Why Does it Take So Long to Get an Android OS Update?

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Many of us will have undoubtedly have asked this question and many of us would have gotten a number of different answers from a number of different people and, many of these answers may not even be close to the truth. So why does it take so long to get an Android OS update?

Thankfully HTC has created a site and a very informative infographic dedicated to answering this question. The site details down each stage of the OS upgrade process giving us a good view of what goes on when a device manufacturer work on getting the latest version of Android to users’ devices.

Beyond uncovering the process behind getting a software update delivered to the end user, the site also lists down the update status of other HTC devices and the latest software that they’re running. Yes, the list is limited at the moment and the status updates are probably more relevant for devices in the States but at least you now know what goes on when a manufacturer work on getting the latest software update for your Android device.

Head on over to after the jump for the full infographic.


Visit the HTC firmware update site here.

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8 Comments for Why Does it Take So Long to Get an Android OS Update?


Why need to wait? Buy a Nexus 4/5 or Moto G, you can have KitKat right now. Stock UI is fine.



New updates > OTA to all compatible device > end…


    High five brother! ;)


Why need to wait? Flash to custom firmware, you can have KitKat

    Farting Catfish

    Still need to wait. I mean need to CM… + not all device can flash.


Sorry but all I see is bureaucracy bullshit. ASUS, Motorola and Samsung can do it and hell, even indy xda developers with zero resources can do it. Why HTC can't do it? Because they are busy drawing a bureaucracy chart.


Darren, this is a standard development & release cycle. unless u get involved with google from alpha stage maybe you can reduce the delivery time. get your fact right first


    Neo. You're so dumb to swallow the bullshit they feed you. Are you an engineer at HTC? Explain how Motorola did it? Asus? Samsung? They all pushed new updates in less than 3 months. Motorola could do it in the matter of weeks after Nexus devices get them. Though Motorola is Google owned, they still operate separately. It is the matter of will and commitment. All HTC does is giving excuses and tell people to be lenient to them. Hiding behind bureaucracy. Tell me how in the hell do xda developers managed to build ROM right from AOSP source so much faster than HTC? Don't get me wrong, I don't hate HTC. I only hate hypocrite companies. By the way, what facts did I get wrong?