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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to launch with latest Android 3.1

The ultra thin Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now mentioned to be commercially available with the latest Android 3.1. This was spotted on Samsung US’s site ahead of its commercial launch. However there’s some confusion as Samsung has tweeted Android 3.0 instead over here. Not sure which one is making a mistake but we’re hopeful that it is definitely launching with the latest.

During the Galaxy Tab 10.1 unveiling, it was announced that US markets will be getting the device on 8th of June which is just a couple of weeks away. If they do decide to launch with the latest version, we hope this doesn’t delay their launch further. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 like the Galaxy S II has created the hype as the most anticipated Android devices to date. If they don’t launch soon enough, the competitors may just launch a counter product earlier to ruin the party.