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Maxis now offers HTC Desire Z, Motorola Defy & more


UPDATE: Maxis clarifies via twitter that HTC Desire Z gets 2 year warranty.

As mentioned earlier, the HTC Desire Z is now available on Maxis starting from today. The Desire Z which was announced together with the Desire HD retails at RM2299.

On the bundled pricing, the Desire Z goes for RM1649 over 12 months, RM1599 over 18 months or RM1499 over 24 months contract of a bolt-on data plan on top of Value Plus postpaid plan. The Desire Z is covered with a 2 year warranty as confirmed by Maxis via twitter. Interestingly the Desire Z comes only with a 12 months warranty which is less compared to the older HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire that had 24 months warranty.

Also making an apperance is the rugged Motorola Defy which was just launched in Malaysia 2 days ago. In case you missed it, do read our Motorola Defy first impressions. On contract, it goes RM1299 over 12 months, RM1149 over 18 months and RM999 over 24 months duration.


At the same time, Maxis also has started bundling entry level Androids which includes the Huawei Ideos U8150 and Samsung Galaxy 3. The Huawei Ideos with RRP RM899 goes for an affordable RM449 over 12 months,  RM399 over 18 months and a bargain basement RM299 over 24 months contract. For the Samsung Galaxy 3 which goes for RM1099 outright is offered on contract at RM649 over 12 months, RM549 over 18 months and RM449 over 24 months. The Galaxy 3 too was offered recently by DiGi with contracted price from as low as RM349.

Looks like the big 3 telcos are rolling out a huge arsenal of Android devices ahead of Christmas. Check out more information on Maxis’s android offers at Android Connection page.