Unboxed: Sony Xperia S

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With a 12.1MP camera, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of on board storage, the Sony Xperia S created quite a buzz when it was first officially unveiled at CES in January. We were pretty excited about the device too when we got our first hands-on at the Xperia S Asian launch in Shanghai.

In just over a month, the Xperia S is already here in Malaysia. The unit that we have is the same version that you will get in stores when the Xperia S goes on sale here and right out of the box, we noticed improvements from the early prototype units that we tested in Shanghai.

The camera performance is much better now but we will need more time to see how good the 12MP shooter on the Xperia S is. We will also compare the Xperia S with the Nokia N8 to see which 12MP shooter is the best — that’s going to be interesting.

Aside from the camera, where the Xperia S impressed us the most is in its the built quality and display. Sony really knows how to make a quality device and Xperia S feels like a million bucks with quality construction and utilising plastics that really feel premium to the touch.

The 4.3-inch screen on the Xperia S is currently the highest density screen you can get in the market, combine that with Sony’s Mobile Bravia Engine image enhancement software and you get a truly mesmerizing display. Colours on the Xperia S are true-to-life vibrant, details are pin-sharp and the contrast really gives your great depth. We’ve only used the Xperia S for a few hours but we’re very inclined to say that the Xperia S has the best display you can get on an Android device. It’s something you must experience yourself to see what we mean.

Speaking of which, the Xperia S will be launching in Malaysia really soon. Sony is still tight-lipped on when exactly the launch will happen but we have a feeling the Xperia S will go on sale here sometime in early March. As always you can expect local operators to offer plans for the device as well. Question is of course, which operator will offer plans for the Xperia S. Right now, we don’t have enough info to tell you for sure.

So that’s pretty much it. Head on over to after the break for part two of the Xperia S unboxing video. As always, drop your questions in the comment section and we’ll try our best to answer them.

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43 Comments for Unboxed: Sony Xperia S


First to read


compare to s2 and notes, which screen impress you more.
in term of performance, which give u a better experience?


Dual core is outdated. Waiting for quad core.


Update us on the battery life!


question for the reviewer:
How much power (ampere) does the phone needs ( or does the powersuplly supllies ) ?



Hello, Soya cincau can do some testing on the battery life? Like modertae~heavy usage to see it can last through a day or not.


please make a battery test, screen test and video recording test versus the samsung galaxy note~~~


Hey SC..thanks a mil for unboxing and reviewing this device. You guys make good reviews for us Malaysians. Anyway, I need an honest answer. Is it just me or did the Xperia seem…well, laggy? Samsung GS2, Note, Nexus, and Apple's line seem to swipe and toggle across screens with ease and with a sort of smoothness, whereas from what you just demonstrated, it seems like Sony has sacrificed fluid movement for design and style. Is the use of those motion backgrounds slowing the phone down?


When is the comparison to the N8 coming?


Dear Soyacincau:
Please do the battery test. I'm dying to have one and the only thing concerned is the battery life (un removable battery)

Faisal Hanafi

Does this phone use the newer Snapdragon S4 SoC or does it use the older Snapdragon S3 SoC?


That fast capture is indeed quick. From sleep to shutter is quicker than the Galaxy Nexus (or any other phone which requires to wake up the phone and then activate the camera from lockscreen).

Hope to see a shot-to-shot test.


That fast capture is indeed quick. From sleep to shutter is quicker than the Galaxy Nexus (or any other phone which requires to wake up the phone and then activate the camera from lockscreen).

Hope to see a shot-to-shot test.

Anyway, is it me or many OEMs are going the iPhone Way with the non-user removable battery, the lack of SD-card slot and the use of microSIM?


will xperia arc s drops its price afterwards?

Akmal Yusri

how did you get those ??



Thank you for the review. Appreciate it.

One thing that I have not been able to find out so far. Where is the notification LED? For the Xperia Arc, it was right next to the micro USB port on the side, pretty useless in my opinion..

Where is it located on the Xperia S? Hopefully somewhere more visible.



does xperia s on the store in whole malaysia in between March?


how to get the micro sim..??