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Sketching on the Samsung Galaxy Note

Here’s a demonstration of an artist live sketching using the S Pen and the Galaxy Note. The artist say that its easy to get use to sketching on the Galaxy Note and it offers a few advantages over pen and paper, mainly the ability to switch drawing tips and choose colours on the fly and that’s a definite plus. With some talent, the Galaxy Note is practical to use as a sketch pad and its not just a gimmick.

While doodling and sketching is an obvious use for the S Pen on the Galaxy Note, Samsung is targeting business users as well. The S Pen with custom applications like the S Planner opens up a whole list of features allowing users to edit calendar entries on the fly and more.

You can also draw on videos and record the drawing motion on the video itself on the fly and that’s simply amazing. The S Pen also adds a new dimension of finesse to photo editing giving you additional precision to cropping and cutting, to name a few.

The S Pen defines the typical user that will use the Galaxy Note. One that wants to use a smartphone for more than just a communication device, more than texting and making calls, more than tweeting and facebooking. The Note user makes the most of the capabilities of the device to get things done on the fly. And so the size is more of an advantage than a hindrance but for those who will be primarily be making a lot of calls and text messaging, we’re inclined to say that perhaps the Galaxy Note might not be right for you.