Sample Pictures: HTC One X and One S

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The HTC One series is coming to Malaysia very soon and aside from the quad-core performance from the 1.5Ghz Tegra 3 “4-Plus-1” processor in the HTC One X, the other aspect that we are most interested about the new HTC devices is the camera performance.

The HTC One X and One S both boasts an f/2.0 lens 8MP camera with 1080p video recording capabilities and enhanced with a backlight illuminated sensor and HTC’s ImageSense image enhancement technology.

In addition, HTC has also improved the camera’s response time with the camera app requiring just 0.7 seconds to start from when the device is in sleep mode. From then, focus is automatically achieved in just 0.2 seconds. That’s pretty fast but how does the camera measure up when taking pictures?

While we gear up for the regional launch happening in Singapore this Friday, we found some sample pictures taken using the HTC One X and the One S posted on HTC’s official blog. Some of the images have been enhanced using some of the image enhancement software pre-installed in the device (lens filters and HDR etc) but even with that taken into account, we have to say, the HTC One X and One S take some pretty impressive pictures but then again, these pictures were released by HTC and obviously they would want to portray the camera performance of their devices in the best light possible.

In any case, we will get our hands on the HTC One devices in just a couple of days and we will see if the camera is all that HTC says it cracked up to be.

In the meantime, head on to after the jump to check out the pictures and tell us what you think.

For all images, click to view in full res.

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8 Comments for Sample Pictures: HTC One X and One S


The elephant in the room would be the pureview system. Anyone knows the sensor size for this htc camera?

Sid Acidic

im a bit confused here, so which phone are using the S4 Snapdragon processor ?


awesome! surely getting the one x. throwing my stupid samsung away. worst phone i've ever used in my life.


mind to do a picture comparison with Xperia S if the phone is available?


Planning to get a new smartphone, stuck between HTC One X, Galaxy SII (because of the drop of price) or iPhone 4S. Hmm…