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Celcom introduces individual iPhone 4 plans and white iPhone 4

Full details on the Celcom iPhone 4 plans now available on Celcom’s website. Just click on the “packages” tab.

Ok everyone, here it is, the individual (as opposed to the enterprise) plans for the iPhone 4 from Celcom and from the looks of it, not much has changed since Celcom first introduced its Biz enterprise plans for the iPhone 4 about two weeks back. In fact everything looks exactly the same, the monthly commitments, the bundled minutes subsidised device pricing are all similar to the Celcom iPhone 4 Biz plan.

What is new with the Celcom iPhone 4 plans for individuals is the that you get to purchase the white iPhone 4. On top of that, you get an extended warranty and insurance coverage for your device from Celcom.

Basically what it is is an additional 12-months warranty on top of the standard Apple 12 months warranty this applies for all the Celcom Exec plans with 24-months contract.

The interesting addition to this warranty is that Celcom is offering a a free 12-months insurance coverage for your device. The insurance covers theft, accidental breakage and fluid damage. This insurance coverage is offered on to the Celcom Exec i248 plan on either 12 and 24 months contract.

Apparently Celcom is the first telco to offer this in Malaysia and we think is rather interesting, we’re hoping other operators will follow suit and even offer insurance coverage for other devices as well.

Another interesting point. The picture below…

Pay close attention to device on the far left of the image. Is that a new Apple/Windows Phone hybrid concept device or did Celcom screw up big time with Photoshop? 😛

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In any case for more details on the Celcom iPhone 4 plans, head on over to Celcom’s website. Though last we check, there’s no update on the individual plans as of yet, which is weird because we got all the info in this post first from @tianchad. Celcom updated their site. Full details now available.

Incidentally, we’re wondering whatever happened to DiGi and their white iPhone 4.