Sony Teases Upcoming Xperia, Says Not Long Now

Posted:  August 22, 2013   By:    9 comments   


Sony is ready to unveil a device and everyone is expecting nothing less than a 20.7MP phone, and this teaser released by Sony appears to support a camera-centric smartphone.

In the picture you can see the trademark Sony Omni Design power button. On the right, you see another button. From our interpretation, it doesn’t look like a volume rocker but more like a dedicated camera button. Are you seeing it? Or are we over analysing things?

Whatever it is, the device shown in the picture doesn’t resemble any Xperia device Sony has released to date so its definitely something new. Let’s hope it will be the device that we’re all expecting to see this September 5.


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9 Comments for Sony Teases Upcoming Xperia, Says Not Long Now


Sony! I am ready!!!


cant wait to get it once it launch.


1" sensor pls


    no way, the lens need to be bigger to accommodate a 1" sensor.


Am ready to pay installment for this SONY! :)

Sandeep Kumar

20.7 MP camera.. wow… it will definitely change the way we use smartphone now…

    Lumia 1020

    41MP smartphone camera,ever heard?

      nate swanner

      maybe he's sony fanzz..