UNCONFIRMED: HTC Flyer RM199 bundled plan on Maxis

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The HTC Flyer RM199 bundled offer from Maxis is going to be revealed tomorrow. This comes after several weeks of delay from its initial May 12 planned launch.

By now most people must be wondering what sort of plan Maxis is offering. Having the RRP of RM2499 outright, it is mind boggling to see Maxis subsidising RM2300 for a device. If you’re thinking that Maxis is charging a premium per month, you may be close to the truth.

According to some tipsters in the comments and via twitter, the HTC Flyer will be offered with a 24 months contract on a RM250/month plan. However that’s not all as you would need to pay a rather hefty upfront payment of RM2499, which is equivalent to the full device price but in exchange, you’ll get RM96 rebated back to your monthly subscription,. This makes your monthly commitment RM154 instead of RM250. If you do the math, RM96 over 24 months gives you RM2300 which is the subsidy amount for the Flyer.

So what will be included with the RM154/month commitment after rebate? We believe it should be a combination of Voice + SMS + Data plan. According to the tips, 16GB is included. As comparison with its typical Android bundles, the typical offer is to bundle a Maxis Value Plus postpaid RM50 with a RM88/month 3GB data plan which makes it RM138/month. As for data only plan, Maxis offers 16GB 3G Broadband for RM158.

However since the HTC Flyer doesn’t allow you to make phone calls, we’re not sure if they are providing voice at all. So it is interesting to see what the plan has to offer with RM250 worth of value. Who knows they might be bundling another smart phone like the Motorola Xoom?

We would like to stress again that the details mention are still unconfirmed but all shall be revealed tomorrow. Keep it locked on to SoyaCincau.com for the latest updates.

If you’ve got a question on the HTC Flyer, head to this page and drop us a comment.

Special thanks to Sam & @azharbinismail for the tips!

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9 Comments for UNCONFIRMED: HTC Flyer RM199 bundled plan on Maxis


For those usage under RM250, it won't be good catch at all! Couple with no phone call, it's better to get cheaper tablet.


If we have to fork out RM2500, someone tell me why do we have to sign from Maxis again? Better buy without contract right? Not logic at all.


actually in my opinion the flyer is one of the most undesired android tablet.
The only difference is just the scribe/capacitive pen and their charging more than the xoom
with acer iconia, asus transformer and maybe samsung and LG tablet coming soon
to me personally there's no reason to purchase the flyer
HTC locked bootloader doesnt help either