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Alright people, we got our hands on the HTC Flyer. The one of a kind Android tablet that utilises a stylus as an input mechanism.

While we test the Flyer more comprehensively and post up a full review later, we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about the device in the run up to the its sale debut happening this Friday.

As with our first impressions findings, the Flyer has a lot of potential. Feature-packed is a good word to describe the 7-incher. So far, we find not much wrong with the device and a lot to like.

Taking a learning from the previous “all your questions answered” posting, we’ll regularly update the post with frequently asked reader questions and highlight some the pertinent but not frequently asked questions as well so that its easier for to read and find the information you’re looking for.

Looking forward to your questions. Don’t hold out on us now.

List of questions updated regularly after the jump.

1. Can you make calls using the Flyer?
Nope. Unlike the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, you can’t make calls with the Flyer but you can send and receive text messages with the device.

2. What is the RRP for the HTC Flyer?
At the unveiling in April the RRP announced was RM2,499. We’re not sure if there will be any revisions to this come Friday.

3. Where can I purchase the HTC Flyer?
No official word from Maxis but expect all Klang Valley Maxis Centres to carry stock on Friday.

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25 Comments for All your questions answered: HTC Flyer

Maxx Chew Kean Hong

can we use the stylus to make a note on the pdf file when we're reading it?


hi. i would like to know whether you can make calls with it? if so, when you're talking it will be on loudspeakers only? also which particular maxis centre is going to release this htc flyer?


Do you happen to know whats the RRP ?


Comparing the flyer and the 7-inch galaxy tab, which feels better to use in terms of overall feature and speed?


Past by Maxis roadshow at Midvalley today. Their RM199 tablet goes like this:
RM2499 for the tablet,
RM250 for data plan & stuff, all paid upfront. So its about RM2749 u have to pay upfront.

The catch is that you can have 24months of internet access via maxis's data plan. In the end, the tablet costs you only RM199. Correct me if i'm wrong.


Galaxy Tab 3G is known to be able to play 720p and 1080p content smoothly, without any need of re-encoding, which means all the content from the "popular" source can be played easily without re-encoding which either causing loss of video quality or expansion of file size. Galaxy Tab WiFi, however, cannot even play 720p smoothly because sadly, it comes with a lesser GPU which has no hardware acceleration support for video playback.

It has been widely discussed that none of the current 10" Honeycomb tablets; including Xoom, Acer or Asus can play 720p and up content smoothly also.

With this new HTC Flyer, has any testing been done to check whether 720p or 1080p content playback is smooth?


which is more worth it. Galaxy Tab 7" or Flyer?


now they even selling the galaxy tab 3G for rm13xx。compare to flyer rm2499 = rm1099 extra. shd we get tab as a gps also worth the price! even buy as our backup phone in case u lost ya phone 😛

for me I would prefer to watch HD movie on LED TV.


If we use the Flyer's stylus to draw freehand notes on a PDF file, are we drawing on the actual PDF file where we can save it and transfer it later to the PC…. or we are actually drawing on the image screen shot file ?


isn't HTC flyer (WiFi only) available in malaysia ?

UNCONFIRMED: HTC Flyer RM199 bundled plan on Maxis | SoyaCincau

[…] to some tipsters in the comments and via twitter, the HTC Flyer will be offered with a 24 months contract on a RM250/month plan. […]


Is this product still relevant in light of the imminent availability of Asus & Acer tablets at rm1500+ price points?

Granted it created quite a buzz when it was announced, esp. with the Maxis RM199 teaser.

But for now, meh.


I would like to know if it is somehow possible to see more than one pdf at a time on the htc flyer….thank you