Xiaomi Mi 3 Malaysia: 4,000 units sold in 17 minutes, more arriving next week

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UPDATE: Sales Postponed to the next day 28th May at 12PM due to technical issues. Details here.

Cheap and good is always irresistible and Xiaomi proved that point when 4,000 units of their Mi 3 smartphone was sold in just 17 minutes! For those of you who didn’t get a chance to purchase the very attractively priced Xiaomi Mi 3, you don’t have to wait long to get your hands on one.

Xiaomi Malaysia has confirmed that 6,000 units of the wildly popular Mi 3 will be available for purchase from its online store from 12 noon on Tuesday, May 27. Be sure to read the Buyer’s Guide to get yourself prepared for the mad rush.

So if you want to get the Mi 3, you save a ton of money waiting just a few more days till more units arrive than paying a premium to scalpers who are selling the device at over RM500 on top of the retail price.

As if the Mi 3 wasn’t priced low enough, DiGi is taking pre-orders for the device next week which it could offer for free. The Mi 3 will also be available from Celcom and Maxis later.

In the meantime, check out our Mi 3 hands-on here.


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5 Comments for Xiaomi Mi 3 Malaysia: 4,000 units sold in 17 minutes, more arriving next week

Wiz View

This online game is like offering oversweet candies to greedy faster kids. Soon there will be lots of decaying teeth lol !


    u sound so silly


I do feel being fooled around with these limited stock gimmick.

Izwan Rahman

Xiaomi making it like a limited rare luxuries. soon grey import will flood in and they're going to pancing us again with Mi3S


They use 'hunger' strategy. Consumer s hunger for more, but supply is limited.