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WhatsApp for Android is getting Google Drive Backup for real


If you’re the type of person who switch phones regularly, you probably understand the agony of transferring WhatsApp chat history from one device to another. Now there’s a better solution on the way as Google has just announced Google Drive backup integration with WhatsApp.

This allows you to save those important WhatsApp chats, audio messages, photos and even videos to the cloud, so you’ll never lose them if anything happens to your device.

Once enabled, you can set to backup automatically by daily, weekly or monthly. You also get to choose not to include those bulky videos to your backup. The cloud backup feature has been long anticipated for Android users, and it was actually released for a short while in April before WhatsApp pulled the plug. For iOS, iPhone users are already able to backup their chats automatically and they are stored on Apple’s iCloud service.

At time of writing, the latest version on the Google Play Store still doesn’t have the Google Drive option yet. According to Google, the feature will be rolling out in the coming months, so it looks like we’ve got to wait for a while before it reaches here.


Alexander Wong