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Baraka Telecom ends MVNO agreement with DiGi

Bernama reports that Baraka Telecom, a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) under DiGi Telecommunication’s network has mutually ceased their MVNO roaming agreement. The reason behind the termination is due to Baraka Telecom’s reconsideration in the MVNO business.

This was quite a surprise to us as Baraka Telecom’s CEO, Al-Ishsal Ishak announced on February 2010 that they will be rolling out within 3 months time with various voice, data and mobile commerce services. Obviously things didn’t turn out as planned.

For those who didn’t know, Baraka Telecom is Malaysia’s 1st Islamic Mobile operator guided by Syariah Principles. It hardly made any waves in our local telco industry while other MVNOs such as Happy and TuneTalk gaining traction in the market.

A quick check on their site revealed very little info except for a 2 campaigns that we hardly heard of. Too bad we never get to see any products or services from them.

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