All Your Questions Answered: Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Galaxy Note II

We’ve just gotten Samsung Galaxy Note II which is a 16GB version in Titanium Grey. In the hands, it build feels rather similar as the Galaxy S III albiet a bit larger. In comparison with the original Galaxy Note, the width doesn’t feel much different but it is noticably taller.

On first impression, the new enhanced S-Pen is really an improvement and we like that the Note II opens up a customised S-Pen home screen the moment the stylus is being detached. Moving between apps and home screens feels very snappy.

If you have any questions, do shoot us at the comment section below or tweet to us.

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Q1. Where did you get your Galaxy Note II?
We ordered ours from IPMart. It arrived 3 days after ordering.

Q2. Does Smart Rotation work?
We’ve tested it briefly and it is works as intended. It is funny why nobody have thought of solving this First World problem earlier.

Q3. What version is it running on?
Android 4.1.1

Q4. When is it officially available in Malaysia? For how much?
19th October 2012 at RM2,299

Q5. Which telco is offering it on contract?
Celcom, DiGi and Maxis. Compare their plans and pricing here.
DiGi starts pre-order from RM1,399.
Celcom postpaid bundling starts from RM1,498.
Maxis offers it as low as RM999 for Maxis One Club members.

Q6. Is there 32GB and 64GB versions?
Samsung Malaysia is only offering 16GB version for now.

Q7. How does the Galaxy Note II compare with other smart phones?
Check out our comparison table.

Q8. Is Multi-View available for Malaysia?
Not at the moment. Multi-View is available on our unit after OTA (Over the air) update. Samsung Malaysia mentions a firmware update that enables Multi-View will be released in Malaysia after product availability.

Q9. What colours are available?
Titanium Grey and Marble White. Samsung Malaysia will be supplying more Titanium Grey units in anticipation of higher demand.

Q10. Is there notification LED?
Yes it does.

Q11. Is LTE version coming to Malaysia?
None on the moment.

Titanium Grey Unit Photos

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98 Comments for All Your Questions Answered: Samsung Galaxy Note II


Interested to know is there any lagging when using the S-pen when drawing ?


    no it does not lag now


    Pretty smooth from our experience. There's a bit of learning curve when trying to screencap, crop and edit.


when can i get this from Celcom?


    Celcom has started registration of interest on their website. Should be available on 19th Oct.

MJ Khor

When can we get it from Telco? When is the exact release date for people in Penang to purchase it?


    suppose is 2day mar…


    actually it is expected to be for sale starting friday next week

    MJ Khor

    I've been stalking the Samsung Mobile Malaysia Fan Page for a long time and they never mention the exact release date, just reply that will be update soon. At the same time, many people saying that the device will release on Nov or maybe later. I'm mad with those rumours and I really hope to know the reliable release date and Telco.

    MJ Khor

    I really hope to know the confirm date that I can purchase at Penang from Telco.


    Today is just the launch event and availability is expected next week. We are expecting to find out the official availability date from the event tonight.


      It is official, next Friday 19th October.


SC, can i know that, if we are playing a game or opening an apps, then we take the s-pen out, will the S-pen home screen pop up in front the apps or, the app is being pause and minimize?
Situation 1 : while playing Fruit Ninja, user tired of using his/her thumb for cutting fruits, they wanted to take out the S-Pen as the "sword" for the game. while taking out, the game minimizes? or nothing happens? or S-Pen Menu is pop up and stays on top the game??

I'm the SGNote User..would like to know about this…thanks~!!


    there is a setting for that and you can toggle it


    The S-Pen home screen appears only when you're within the home screen. While playing video, pulling out the pen won't interrupt your current app. It should be the same on other apps including games.


      Thanks for the reply,SC!


Is that mean this is not the original set since you said this is ordered from IPMart? And may I know is this Note2 support voice command to take photo as S3 did? Thank You…


    Yes, this is considered as AP set. We've tested and the voice command to take photo works.


How much the price ?


    If not mistake 2299..n if not wrong event for note 2 will be coming maybe around 1-3weeks


      RM2,299 with official availability on 19th October.


Is it true today launching event? where is it?

When expected date to be released at market?

and expected date for telcos promotion?


    today launching for media..after 1-2 weeks to customer


      It is launched today but availability is on 19th October which is next friday. 16GB version priced at RM2,299


can you please advise if this is the LTE model. There is rumor that Malaysian telcos will be running LTE Q1 next year. Will Samsung Malaysia be offering LTE model here as well?


    There is a LTE version of Note II. In the UK it will be launched this 15th October. However for Malaysia we don't expect Samsung to bring them in until LTE is available commercially.


Hey SC will the 32 gb note 2 be available as well when it's out for sale? From Samsung official shop.


    Only 16GB units are available but you can add more memory with Micro SD


Is it safe to buy Samsung GN 2 ap set??? Is the warranty same as SME set


    If we had a choice, we prefer SME units which gives you official Samsung support locally throughout their authorised service centres.

    For AP set, you will need to return to the same shop for support/warranty issues.


Hi, SC,

Compared to S3, are you satisfy with the lower ppi on GN2? Please share, thanks


    lower ppi cause by the screen size…but they not pentile display like S3….note ii use RGB matriks display…overall the screen is awesome…


Possible to buy the LTE variant here?


did it have LED indicator like S3?


    Yes it does. On the top left.


SC, can I know the price for 32GB & 64GB, or Samsung Malaysia only sell the 16GB for Malaysia Market.


    Only 16GB for now. If you need more space, you can add a microSD card for expansion.


Is it the sizeis small than glxy nte ll?

ian malik

will titanium grey be available on the 19th, please ?


    Yes. Samsung Malaysia says they will bring in more Titanium Grey stocks than White. It is also available pre-order on DiGi right now.


how many colour at there available at Malaysia market other than titanium grey?


    Other than Titanium Grey, there's Marble White.


are we able to get LTE variant in Malaysia?


    None at the moment. We don't expect Samsung Malaysia to bring in LTE units until the service is commercially available.


Does the new s-pen with the rubber tip makes it easier and have that natural 'pen-on-paper' feel when writing/drawing?


What is the ROM for this SME handset? How do we verify that it is the SME set?


    Sorry, no ideas on that one right now. Most important is that you have the warranty card and registered your device with them.


      I was approached by someone who claimed could sell me a sme set tomorrow. I would like to make sure if it is a genuine one. Rather than examine only the "packaging' , I wonder if I could validate via the Rom. Pls advice.


        Sorry, we don't know at the moment as we don't have a SME unit to compare.


will 1st batch come with multi view feature?


    According to Samsung Malaysia, it won't be out of the box but it will be easily available through software update.


is this exactly N7100? with the LTE 4G version?
I was worried Samsung Malaysia will carry some different model from the international version N7100 but N7105, which is without 4G LTE… Like that we would having some trouble on playing firmware…


my friend say android 4.1.1 does not support flash player ….
sgn2 can support flash player ?

Note Fans

SoyaCincau, what is the different between AP set and SME (malaysia) set beside warranty different?
i do heard that AP set not available for software or firmware update or anything?
Could you please justified for us please? Thank you!!!


    If it is unlocked units (not tied to telco), it should be able to get updates without much hassle. Some AP devices especially with telco branded on them were a bit slow in getting updates. This is because there's some form of telco approval/customisation before the update gets rolled out.

      Note Fans

      how to differentiate between it was unlocked unit or telco-locked unit?
      As @undefined question, this update is thru the origin where my phone from?


        Normally the obvious sign is the telco branding on the device but usually it is differenciated by firmware version/serial number range that indicates. Unfortunately we can't advise what serial number is unlocked or telco tied as there are many variations out there by market.

        As for the update, it follows by origin of the device and it goes by serial number range.


Hi sc, good day, Just wanna confirm, if the ap set one purchased is origin from uk. When uk got ota update. This handset can also get the ota in Malaysia or anywhere in the world … is that correct? That mean, when Malaysia got ota for sme handset, this ap set will not get the update and it got to wait till uk got ota, right


    The update depends on your unit serial number no matter where you are. So if you have a UK unit, it should be getting updates at the same time as UK folks. However if it is a telco-locked unit, OTA updates might be delayed as it is subject to telco customisation and approval.

samsung fans

Hi SC.. is the note 2 support service notification light?


    It comes with notification light


is the note 2 in malaysia is the LTE versioin?


    HSPA+ version


Hv downloaded multiview update. Luv it very much.


    tat mean we can update the multinwindow already?


    Used the OTA updates 3-4 days ago. Just google.


so do SC have any idea when will the LTE version reach msia?


    No plans at the moment considering LTE is not officially available yet.

MJ Khor

Hi SC,
Did N2 comes with LED notification Indicator like S3?


    Yes it does.


does it worth it to buy the Note 2 right now or wait for the launching of Note 2 LTE version in M'sia?


Is Note 2 available throughout Malaysia on 19-10-2012 onwards ? Will I get one in any normal retail outlet ?


Do you think whether i should wait for LTE version of Note2 as LTE technology will be available on early 2013??


    Don't think so


      May I know why you suggest not wait for ?


Hi SC, I want to ask whether the earphone jack is on the same side as the USB connector?


    Headphone jack is located on the top left, USB port is at the bottom and in the middle


      What do you mean by the USB port is at the bottom and in the middle? So, there are 2 USB ports?


If sales are bad no worries. We are actually waiting for LTE version.


    LTE or not, it will sell


Digi has upgrade their system to LTE. Will Digi be getting the LTE version of Note 2?


SC, just wondering m'sia will received N2 produced from korea or china? or can you tell us where it is made from?


Hi, do u know when is the digi roadshow for samsung galaxy note 2 at Johor Bahru? Will they hold at JB? as KL (Mid Valley and Low Yat) is too far for me.


Hi SC / other SGN2 owners,

My friends and I are having troubles to watch videos at Tonton. The videos played okay for a few seconds (minutes, if we're lucky), but somehow got weird lined all over after a while. Anyone knows if there's a fix for this?

My findings so far — can't be due to lack of flash, since the videos played fine initially (and we've all sideloaded Adobe Flash apk, though there's no way to prove that the sideloaded flash works as it should).


so when we'll have LTE in malaysia?


Can i know how to determine the Note 2 is Original set or AP set?
And i buy from the Samsung Dealer. So it's means it is original set?


Teddy,i bought my gn2 on nov 1st price rm2299..last week my audio speaker got buzzer..i go directly to samsung services to claim warranty..find out my gn2 was ap set..n i buy it from samsung!


Hye,, I'm newbie , I have 1 question .. GALAXY NOTE 2 SME and GALAXY NOTE 2 LTE.. sme and LTE have what different ?? What is sme ,, what is LTE???


    SME – samsung malaysia ent. ori products from samsung in malaysia. if original samsung products from overseas, is called AP set.

    LTE – 4g internet. faster internet connection than 3g


In my galaxy note 2 when I am downloading files the arrow symbol at the top is not displayed but the file downloads…this is occuring since the last 3 days….can sumone help me with dis please


i got problem on my note 2 GT-n7105 . i use DIGI and have choose network setting for GSM/WCDA. i turn off the 4G LTE setting. when everytime i make/recive phone call, during call its suddenly disconnect and say "out of services area" .. can someone explain to me what the problems? i chg renew my sim. and still … hopeless..


corrections – * GSM / WCDMA


I use Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I have bsnl- cell one -connection. In the note 2 Evey time I cross the state when I travel I vae to select network and register. This problem happens only with Note 2 and not with any other handset , not even with S3. How to solve it? I have kept it in auto selection mode.


I use Galaxy note 2 since 1 year. Problem is Samsung account is not being synchronised properly since its update. I removed account and again opened. Hardly , sometimes it synchronises. Sign-in problem is also there. Google account is fine. Contacted Support samsung but of no use. please help me.??