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Maxis reveals iPhone 4 clues on Facebook

As we’re drawing closer and closer to the date we predict that the iPhone 4 will launch in Malaysia, Maxis have been dropping clues on Facebook that an iPhone 4 launch is near.

First up, Maxis has ran out of the 16GB iPhone 3GS and there are “limited stock” of the 32GB 3GS. This is not much of a surprise, everyone knows both Maxis and DiGi are clearing 3GS stocks to make way for the iPhone 4 and the 8GB 3GS.

But what’s interesting is that Maxis, on its FB page have indicated that they will launch the iPhone 4 sometime in “August or September”. We might have to revise our prediction slightly but we still feel that an August launch is probable.

Now, it’s just a matter of Maxis making the announcement.

Speaking of device launches, it appears that DiGi and Maxis are not as enthusiastic about bringing the BlackBerry Torch to Malaysia as they are with the iPhone 4. Even Celcom, a telco that’s big on Berrys are not saying anything about the Torch.