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Still not sure whether you want to go Maxis or DiGi with your iPhone 4? Here’s a calculator

It’s a week into the iPhone 4 launch in Malaysia and you’re Still undecided on which telco to go to to get your iPhone 4? Well, maybe this can help you. It’s a calculator that compares both the Maxis and DiGi iPhone 4 plans based on your mobile usage.

The creators of the iPhone 4 Maxis/DiGi calculator claims that it will “help you get a clearer idea of the actual cost” of owning an iPhone 4 based on your mobile usage. All you need to do is key in your estimated monthly mobile usage and the calculator will draw up “a chart for you to analyze and compare Maxis & DiGi’s iPhone plans“.

We can’t vouch for the accuracy of this calculator but it’s fun to play around with the numbers. And if you still haven decided on which telco to go with yet, well, you’ve waited this long so might as well wait a bit longer. There will promotions coming to sustain the iPhone 4 buzz from both telcos. So if you wait for the right moment, you might be able to get a very good deal in an iPhone 4. Maybe even an outright, no contract purchase. Who knows.

Here’s a link to the calculator, oddly enough, it’s a on a pet listing website of all places.

Thanks commenter John for the tip.

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