Digi’s Cili Padi passes give you unlimited internet from as little as RM1

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Digi Cili Padi Passes

To spice up your prepaid internet experience, Digi is introducing its Internet Cili Padi passes. It gives you unlimited access to your favourite apps from as little as RM1 for 24 hours. The passes cover a collection of apps including entertainment, social and instant messaging.

For video streaming, you can enjoy unlimited video lite at RM1/24 hours. This covers its Video Freedom platforms which include YouTube, Tonton, iflix, Netflix, Dimsum and more. There’s also Unlimited Social Lite pass (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as Unlimited Internet Call (WhatsApp/WeChat Voice & Video) at RM1/24 hours each. Do note that Lite passes have a speed cap of 512kbps.

For other apps, there’s also time-based data passes which give you high-speed internet at hourly to daily rates. For RM1, you can get 1GB of high-speed data for an hour, while RM2 gives you a whopping 10GB of high-speed data that you can use between 1AM to 7AM. If you don’t plan of losing sleep, you can get the same amount of data for 7AM to 1PM usage at RM3. There’s also a 24-hour unlimited high-speed data pass at RM8.

On top of that, there’s a Bonus pass where you can get 2GB of high-speed data + 1GB biGBonus (1PM-7PM) for RM3/24 hours.

If you need to make calls, RM3/24 hours give you 1,000 minutes of voice calls within Digi’s network, while RM8/24 hours gives you 1,000 minutes of calls that you can use to all networks (except video calls, special numbers, toll free and 121). For better longevity, you can get 500 minutes of calls to all networks for RM8/week.

These passes can be activated through the MyDigi app or you can dial the UMB code *116*3# on your phone’s dialer. The app-based Cili Padi passes are applicable to Digi Prepaid LiVE, Digi Prepaid BEST, Digi Smart Prepaid and Digi New best v2 users. Meanwhile, the other passes are applicable to all Digi mobile prepaid customers. To learn more, you can check out the Digi community page.


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20 Comments for Digi’s Cili Padi passes give you unlimited internet from as little as RM1


Just a reminder…Digi TOC for unlimited is only 20GB…


    T&C lol

    Kokoro wo soto

    Digi coverage sucks, max speed of 1mbps only for streaming/downloading. Now use UMobile n happy for it


      Don’t listen to umobile staff, Digi speed fine for me at office and at home, cheap plans too….not looking back to celcom or maxis, and certainly never considering uekmobile


      umobile also sucks cannot stream HD
      Maxis the best hahahahha

sergio aguero

kena kelentong jer .. unlimited konon .. coverage pun teruk 🙁


Yay, RM 1 for a poor line that barely works. Digi will always go for hype and stupid packages instead of fixing their poor data speed and crap coverage and service is going down the drain. I’m close to porting out, also no premium phones even when taking the most expensive package only basic phone that no one wants.


digi area rumah aku 4G peak time dapat 2-5mpbs je.
keluar sikit ke main road dlm 200m terus berdesup 30mbps.

sebab tower lain ke ni


    digi punye indoor coverage hampeh sikit.depa belum pakai 900Mhz kat banyak tempat.


Nothing special & different.


Nama je unlimited, tp speed, hampeh..


Unlimited video at 512kbps?

What are u ppl drinking?


    they drink sos cili padi.. come out with cili plan..

Aniki Tan

haha, 1000min within 24 hours…
means u need to continuous talk for 16hours40min then sleep for 7hours20min


Now Real Biggest Loser are HOTLINK RED….Its a MAJOR DOWNGRADE from Hotlink Fast…No more Happy Hour,No More 1GB Midnight,No More 2GB Weekend,No More FRIEND Unlimited Call….and now Maxis r making data browsing problem(Full 4G but no internet) for Hotlink FAST user just to make them to change UNWILLINGLY(PAKSARELA) to RED whether u like it or not….So many user in Rage about this…please discuss this Soyacincau…..sooner or later i had to consider other prepaid Telco beside Hotlink


    I already use 3 telco swicthing each other , 1st i use hotlink red which is great at that time but expensive , then i switch to umobile but line here suck and so celcom line here . Lastly i tried Digi Live which is very inexpensive compare to other although you have to bear about line at other place but work well here . Overall i like digi most than other telco


Dg kat HP memang slow sikit tapi kalau guna buat berukband dgn modem berasing memang terbaik.
4G 50Mb
3G 18Mb


Digi well known with T&C. Good Luck.


unlimited? boleh hotspot?


first month guna digi line still okay after 3 month line mcm apa lagi nak mobile legend pon stuck haih rosak rank aku btw i dah mythic 15 star