Samsung Galaxy Note contract plans compared

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is officially available in Malaysia with both Celcom & DiGi offering contracted plans with subsidised pricing. Some might ask, which plan offers better value? To find out, we’ve listed out all plan options according to contract period and calculated the total minimum ownership cost.

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Update: Corrected some figures on the DiGi costings. Thanks @scherrzinger and ajax for spotting them.

UPDATE 2: Another 24 months option, DG Smart Plan 88 which offers the Note for RM1399 was spotted from GadgetNation. Details such as extra rebates/upfront payment is unknown at the moment as it isn’t available on DiGi’s website.

If you’re looking the bare minimum contract plan of 12 months, both DiGi and Celcom are available with a total of 5 options to choose from. While DiGi appears to be lower in commitment, there’s a big glaring difference when it comes to bundled call and SMS. DiGi Smart Plans are purely for data and if you don’t really make much calls and rely heavily on internet for communication (WhatsApp,Line, Kik), this might be the plan for you. If you do make a lot of voice calls and SMS heavily, Celcom plans are better as an all rounder.

For contracts longer than 12 months, Celcom is the only provider that offers 18 months while DiGi dominates the 24 months tenure.

It is interesting to note that DiGi is offering an extra RM120 rebate if you go on 24 months contract with DG Smart Plan 68. The RM120 rebate will be reflected in the bill over 12 months. For extra savings, you could potentially save more if you opt for auto-billing which DiGi gives an extra RM5/month rebate.

Before jumping right in, there are other factors to consider as well such as 3G coverage and service quality. For a smart phone like the Galaxy Note, internet connectivity is something you can’t live without. With a lock-in contract, you would want to stay with a provider that’s reliable at your area.

If you spot any errors at the table above, do let us know at the comments below.

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83 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note contract plans compared


Digi SmartPlan got 25% discount on that RM68 commitment when you reach RM100 on your bill. So it's much cheaper on DiGi if your total bill lets say RM110, you just pay RM93.

harry potter

So which one is the best? i don't know 🙁


how about the sales from past 2 days. Any feedback from users who bought this device.


what does it mean bundled with calls/sms for celcom? Means you get free talk time/sms? Anyone can share? Thanks


If you were like me. Make a call less than rm50, then i will take digi. More than that, i will take celcom.
But i were you… I will take celcom. Coz… none of my kampung have Digi. I bet you still can use Celcom although you sit near the top mount kinabalu. I've tested it in 2008!

Jeff F.Khung

My 2-sen > what's the point of cheap charges if you don't even have the coverage to call or surf? ideas anyone?


i've tested celcom broadband on an island. "Pulau Satang" as i was the only one there using broadband, the speed was so quick that the web page loaded instantly


i've tested celcom broadband on an island. "Pulau Satang" as i was the only one there using broadband, the speed was so quick that the web page loaded instantly


the advance payment for digi of rm48 package with 2 yrs contract should be rm250 while rm68 with 1 yr contract should be rm300


the phone price for digi rm68 1 yr contract should be rm1799 and for 2 yrs contract with rm48 monthly fee should be rm1749


U CAN'T rely heavily on internet for communication (WhatsApp,Line, Kik) with DIGI..

lets face it, DIGI coverage for calling is limited,call quality is crap, call price and sms are expensive
DIGI turbo 3G lagi limited coverage
EDGE coverage is ok ok
sometime cannot call at all coz not even got gprs coverage

DIGI offer the lowest speed with quota( 700kbps) and they now imposed max 5kbps after quota, it as good as your internet are block,..with a cap of 64kbps or 128kbps,it still usable but with 5kbps,u can't even open a website.use VOIP..or s good as being BLOCKED

CELCOM got good coverage, the speed within quota are a whole lots higher than DIGI, after quota, the cap speed will still allowed u to still open a website or use VOIP..or whatsapps..the call quality is better and cheaper..

DIGI just conned u to think they are cheap..but if u add up the "hidden cost"..then u know..what good bringin a huge smartphone with u, when u can't get smart because there only GPRS coverage and a phone that won't let u call or receive call as their is no coverage.. u end up bringin an expensive paperweight all round..

i had make these mistakes,so hope no one will not fall for the same trap again


its obvious! DiGi always the smartest choice! Celcom coverage is no doubt better but the 3g service sucks. Full of downtimes and the speed was inconsistent. I've been a Digi broadband user since early 2010 but I subscribed celcom prepaid broadband for a month when I was posted to Banting cause there is no digi broadband coverage there but guess what I swear to myself that i wont use Celcom broadband ever in my entire life. The speed for celcom broadband never consistent and most of the time I get only the edge signal instead of 3g although the place i stayed is in the location where Celcom claims that they had good 3g coverage. I would advice you all go for Maxis if you all aim for good 3g coverage and connection speed on the go but never celcom


Is celcom offering note at 2088 with prepaid sim pack?. This was commented yesterday. Any info SC?


DIGI and CELCOM just dont generate much confidence to me about their internet speed.
many comments from friends said "digi 3g suck"…i guess there were too many users and causing the speed quality drop.

Besides these two, it's weird that Maxis doesn't offer these samsung smartphone package, anyone got any ideas?

harry potter

However, anyone can clarify the celcom BUNDLED SMS/CALL thing? i need to know about it. thank you.

anyway why all the telcos in malaysia cannot do something like iPhone a-like-plan which give free calls, smses, data by paying certain price? or something like BBM plan which is very cheap! Android based phone is ignored? :'(

Please 🙁

Anyway speed for Celcom and Digi, which is better? need more opinion!


I paid slightly over 2k for the DiGi 88. includes a advance payment of 600 plus that will be refunded thru monthly rebate. What do you think? It sounds better to me.


i've tested celcom broadband on an island. "Pulau Satang" as i was the only one there using broadband, the speed was so quick that the web page loaded instantly


use digi RM48 plan plus yes life RM30 per month. total is only RM78.
Yes call rate is only 0.09cents/minute. haha……


Guys & Gals, Galaxy Note is really good! I got mine from an Elite Partner@ 1st Avenue Penang the first day, RM2299. It's not too big for your pocket or for your head (while using it as a phone). Have not experienced any lag (like I saw in Galaxy S). The S pen is amazing. The accuracy is great, just that the digitizer takes a split second to trigger, but if you just trust your your S pen, just write and it will show up as you wanted. It's fast, snappy, beautiful, thin, and worth it! Samsung has a suite of apps for Terr s pen that you can download. I like the s pen because you can reduce smudges and finger prints.and you can Swype a well. I'm loving it!


On launch day at 1 utama noon. Elite partner no stock can only estimate stock coming 2 to 3pm. Not many interrsted ppl. Went to pavilion about 2pm. Not really a crowd. Which is quite surprising. The built and feel of the device seems so Apple like. Beautiful hires screen. Ready for Ice Cream Sandwich. Had reservations of pentile amoled but text is really good even down to tiny. Extra input method ie s-pen. Why no crowd? Waiting for galaxy nexus?. Too big? Maybe ppl confused whether its a phone or tablet or something else altogether.? Regardless, personally i feel this to be a wonderfully pleasing device to use with all those smartphone apps. And am glad to have bought it.






digi 88 plan not included in the comparison?


CELCOM exec 50 + mbasic with bundled calls/sms?

Ban Chew Ooi

Why Maxis still didn't offer Galaxy Note yet? Are they telling us to switch to Digi or Celcom?


ptui… when click buy from digi website, it now says out of stocks… lol…

'Ifwan Muhammad

hye @soya cincau, just to query, is samsung galaxy note a 4G support? thx.


before you jokers jump into conclusion, why not add celcom or celcom broadband into your facebook fren.?

i done that just for fun, and first time i saw ppl swearing at their ISP in facebook,swearing in both bm and english. really, they suk, so if you do not believe me, try to check in facebook.

can make call anywhere means nothing.

for top 3 service provider(broadband), celcom is easily the worst.


celcom existing line if want enjoy this offer, you must terminate the line fist than sing up a new plan. this is the anwser from celcom careline. soo stupid……

Galaxy Note

May I know how much is 1GB? enough for 1 month? for normal usage, facebook,gmail and 2 youtube video daily. And how it will be after DG quote? 5kbps?? what can I do with this speed?

IPad User

When is Maxis going to offer? Any news?

awesome galaxy

guys! i just bought samsung galaxy note..and it is superbby awesome!! This device make me change my mind from buying iphone 4s to this galaxy note..i'm not regret buy this gadget..U all people should have one 🙂

Samsung Digi Fan

Is Digi SmartPlan 48 Sim lock?


Is it left-hander friendly? I tried it on a display phone, the written words seem to be slightly to the left of where I wrote. My right-handed friend seemed to write with no problem…

Samsung Digi Fan

Is Digi samsung galaxy note Sim locked?


anyone have any info regarding galaxy note stock availability at DIGI.. from web site, a pop up saying "no stock"


Is it unlocked?


between that what is the download speed & upload speed for Digi & Celcom?

MokNga Thx

hi everyone, i got a silly question to ask… =x
can anyone explain to me, what can i do with the device under a contract?? =(


hello everyone. I'm new to smartphones and telco plans. What does the contract period mean? lets say i choose the 12months contract, does it mean that after a year I will have no more internet provided by the telco?do i still have the phone?


digi smart plan does not included fee of phone call but celcom exe does. Not fair for this comparison.


Ya, Digi Service is damn poor & without efficient planning on stock management~ Samsung Note is just out of stock everywhere, I went to Gardens, KL Soho & Bangsar the same day n they just said it's out of stock, pls come back next 2 weeks and not allowed to have waiting list??? It's just not efficient!! No confirmed date, no confirmed units distribution for outlets, don't allowed waiting list.. Wondering r they really keen to do business?? Commercial adv & digi booth is everywhere but "OUT OF STOCK", pls come back 2 weeks later? But end of the day what to do~ We love the phone & wanted for cheaper rates to pay~ I'll definately go for Maxis if they have plan with Notes, coz all my friend's Iphone + Digi sucks~ Pls check on DIGI FB comments, it's says everything there! Happy New Year n awaits for our beloved S.G Note~


This is wrong….. The price, rebates…. Digi smartplan 68 should be rm48 with rm20 rebate per month for 24 month which means its rm480 rebate not 120…..and digi smart plan 48 should be rm 43 with rm 5 rebate (auto billing)


Im still waiting for the note t.t cant wait to get my hands on it. I wish its more affordable. And i think djek is rite


for celcom plan how much is the payment upon registration for galaxy note? or do we just have to pay the upfront payment and thats it??


can add one more telco selling Note now:

pls do update the comparison table.


agree with fellow commenters here ..digi sucks. call quality sucks, broadband sucks. And WHITE Gnote is out of stock every where now. Dont need to waste your time going from one place to another. No waiting list, no phone number to call to check on availability but advertisements everywhere, ..i cant imagine we cant even communicate with a communications company. What is the point? Digi is just pissing off customers on top of poor quality of signals etc.