Using FaceTime over 3G and data usage

Apple’s “revolutionary” FaceTime for iPhone 4 is designed to work with WiFi only. Most people of course would want to use it on 3G and now there’s an easier way to make that happen.

All you need to do is jailbreak with the fairly easy Safari Browser method and download My3G from the Cydia for US$3.99. My3G is an app that fools your phone into thinking that your 3G connection is WiFi. If you’re not sure if this works for you, there’s a free trial version available.

If you’re wondering how much data do you use for FaceTime, 9to5mac has done a simple data calculation. For a 5 minute FaceTime call with lots of movement, it took about 14.7MB of data. That’s an average of about 3MB per minute. We won’t suggest using this without a generous mobile internet plan.