Days since MCO

MCO started on Mar 18, 2020


Days till RMCO lifted

RMCO expected to lift on Dec 31, 2020


Our coverage on COVID‑19 remote phone management site is now live

HTC’s online remote management tool, is now online. Initially it wasn’t accessible during the unveiling of HTC Desire Z and Desire HD. HTC Sense allows you to control your device remotely including diverting calls and even access your messages via the web. In event you lose your phone, it even allows you to track and to further extent of wiping your phone clean of your confidential data.

Good news is that it is available in Malaysia as shown in the list of countries. Bad news is that it only works for HTC Desire Z and HD. So those using the HTC Desire or even the recently launched Aria are currently left out. Hopefully HTC will expand the supported device with newer firmware updates for its current android HTC lineup.