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Has Apple made a comeback with its iPhone 6s Plus’ camera? You tell us




UPDATE: We’ve tabulated the votes for the shootout. Jump straight to Page 4 to find out which is the best as voted by you

New devices,  call for new camera shootout tests and our latest camera blind test will pit the newest iPhone 6s Plus against the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note5 and LG G4. The last smartphone that took home the best camera as voted by you guys was the LG G4, but will it come to an end today?

The newcomer of the group, the iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t pack a high megapixel count – only 12 on its rear iSight camera but its pixels come in at 1.22µ pixels, helping it somewhat. Storage might be an issue for the aforementioned device if you love those Live Photos, since the extra “moving picture” takes up roughly the same amount of space as the photos you take.

Distinctive to the “Plus” is OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), allowing you to take more stable shots when compared to its little brother, while its aperture is listed at f/2.2. For the first time we decided to include the front camera for our shootout and the iPhone 6s/6s Plus has a 5-megapixel sensor up front, with the same aperture as its rear camera. It also has the new Retina Flash, Apple’s alternative to putting an LED flash at the front like some selfie-centric phones in the market.

Edging out the competition in the last shootout, does the 16-megapixel (rear) LG G4 camera have what it takes to hit the podium again? Well, the f/1.8 aperture rear camera has some tricks up its sleeves – similarly it has OIS as well but laser autofocus is what sets it apart. In terms of the front sensor, 8-megapixels makes its way on the top half of the display.

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A close second was the Galaxy Note5, that boasts the same megapixel count as the LG G4 and it also has OIS to back up its camera’s capabilities. On the front however, it isn’t so pixel hungry, as the selfie camera is only 5-megapixels.