Apple’s Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner is Amazing

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A fingerprint scanner in an iPhone. When we heard about it, we dismissed it as a ridiculous rumour and for good reason. Fingerprint scanners have been in computers for years now, they promise enhanced security but they are notorious for piss poor accuracy and when they do work they take way too long to read your print.

So you can understand why we didn’t think Apple would bother with a fingerprint scanner on their latest iPhone. It’s just too cumbersome, too finicky, too unApple to find the place in the sleek, intuitive iPhone. And then Apple reinvented the fingerprint scanner.

Obviously we’ve not yet tried Touch ID ourselves but looking at the many hands-on reviews and comments from people who have the experience is totally unlike anything that we are used to.

Apple’s Touch ID does everything fingerprint scanners didn’t. It’s easy to setup, it’s accurate, its fast, its intuitive and most important of all, it doesn’t change the way you use your iPhone. Yet at the same time Touch ID offers substantial benefits for mobile security than any other security method currently being used in a smartphone. It’s practical, robust security that’s so easy to use that it becomes second nature, and it makes Google’s Face Unlock look like a plaything.

No one sums up Touch ID more perfectly and succinctly than Johnny Ive: “Touch ID defines the next step of how you use your iPhone making something as important as security so effortless, so simple. We believe that technology is at its very best, at its most empowering when it simply disappears.”

That’s just beautiful.

Touch ID is a amazing and competitors will scramble to offer something similar in their next flagship product but is it enough to put the iPhone back at the top? We don’t think so.

See a demo video of how Touch ID works after the jump.

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16 Comments for Apple’s Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner is Amazing


You guys should stop drooling.


Dont have any spec bump.


lapsap. makes life difficult. i dun even use screen locker.


No matter what phone android/WP/BB with the craziest specs and bestest feature is released, the iPhone with the smaller screen and "slow processor"(many people call it slow comparing to the other quad/octa cores) will still be one of the best phones out there. And there will always be a horde of people fingerling. haha. Its kool-aid is still the best.


I'm an iphone user but with people like you who's mentality is apple is always the best, Apple can continue to overprice their phones with big fat margins.
I really hope Google and Microsoft kicks Apple ass so that they will lower their price. In the end the consumer wins.


Good innovative idea by Apple. However, there were less features other than ios7. Sure people will still line up for 5s n 5c. But is it worth buying? Looking forward to see the price for the two.


I still notice that whenever there is Apple news, it always generates the most comments.

What is the old adage about marketing? Being ignored is worse than being negatively talked about, because people are still looking at you!

Samsung products get little or no comment, effectively are being ignored because they are all the same. Windows Phones are not much better.

The lovers and haters come out in droves when Apple releases anything. They are the benchmark and will be for a long time. Everything is measured against them, whether good or bad.

Samsung would kill for that position. Even with a bigger market share they themselves measure their products against Apple, which just shows how much 'face' Apple has.

I'll not even bother commenting on whether Apple 'innovates' anymore or whatever, the fact remains – look at the last 3 articles involving Apple – all have more comments than the last 20 containing Samsung or Android products. Apple is at the forefront of everyone's mind, and the haters can' stand it.


the first smartphone with fingerprint scanner was Motorola ATRIX 4G..innovative? Meh..iFag


You guys should read this on why Touch ID is impressive.