coverage area? do you still get 8GB for free?


      sorry, that is the kelentong tactic can't explain to you hahaha


      Your explanation does not apply to me. I'm always in excellent 4G coverage during the weekends. So it benefits me greatly.


    Why don’t dare to mention all-day Facebook 10GB data for xpax? 24/7 on any network. This YouTube and weekend 4g by hotlink more kelentong.


      not sure either he is trolling or just pure moron


      I don't use Facebook so this plan doesn't even interest me. Why is Hotlink's Youtube and Weekend high speed 4G kelentong? I'm enjoying it.


        What a chicken out excuse to say you don’t use Facebook. Have the balls to admit that you are just twisting just to have the final say. Even if I don’t use much data on weekend I don’t say weekend 4g is useless because I’m always on wifi.


    Are you very sure hotlink unlimited WhatsApp? Hotlink and maxis is the king of kelentong. Read the terms condition properly. Xpax they don’t cheat you by saying unlimited. 10GB is 10GB.


      you are right. That one damn kelentong loh… say unlimited, but its actually 500MB. And after finish FUP, the social chat is disconnected. wtf


      I've never experienced being cut of my Whatsapp traffic because of overusage by Hotlink.
      Saying that 10GB with a miserable 64kbps is like inviting you to a buffet but only offering plain white rice on the table.Now that's truly kelentong and words playing.

      Celcom will introduce new plans once again in the coming months after finding out that this idea fails them once again.

      You want to know who kelentong more? Just look how many times Celcom has changed their Xpax plans while Maxis never modified their since day 1. They promised 8GB over the weekends and is still going strong until today.


        It is on the TNC. Does not experience so what. They can cut anytime and then you go cry abused by telco.

cup noodles

many ppl complaint the price is very expensive… but i found out quite cheap mah..i like that when not enough data just add on for rm1. rm30/month 5gb, if out of data on the 27 days, just add on rm1 for the 3days, rm33 for 8gb, quite cheap mah, just that the last 3 days internet have to use it at midnight.


Celcom Xpax is now more expensive than Maxis and DiGi despite having a more inferior and congested network. So the choice is yours consumers.


    Which part is more expensive?

    monica phang

    for me it is still affordable and u able to get 10gb for FB access too.
    at lease they have another gift for their users than nothing.
    but as u said,the choice is on consumers.

Celcom User

Deteriorating coverage and signal. 2 more weeks, Im going to switch out from Celcom.


Never buy any data from hotlink prepaid. Enjoying unlimited data at trottle speed for free as long Credit active. Never bother..

Dual-sim User

Celcom & Maxis – in my opinion, currently these two carriers have the most valuable prepaid plans. So,


RM30 5GB/month VS RM30 2GB/month+4GB Youtube

Free 10GB/month Facebook only (3G,4G all days) VS Free 8GB/month internet (4G only, split to 1GB each day on every weekends only)

Free 10GB 64kbsps basic internet every month VS Free 500Mb 64kbps basic internet every airtime reload.

25GB total internet data for RM30/month VS 14.5GB total internet data for RM30/month

Note: Hotlink FREE basic internet also known as FREE Social Chat (read T&C)
Both carriers require an active line in order to use any of their internet services whether it’s freebies or subscribed plan.
Both carriers have the same lowest airtime reload at RM30/month for a monthly active line.
Disclaimer: Currently, im using both hotlink and xpax prepaid sims. Everytime they launched new plan I’d diligently read their promo FAQs and T&C, especially the internet part to determine which of them give me most benefit. I don’t care about call and sms rates since I rarely use them.
As of now, my right brain all over Maxis Hotlink superior 4G speed and coverage. But my left brain tell me Celcom Xpax is the clear winner for a little network-stability sacrifice. Wich one is the best is up to individual preference.


    THANK YOU! Finally someone comparing fairly with sense. Not like silly wanda barking like a psychotic idiot.

    I don’t consider basic internet as real internet because it is too slow. Even when you don’t count that, xpax still offers more without the weekend 4g kelentong.


      4G is kelentong to you but not for me. It's real and really FAST! You call people silly because you've already lost the real argument. My Xpax crawls like turtle during the night on school holidays and for a company that even throttles VPN with quota plans, they're very unreliable company.


    Counting basic 64kbps access is useless to compete with Hotlink because its use is very limited to mostly instant messaging only.

    Most people are being kelentong that 5GB also includes weekend access which goes unnoticed or being veiled.

    Comparing RM30 dataplans again with high speed access:

    Celcom: You get all day 5GB all day only (includes weekends)
    Hotlink: You get 2GB all day + additional 8GB on weekends = Total 10GB

    I rarely use up 1/2 of that 2GB amount every month with the SIM inside my phone despite frequently checking news and doing Whatsapp/Waze.

    Also it is also important to note that the "real" advantage behind people staying loyal to Hotlink and Umobile is the unmetered GPS navigation app Waze which many companies use especially logistics/site visits. They told me that for this reason they will never consider Celcom or DiGi even corporate postpaid plans because the feature is very invaluable to their staffs.

    Why Celcom until today refuse to promote Waze in their zero-rated(unmetered) has some story behind its background. In fact Waze needs more than mere 64kbps to work well due to heavy loading of map files.


13/12/2016 i bought internet plan RM5-10gb-30days
today i check add on bal to 28882, i got message"permintaan anda tidak dpt diproses krn anda belum melangan plan internet" what happend?
my internet plan should ended at 13/01/2017


    The reason that Celcom had changed its Xpax plans so many times is because the company is kuat kelentong. Unlike Hotlink which maintained their promise since Day 1 of their FAST plan launch.

    The other company next to Celcom is also DiGi. These companies are unreliable because they have no integrity. Their promos always last only for a short time as a cheap way to entice customers.


    That MAXHANTU5 add-on I've been using until 1 week ago then I found out that traffic started getting throttled at first a month back then slowly can't even surf. How to trust a company like this when it gets away stealing people's credits and cancel plans without fulfilling what people purchase?They should at least cancel the purchase but allow the existing users who still have balance quota to finish them until it expires.

    Can people trust this company even in future?


To me is still kelentong because magic packs no longer available, no more unlimited calls in same network


    but still have 10gb for Facebook what…that is okay rather than nothing…

      Darren Ho

      ya and i agree with that because i can sleep well and no need to wait for their Burung Hantu.


    You can still use that internet plan with free calls. If you are still in magic sim plan dude. Lift your lazy butt and read through the FAQ in xpax website. They show you how to buy those plans. They are still available you ignorant prick


Celcom kelentong.duit amik tenet tak dapat2.haha.kena game.tahniah.#kelentong

Eddie Alexander



I dont mind all this shit. My internet is free fast and unlimited. Nothing to complaint.

    adira shahira

    really?but for me it is okay kot they given 10gb for Facebook for all day long..it is really useful for me because i have my on9 bis,so for me at least they given me something that i can use it and i no need to stay at night to get the free data…


The rate is increasing… r u kelentonging us?


Was on BurungHantu 38, but after that I check now became NET38 3GB +10GB, stopped subscription. Next cycle will pick 5GB hi-speed plan, cheaper and better for my usage. Don't need +10GB from previous plan because not using it


10GB for fb. im not using fb tht much – maybe one per week i check my fb . more on youtube and googling stuff to read.


1.Webe coverage on the downside for now…
2. Unutilised quota purchased cannot carry forward with the latest internet plans???
3. No more limited free minutes Calls & SMS (Celcom to Celcom numbers.)
4. Celcom still maintaining old Burung Hantu Platform (not phased out yet for now – testing market responses?)
5. Celcom failed to communicate properly on terms & conditions during transition to new platform.! Customers need to give guessing, need to call celcom customer to verify… rm50sen per call!!!

…what hafiz is saying is the fact!
December 21, 2016
Celcom used unlimited burung hantu to attract new prepaid users &make old users to switch plan. when enough ppl join then they switched to rm5/10gb/month. Now rm7/10gb/week do u see their trick?. 10gb basic data is pointless. Only useful for whatsapp. Sending pic using basic data will take eons. celcom users are basically f*cked.


#nokelentong #nokelontong #nokelontong #nokelontong wow! Now I can whatsapp forever for free celcom is so generous to give free 10gb! “don’t mind the 64kbs speed so that u won’t waste data” come on la celcom what kind of marketing #nokelontong

my personal experience even 250mb of 64kbs still not finish being used at the end of the month with that kind of 64kbs speed #nokelontong #lol


1. good thing is prepaid user can enjoy free call only rm7/7days/10 any telco num.
2. mobie data is more expensive for medium data user
3. lite mobile internet user can enjoy this new plan. topup rm50 ( rm30/5gb/month + rm20 just for free call on weekly)
4. celcom is only for tough people who easily dont snap when signal is lost.
5. must realy have a strong heart to use celcom mobile data.


How to change the Hotlink Fast to Xpax No Kelentong