Samsung Galaxy Mega now on sale with 16GB and LTE at RM1,599

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If you are looking for something big, the Samsung Galaxy Mega has finally arrived in Malaysia. Just as teased earlier, the mammoth 6.3″ smart phone retails at RM1,599.

To recap on the specs, the Galaxy Mega has a 6.3″ Super Clear LCD screen that does 1280×720 pixels resolution and it runs on a dual-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm processor with 1.5GB RAM. There’s a 8MP main camera and a front facing 1.9MP shooter. Juicing up the device is a huge 3,200mAh battery which is 100mAh more than the Galaxy Note II. Overall it weighs 199 grams and has a thickness of 8.0mm which is merely 0.1mm thicker than the Galaxy S4.

Based on the Galaxy Mega’s product page in Malaysia, we are getting the 16GB version and if you need more storage, it comes with expandable microSD slot as well. For those craving for faster connectivity, you’ll be pleased to know that the Galaxy Mega comes with 4G LTE connectivity support as well.

You can check out the full specs of the Galaxy Mega here.

Thanks @im_joshwong for the heads up!


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15 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Mega now on sale with 16GB and LTE at RM1,599


RM68 for 36 months cost a boom in pocket 😮


RM68 for 36 months = RM 2,468 lagi gilaaa – really expensive bunga 849 compare with rcp 1599 = 53% divide by three years = 17.66% satu tahun mahal


superbuy just 1499 with free shipping.


Nah, I better wait for sony xperia z ultra.

Garbage Samsung

Super expensive price


Why Samsung made a flagship(Galaxy S4) with no LTE and cost RM2199,even a Mega 6.3 got LTE and cost only RM1599?


I didn’t expect it to be this cheap! Now im trying hard to choose between this, mega 5.8, s4 active or The Xperia z. WHYYYYYYY


haha this wont be the ideal phone 4 me 2 upgrade from note 2


Can you please review this phone