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Maxis announcing something exciting soon

(UPDATE 1929hrs 12072010) Maxis made the announcement and sorry guys, it’s not what you think. Still no word on when the iPhone 4 will be here.

Maxis via tweeter today indicated that the telco will be announcing something exciting today.

Naturally, many of you, including us, are wondering if this impending announcement will have anything to do with the iPhone 4 coming to Malaysia soon.

We don’t know. It could be an announcement about the iPhone 4 or it could very well not be. So we’ll have wait for the official word from Maxis.

We predicted that iPhone 4 pre-orders will be open on Maxis sometime around 19 July, could this tweet mean that they are opening the pre-orders earlier? Let’s wait and see.

But if the recent DiGi revision in its own iPhone packages and the recent spate of announcements from Maxis upper management is anything to go by, this announcement could be the one many are waiting for.

Watch this space.