Budget 2017: What it means to TM broadband subscribers

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Easily one of the most exciting parts of the 2017 Budget announcement, at least as far as technology is concerned, was the part about how fixed-line broadband services like UniFi, Streamyx, Maxis Fibre and Time Broadband would be offering higher connectivity speeds for a lower price.

The announcement last Friday itself was rather vague, without the nitty gritty details on how this would all play out, so a lot was left to speculation. Now, however, TM has just given us a sneak peak into their master plan on how they’re going to put the initiatives set out in the 2017 Budget, in motion.

I’ll be frank, TM didn’t reveal any specifics during their briefing today, nor did they unveil any concrete upgrade plans for their existing broadband subscribers. What they did reveal was the fact that they are committed to bringing down the price of cost per Mbps in the long run.


TM said, in their press conference today, that they have already been working to bring the cost per Mbps since the days of UniFi’s VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20 plans. With the existing UniFi Advance 30, Advance 50 and Pro 100, the service provider has brought the cost per Mbps down to less than RM4/Mbps. Come 2017, they’re looking to improve that even further. How? Well, here’s what they said.

The first key takeaway from their presentation is that TM wants to double the average broadband speeds for residential UniFi customers at the same price. They’re going to do it by upgrading all existing UniFi customers currently on VIP5, VIP10, VIP20, Advance 30 and Advance 50 (barring technical limitations) without having them pay more than they’re already paying. This upgrade will be rolled out to “eligible” customers starting January 2017 and will be done so in stages.

Although we don’t know exactly what the upgrade is going to look like, logic dictates that the upgrade would push UniFi subscribers to the next highest plan that was closest to a two-fold increase in download speed. If that was the case, then the existing UniFi plans could look something like this:

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Looking at our little table, it looks like TM could bring the cost/Mbps down to below RM3/Mbps, which is not an insignificant amount of savings. But then you have the problem of the people who are on the UniFi Advance 30 plan. From our educated guesswork, the people who subscribe to this plan will be the only ones to get less than double the speed for the same amount of money that they’re currently paying.

Considering this is the current entry-level UniFi plan, I don’t imagine many would be satisfied with being the only subscribers to get the short stick from the draw.

Besides the new upgrades and plans for new/existing subscribers, TM also mentioned that they will be offering a new “greater value broadband package” for their non-UniFi subscribers come the new year (also subject to technical availability). However, they were very careful not to use the word ‘Streamyx’ which leads us to believe that these could a brand new plan that existing non-UniFi subscribers will have to resubscribe to if they want to benefit from the “greater value”.

So that’s everything TM said. But what does it all mean and what can we realistically expect come January of 2017?

Well, the first thing you should take note of is what TM is actually saying. They said that “under the initiative, the average broadband speeds for residential UniFi customers will be doubled at the same price”. The keyword here is ‘average’, not all.

Of the 900,000 UniFi subscribers, the only thing TM promised to double was the average speed, and they can do it in a number of ways. The first would be to just double everyone’s speed and be done with it. Happy subscribers, happy life.

However, you also need to consider the fact that TM could just double the speed of their low-speed plans (for example, VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20) and give a minor speed boost to their UniFi Advance plans to bring the overall average up.

Secondly, there is also a chance that new UniFi subscribers, who subscribe in January 2017, will not get the speed upgrade because, in the press release, TM only talked about upgrading existing customers.

Keep in mind that we’re not saying this will happen, only that it could happen.

What do you think?

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56 Comments for Budget 2017: What it means to TM broadband subscribers


Don’t forget that webe is also part of TM now. Maybe it will include as part of the package upgrade from TM.


Remember to consider the renewal of another 24mths lockdown when you make the upgrades and aren't all those previous VIP plans phased out already for new subscribers?


Some more insights on regional prices:
Recently our regional neighbors did massive speed upgrades as well which further leaves us trailing behind.

Thailand recently bumped up their FTTH plans to 200Mbps for less than our Streamyx 8M plans.
Thailand (FTTH) –
3BB VDSL 50M RM70/mth
3BB Fiber 200M/50M RM143/mth

Indonesia(4G LTE-A 185Mbps)
Indosat Oooredoo (LTE-A 185Mbps) RM64/mth Unlimited Plan (60GB FUP)
BOLT 4G Postpaid UNLIMITED Ultraman Packages – RM96/mth (25Mbps) & RM160 (50Mbps)

Rafik Hussain

How about the streamyx customers, do we get the perks as we are also entitled as a tm customer.


Thailand sells 50M VDSL for RM70 & 200M for RM145
Indonesia sells 185Mbps 4G LTE-A for RM65 with HUGE 60GB FUP(more than enough for most homes)
Malaysia's affordable plan?


in Malaysia, we need a Prime Minister to boast in the National Budget announcement followed by excited claps on what other countries already offer at much better rate, much earlier and just approved by senior executives of respective firms


Malaysians just don't understand that our telco market is actually an oli-gopoly structure where every single company out there is held by the same few faces of shareholders. They've priced it in such away that if you don't buy pay-TV subscriptions, then they'll force you to buy broadband plans that already include profits taken out from the earlier market. So in the end only the small richer income groups get to enjoy these services.
Fixed line services is a luxury for most Malaysians today as part of our living standards decline.

Danny Chen

Dear Admin,
Please do a comparison chart for price/mbps for Streamyx packages as well.


I’m still amazed that Malaysians are still listening to the bullshit event every year. Malaysians seem very easy to forget and forgive when you start giving more at the same price. Just remember one thing, what comes around, goes around. They give you a bit here, they will take more away from you somewhere else.

Aniki Tan

this is not logical, if existing VIP20 still remain RM249 and upgraded to 50Mbps, while RM249 50Mbs upgraded to 100Mbps, while still wanna pay RM249 for 50Mbps rather than 100Mbps?

Just Asking...

My 5Mbps upgraded to 10Mbps few months ago with no extra charges. So, will I get a 20Mbps upgrade next year?


Should subscribe to Unifi now or just wait until January 2017?


Should I subscribe to Unifi now or just wait until January 2017?


There will be no price reduction for entry level, period! TM (in fact any other telco) don't want to reduce their ARPU. So, double (or rather increase) the speed is the logical choice.

If TM 'forced to' introduce cheaper rate, it will be like Streamyx Lite. Maybe they will introduce 'Unifi Lite' for RM99 per month with data cap at 3GB/month, with speed 10 Mbps.


its ironic that the logo on the red van says " TRUST US "
red van = red shirts
trust them???


How about Streamyx customers?……………..no doubling of speeds?


They should lower the subscription rate. TM thinks all subscribers are heavy users who download big movie files 24/7. Well, there are also light users who just need a bit of connectivity and paying RM199 per month for that is way too expensive.

Perhaps TM should rethink what FTTH really means!


I doubt it TM might reduce the price next year, I stuck with1Mbps for few years still no reduced price!!!
The best way to kick out the corrupt gomen & sack all those cronies running the infrastructure ISP in M'sia.

Derek Law

My Ideal Plan

5 mps for RM50 as as standard plan
10 mps for RM75
20 mps for RM100
30 mps for RM130
50 mps for RM150

All without HyppTV or even phone line- pure unlimited broadband


i'd rather have same speed but 50% cheaper. not same price but 100% faster


such a joke. this is just a blind promise.
it is just a number. i got the advance 30mbps package but the speed always very bad. Max speed maybe around 1Mbps only, but maybe once in a month will get that speed.
so the cost actually RM199/Mbps. damn it.

Believe me, even the upgrade your package later on, the speed will be the same.
just to make u happy with the name of the package.


I want to remain my speed at half the price..otherwise I will just terminate and resubscribe


TM's marketing dept is offering to upgrade the RM149/5Mbps to RM159/10Mbps.
was told that when next year comes, it'll be upgraded to 20Mbps for u still paying RM159.


This is too much BS. I’m sticking with my Jimat Hebat 4mbps plan.


I agree with most Malaysians here. Outdated fixed line plans from 1-5Mbps should never be priced more than RM50 a month considering our neighbor country already sells profitable plans 1000X faster at just around RM150/month. We feel like being conned in broad daylight. ADSL technology is like almost phased out already from the market.Shouldn't they be doing charity already with it to serve the OKU, retirees, students and low income groups to at least give them access to the internet with it?


Reading the comments here, I wanna move to Thailand. Broadband is cheap. The chicks are awesome. The food is delicious and cheap. The chicks are awesome. The chicks are awesome and can be cheap…

Just Saying

O yea, I like to read comments, Always


I'm using TIME 100mbps… happy user here… 😀


Currently on 8Mbps Streamyx (which never reaches 8Mbps) for Rm140+gst/mth. Wanted to upgrade to unifi for better upload spd ( my streamyx upload barely reaches 500kbps, most of the time below 256kpbs). But the cheapest unifi entry is Rm199, no longer vip5 Rm150, is too expensive for moderate home internet usage. Will dump TM streamyx when my contract ends in a few month and get a mobile LTE pkg with router (for home use)which can get 20-40GB of quota for cheaper than streamyx.


This is all for them to look good in media. 2017 and how many region have they successfully cover with fiber cable? 2/3 of their subscriber are still using copper cable connection with a ridiculous pricing. 384Kbps speed need to pay rm70 a month. 1Mbps price at RM120 a month. The price is direct a rip off. This is what happen when you gave monopoly power to one company. I saw TM bury fiber cable infront of my house and 6 month later still no progress. I got a friend who study in Japan. He have a 1Gps connection with the price of Rm120 in 2012. And this is a country who got hit by tsunami and earthquake all the time and still they make fast progress compare to us. Please, rather than busy chasing crazy speed, how about focusing and getting your fiber cable coverage first. The coverage progress is lame.


2017 now. Using TIME – 300mbps. Using Stream download game at night can reach to 5MBps – Download 16Gb game using 10-12 minutes.