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DiGi revises Galaxy Nexus bundle offering

DiGi has made a drastic change on its Galaxy Nexus offering after more than a week of its pre-launch sales. They have stopped offering the device from RM1,399 with 12 and 24 months options completely. Now the device is offered at RM1,999 with just RM100 off.

Just like the iPhone 4S deals, the new offer subsidises less on the phone but they give extra rebates on the monthly subscription instead (RM28 for DG Smart Plan 48 and RM38 for DG Smart Plan 68). In terms of contract period, DiGi now only offers a single option of 24 months duration. It also appears to be no upfront payment required since you’re paying almost full retail price for the device.

So how does this affect the overall cost? If we compare with the previous plan, it is much higher overall. For the current 24 months DG Smart Plan 48, the cost of ownership is RM1,999 (Device) + RM672 (Subscription) which totals up to RM2,671 (previously RM2,581). On 24 months DG Smart Plan 68, now it costs RM1,999 (Device) + RM2,911 (subscription) that totals up to RM2,911 (previously RM2,551). All prices are after auto-billing rebates.

Overall, those that have ordered earlier would have gotten a better deal overall especially those that took up the 24 months DG Smart Plan 68 option. For more information, head over to DiGi.

Thanks to @weisheatan for the alert on twitter!