Sony Tablet S pre-orders start now. Available before Valentine’s Day

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Sony has revealed more details of its Tablet S Android tablet with pre-order package details. The pre-ordering info on their website is still quite sketchy at this point but the Tablet S models and pricing are revealed as follows:

  • Sony Tablet S (16GB WiFi) – RM1,499
  • Sony Tablet S (32GB WiFi) – RM1,799

For those that pre-order, they will get an exclusive ST Slip Case worth RM139. At the bottom, it is stated that estimated shipping time for Sony Tablet S pre-order package will begin tomorrow 28th January 2012 but no ideas what does that mean right now.

According to a tip from Fizie, My Sony & Sony Store members are being notified that they can get a Tablet S at Sony Store KLCC and at The Curve on 12-13 February 2012 with their exclusive booking numbers. That’s just couple of days before Valentine’s Day which falls on the 14th February.

Just a little recap on the Tablet S, the 9.4″ tablet runs on dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, comes with 1GB of RAM and weighs 598g. In terms of thickness, it is between 10.1mm at the thinnest point to 20.6mm at the thickest. When announced, it was running on Android 3.1 but it is upgradable to Android 3.2. For imaging, it comes with a 5MP camera at the back and a 0.3MP VGA camera in the front.

For more information, head over to the Sony Tablet S page.

Thanks to @fizie76 for the alert!

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19 Comments for Sony Tablet S pre-orders start now. Available before Valentine’s Day


why is it still expensive in malaysia? 16gb sells for $400 (~1200rm)and 32gb for $500 (~1500RM). havent they heard of the price cut?…


NO ICS update?


I guess they convert from USD499 (16gb) and USD599 (32gb)


Too late to the game and overpriced to boot. Everyone needs to stay away from Tegra 2.


preorders again, & with no ready stock ? when will Sony realize that they are not launching iphone 5 with mad fanboys waiting since last year ?

then promise to deliver before Valentine days sommore ! Does Sony think potential buyers are love sick kids ?
no wonder these overpriced no 3G tablets & lousy marketing will fail big time

do come back again when you have full featured ready stock before talking


Sony is banging on their branding to sell. This is already 1 year old spec and 1 year old price tag. Smart buyers would only buy quad core tablets for that asking price.


WHY R SONY EVEN RELEASING THESE PRODUCTS???? but then again, there will be idiots who will buy them, and then regret, and start crying, "oh no, i just bought an obsolete product…."


Sometimes, Sony really makes me wonder…

They launch later than everybody else… fine. They want to get the design right.
They launch in Japan or USA first, fine, the rest 'couldn't afford' or simply not cool enough (other manufacturers are the same, so couldn't blame them).

They reduce price in US and not here? Not fine!
They don't have enough stock? Not fine!
They launch near the time where everybody else are coming up with quad-core and possibly Full-HD display? Not fine!

It's not as if STS is made of aluminium or very light or have the best screen or have the best battery life or have the best OOB experience or have the best camera, etc…

Ok, maybe it has the best hold… but to ask for USD500? Daylight robbery! Plus, Tablet is taxed at most, 10percent or none at all. Really, Sony, you make me wonder…


Pre-order delivery is 28 Feb 2012 and not 28 Jan 2012. That was after valentine


Even Samsung Galaxy Tab is a bit outdate now compare to the qual core tablet, and now ONLY the Sony calling PRE-ORDER for their outdated dual core tablet ?! (and of course the outdated price tag too)