TM attempts to clear the air regarding the printed bill surcharge

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Everyone hates ninja charges. So imagine the public outcry on November 2 when local daily Berita Harian published an exposé on how Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) was going to incur a surcharge of RM5 to each customer who chooses to receive their monthly bills through the post instead of through TM’s e-billing, come January 2016.

The first stage of complaints were about how this was incredibly unfair to those who were subscribed to TM’s telephone services but not their broadband services. Concerns were also raised about those in rural areas who had little or no access to the Internet being forced to pay an extra RM5 just to receive their bill. The elderly who were not tech-savvy enough were also painted as victims in this apparent scheme by TM.

The second stage addressed the actual charge incurred by TM as well as the lack of communication of this plan from TM to their customers. RM5 for a piece of paper to be sent by post seems a little too much even if you take everything into consideration. This places a big burden on low income households as well,  as RM5 a month amounts to RM60 a year in surcharges that have to be paid to TM. Many called this blatant profiteering on the part of TM, something that only TM could have the audacity to do because of their monopoly over the market.

Upon realising that this could escalate into a PR disaster, TM published a notice of clarification on their website, attempting to give the people an explanation on their situation. In the notice, TM cleared up many of the points touched on above including the actual charge that would be incurred on those who chose to receive their bill by snail mail.

According to TM, this was an initiative by the company to move towards a greener and more environmentally friendly billing system where the primary method of billing would be through their e-billing; which could be accessed from their website. TM clarified that the charges would only apply to those who were subscribed to TM’s broadband services, that is, Streamyx and UniFi.

Those who were only subscribed to the telephone service would not be affected and will continue to receive their bill every month, free of charge.

However, TM said that they do encourage their customers who were not subscribed to TM’s broadband services to make the digital switch, a choice they claim has been adopted by over 180,000 TM phone customers already.

On the other hand, those who were subscribed to the aforementioned broadband services but would prefer to have a physical copy of their bill, along with the e-Bill, could sign-up either by sending an email to , visiting their nearest TMpoint, or calling them at 100. Upon signing up, the telecommunications service provider would incur a surcharge of RM2, not the purported RM5.

TM also added that they have begun communicating to their customers since August 2015 through their printed TM bills and have been calling their broadband customers, reminding them to update their preferred email address and telephone number via the abovementioned channels.

With the TM e-Bill, customers would be notified of their monthly bill via email within 4 days and by SMS alert within 7 days after their respective bill dates.

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16 Comments for TM attempts to clear the air regarding the printed bill surcharge


Wrong TM!!!!

You should give discount for going greener aka via email billing. Since you are already making money out of thin air, this is the least you should do.


    I second Andrekua's suggestion. What they are doing is giving an excuse to go green. But at the expense of customers, which this is a service they should be providing in the first place.


The worst is that their website has no direct process to engage customer who would like to convert to e-billing. there is only the "help" email or call 100…But when we call 100 we were passed around from one dept. to another e.g. CS to accounts…but the transfer takes longer that the actual verbal discourse. I had to hang up as my cordless dect phone ran low on battery due to the long wait of over 20 minutes.
the only other method provided is physically go totheir TMpoint store… which I did but then was told not all outlets can do the conversion…need to go to the "big" TMPoint" store which the nearest to me was in Pandan Indah. They talked about going advance and green…where is their direct link via website… can't we do the conversion directly? Do we need to write in and wait for the 2 billing cycle to see this take affect?
what aload of crap…we are already paying expensive internet charges with lousy connectivity they now want to extort us further via the billing route. Malaysia Bleh!

Snail User

Nonsense!!.. Do customer have to print out their own bill?!! Not all customer have printer at home to print the bill. Can customer just walk in to TM Point without bringing the bill to pay just asking them to check their account??


    You don't have to print the bill. You just need your account number. I have did that for my wife for other Telco, and I believe they are the same.


    wow, u r really need to print..can do online payment or provide ic number at tmpoint..

      turbo lag

      wrong. with physical bill, you can pay at nearby post office. without it, you have to find a nearest TM point. Try search how many TM points are there in Penang island compared to post office. Also elderly who knows how to use internet to facebook might not know how to do online payment.


TM..what do u expect

Elon Musk

Pay online need extra charge tho.


Crazy TM-call customer service & updated e-billing address/cancel printing bill service..
Only will be reflected in 2 MONTHS billing cycle..
means in january I will still be charged rm5!!
what so difficult in updating account????
What an easy money making way!
Boycott TM!! -angry customer!!!!

Kenny Tan

Please continue the printed bills as usual becos you already profiteering from the services that we subscribed.


I actually applied for the ebilling around last week. But what?! They gonna charge RM2 also? TM is getting more arrogant.


    Nah, if you read properly, only those who prefer/request to have a physical copy of their bill, along with the e-Bill need to pay RM 2.

P C Stone

TM – Squeezing the rakyat again !


Cronies that monopoly the industry…. The minister just take his own power of ego to rob the Rakyat.

Dr jei

I only can show middle finger to Tm, name only fucking big but brain still in kidergarden to update the system ,customer service hold until 2 hours, not even solve yet