Prices for local Motorola Xoom drops

Earlier this month, Motorola in the States revised the retail pricing for their Xoom tablet. Now, it appears that the price revision benefits local units for as well.

IMCC Network has just announced the new pricing for their Motorola Xoom stock. The 32GB 3G Xoom is now RM2,399 from RM2,599 while the WiFi only version with the same storage capacity is now priced at a rather enticing RM1,899 from RM2,099 previously.

The price drop for the local units of the Xoom coincides roughly with the US$100 price drop announced by Motorola in the US earlier. We’re not sure if other local retailers will revise their Xoom pricing but we don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t.

With the new pricing, will you go for the Xoom?