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RUMOUR: DiGi to launch iPhone 4 22 September

We find it odd that DiGi has been very quiet despite all the recent developments on the iPhone 4 made by Maxis. With previous iPhone 4 announcements the two telcos will counter each other on a moment’s notice.

Most recently that we can remember is from the iPhone 4 registration of interest announcement where DiGi broke the word first and was immediately followed by Maxis. This time around, Maxis laid all their cards on the table and there’s no response from DiGi. This has left us puzzled and wondering as to what will DiGi’s next move be to counter Maxis’ iPhone 4 plans.

Until DiGi puts out a word on its iPhone 4 offering, it’s going to be almost impossible to find out what will they have to offer. We’ve mentioned earlier that the iPhone 4 plans from Maxis are very attractive and DiGi will have to produce something extraordinary to counter it.

While we’re all wondering when DiGi will launch the iPhone 4, we’d like to bring your attention something we found in a forum thread, this, an event listing posted on the One Utama website about a DiGi roadshow happening on 22 to 26 September.

The listing doesn’t offer much details as to what’s going on except for that the roadshow will be promoting “DiGi mobile packages and services”. It could be any other roadshow but consider the following facts.

It’s an unusually long roadshow. Roadshows tend to just run for over the weekend. Typically a roadshow will start on Friday and end on Sunday. This is the normal practice.

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It’s precariously close to the Maxis iPhone 4 launch. We’ve been getting feedback that Maxis and DiGi will launch the iPhone 4 around the same time. If this is indeed the case, then the timing of the mystery DiGi roadshow is just nice.

Interesting developments indeed but something we can’t confirm at the moment. Will it be DiGi or Maxis who will launch the iPhone 4 first? Well, we have a couple of days left to find out.