VIDEO: Xperia Z tested in wet and submerged conditions

Posted:  February 18, 2013   By:    2 comments   

Following our Xperia Z underwater video, there are some questions asked with regards to its usability under water. Firstly on the display, the Xperia Z screen locks up complete once it is submerged fully in water. This means no touch can be registered so you would need to set up your preferred actions before going for the dive. However on the surface, the Xperia Z works pretty well even with wet fingers. The only problem would occur is during rainy conditions, where water droplets would trigger random touches across the screen as demonstrated on the video above.

So in order to shoot underwater videos, you would need to hit the record button before going into the water. For photos, you can however set it on self-timer at 2 or 10 seconds interval. Another suggestion which we haven’t tried out is to activate the shot by Smile Shutter option.

Another thing we noticed is that the 3G mobile signal drops completely to zero when it is submerged fully. So if you’re thinking of making underwater phone calls, it is not possible. We are not sure if WiFi works underwater but it seems unlikely.

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2 Comments for VIDEO: Xperia Z tested in wet and submerged conditions


can you really "Menyelam sambil bercakap di telefon"(was "menyelam sambil minum air")? so who care about signal while underwater?


Can listen to songs underwater? That would be cool…