Maxis offering Galaxy S up for review

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We’re not agreeable about this reviewer program that Maxis ran in conjunction with the launch of the Desire.

From what we’ve gathered, the social media people at Maxis “picked” a selection of bloggers to review the Desire. They we’re given a few guidelines and at the end of the day if their review is good, they will win the review phone. The program reeks of bribery if you ask us. The notion of doing a review with “guidelines” and a prize is just wrong. Reviews should be impartial, full of facts and help the consumer make an informed decision on a purchase.

The Maxis 10 reviews are far from that in our opinion.

We’ll be fair, concept wise, the program is good. To identify bloggers and offer them review units to get the social media space talking about the device. It’s a good concept, but the execution is horrendous. The reviews are full of errors, lack quality and doesn’t really tell you anything worthwhile noting.

Actually, for the Desire program, we were looking forward to two reviews from the selected ten blogs. @benjern and @SmashPop were selected and we’ll say it, these guys know their stuff, so why no review from them? Both mentioned in their tweets that they we’re pretty stoked about being chosen but after that, there was nary a post from them.

Did Ben and SmashPop pulled out of the program? If they did, why? Was it because the term of the program was too restrictive for them to do a proper review? We can’t say for certain but it most probably was the the reason.

But it seems that the people at Maxis thinks that the program was a success because they are running a similar campaign to promote the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S which is slated for June 25.

So if you’re interested to be amongst the 10 reviewers chosen, head on over the to the survey site to be in the running. Unlike the previous Maxis 10 Reviewer program, to be in the running for the Galaxy S, you’ll need to submit a video and tell Maxis why you deserve to review the Galaxy S. Also what would be useful — the ability to turn back time. Take a look at the picture above, the closing date was last year 25th of June 2009.  You might need some help from @Doc__Brown with that.

Moving forward, can we expect a similar program when the iPhone 4 comes to Malaysia? If there is one, we hope Maxis polishes up the execution of the program so that it really does produce quality content that many will enjoy reading and most importantly, get good information out of.

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25 Comments for Maxis offering Galaxy S up for review


Are you saying that all 10 reviewers don't know anything about the Android and HTC Desire in particular ? Have you even read any of the reviews to come up with a conclusion that its "full of errors, lack quality and doesn’t really tell you anything worthwhile noting" ?

It's the first time I've ever participated in such a program and officially doing a review of a product so it would be nice to know why you would come up with such a conclusion and in which areas I can improve my review so readers have something worthwhile noting.


Jack Lee

"Reviews should be impartial, full of facts and help the consumer make an informed decision on a purchase.

The Maxis 10 reviews are far from that in our opinion."

Wow! A real sweeping statement right there!

"The reviews are full of errors, lack quality and doesn’t really tell you anything worthwhile noting"… Yet another sweeping statement.

Perhaps you can be more specific in order for the reviewers to answer you here?

Ruhani Rabin

First of all, I would recommend you to read all the reviews done by the reviewers.

I am pretty much sure you didn't read the reviews and pretty much came up with some statements that you can't verify.

All the reviewers of this program did an extensive job on reviewing into the details and facts.

Also, in my knowledge , Ben and SmashPop has not been removed from the program. Most probably they were busy and/or they lack interest on writing this review.

It is unwise to come up with such speculations when you are lacking knowledge.

Also it made me think … what if … you are trying to get comments from others by posting this topic. No?

I would agree with Jack Lee about your unproven statements and speculations.

Also i am taking a screenshot of this page and comments.



Dear blogger,

Benjern and Smashpop pulled out because they were not GUARANTEED the phone as a reward/payment.

If indeed the program seems “biased” to you, go ahead and just read reviews from Engadget, and urge your readers to do so too.

But let me tell you that I know some of the Maxis10Desire bloggers PERSONALLY and they LOVE the phone and have written with honesty, integrity and passion. They HOPED to win it, but did not bias their posts. It’s about relevance. You pick the right blogger and they’ll write the right post without needing to be told so.

The guidelines exist as a formality.

Jack Lee

Took a gander at your HTC Legend review. Not exactly what one would call perfect either.

Kinder Bueno

Finally someone wrote about this silly review program!

You're right! People should read reviews from Engadget. Save time avoiding lengthy posts that are irrelevant. If this is what you call review, Jeremy Clarkson would probably take a whole season talking about car cup holders, how many LEDs on the lamps and how many screws and bolts just for a single car.

I laughed my head off when you believed that the reviews are not biased.

"They HOPED to win it, but did not bias their posts. It's about relevance."

The relevance you looking for is Blogger PERSONALLY wants phone, Maxis wants good review. If you're thrown in a contest with a slogan, you won't write bad things if your intention is winning, right?

Jack, I read your review. Your first post was my last. No offence but do you actually need 6 posts over a week to do that? If Maxis require you to do so, I blame it on Maxis then.

You just open the box already call the phone superb. What is this? It is like saying the car is so superb before you even start the engine. A thousand four hundred capacity battery? If someone needs to write a operations manual, I highly recommend you for the job!

For others, they don't tell us anything relevant and they are like essay piece based on the the brochure. Any dude can write that even without the phone. Someone even called the Micro USB cable as Mini USB in a video! There's another fella that took blur pix of the phone. The list goes on and on. I thought Maxis did screen the selection and I was expecting good stuff. I ended up disappointed! Now I know where to set my expectations for the next one.

I don't write reviews but I do read them. If you ask my opinion about this whole thing, its a paid post, not a bloody review! To be truly honest and independent, there shouldn't be any element of carrot dangling like this. Shame on Maxis! If you want to engage bloggers, better get the experts like Nuffnang or Advertlets for professional advice.

The next one want video audition. Maxis think this is a beauty contest meh?

Good Samaritan

Amazing mobile scene blog. Finally managed to leeched traffic from Maxis. haha.. Give yourself a pat, this post has got the most comments so far.

Jack Lee

Dear Kinder Bueno

Firstly, let me clarify that Maxis had had asked us to do something ongoing for a period of 2 weeks. Hence the reason why I broke up the review into several parts (and so did everyone else) but I wanted to do substantial parts as well.

As for calling the phone "superb" in the unboxing, I had read many reviews on the Desire prior and they all gave me the overall impression that the phone was indeed "superb". Hence my uttering.

You may call this a biased pre-conception, but everyone has pre-conceptions about almost everything. Just like the pre-conception you have about my review without reading the whole thing.

Coming to your analogy, let me give you an extreme example. If I gave you the keys to a Ferrari now (and let us assume you have never driven one), what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Only good things, right? And you tell me about them too. But there are actually some "weaknesses" to the car. Shall I still call you biased in favour of the car?

Whatever it is, I did strive to be impartial and objective in my review. In fact, Maxis had specifically asked us to not only write about our likes, but our dislikes as well. It is unfortunate that you did not read the whole of my review. Then you will see that I pointed out the weaknesses of the phone/OS as well. How can you judge my review for not being impartial when you didn't even read the whole thing (by your own admission) in the first instance?

I wanted to approach this review from a different angle/perspective/style. I wanted it to be a bit more casual or "laypersonish" and not like your typical professional review. I also approached the review from MY personal perspective, MY personal experences and based on MY wants/needs/preferences.

I do read reviews too. For a typical professional review, people can go for reviews done by Engadget, Gizmodo, Tracy & Matt, Techcrunch, MobileBurn, Cnet or GSMArena. However, if everyone attempted to do reviews like them, then we don't need to have so many blogs or reviews, right? Just go to those sites I pointed out and we can all be done. And to expand on this point, if I wanted the phone so badly, I would have just gone with a "safe" approach and copy those sites. Why experiment with a different approach?

And looks like I may be stupid here…. what's wrong with pointing out the thousand four hundred capacity battery? Please enlighten this dumbo here.

I wanted to do the review my way and not "follow" the style of others. Hopefully to do something fresh and a little bit original. But I know I can't please everybody and it is always a risk. But for every person who voiced out their dislike for my style of review, there is at least a MINIMUM of one other person who likes it for being different to others. I think a 50-50 distribution is not too bad.

I may be "guilty" of being long winded, but I don't think I am "guilty" of biasness because there were free phones up for grabs, nor "guilty" of lacking facts, nor "guilty" of being "…full of errors, lack quality and doesn’t really tell you anything worthwhile noting.".

And just out of curiosity, I assume you have read the reviews on this blog. What is your honest and frank opinion of them? Are the reviews on par as those done by Engadget, Gizmodo, Tracy & Matt, Techcrunch, MobileBurn, Cnet or GSMArena (assuming you find them good)?

The point is, we can't please everybody. But in criticising someone or something, always be minded to be fair.


I think the regular tech bloggers get enough phones already laaaa. and the point was to give a chance for the ordinary jo with a blog who doesn't do it as a job, to get a chance. You reviewers should of course be fair and objective tho…. then it makes the program credible.


WAAHHH All these reviewers feeling the heat with just one post. Obviously tak pandai malu after getting paid with free device. Better just shut up and save whatever respect you got left.


Look at it from marketing point of view: The point of the whole exercise was getting publicity about the product, getting people to use it and write about it. Sure, tech geeks like to read about all the features, what lies under the hood, applications, etc but regular consumers just want to know how the phone performs in daily life — how's the battery life, is it easy to use, does the camera take decent photos, how does it handle mp3s, how does it compare to other smartphones.

Maxis gave us reviewers a free hand in the entire review process. In fact, I was surprised when they posted a link to a (negative) post that I did that highlighted the things that I hate about the HTC Desire.

When Maxis announced Monday morning that all 10 reviewers get to keep the phones was a total shock to all of us.

Slicker: it's not about feeling the heat. It's about clarifying gross MISinformation about the review system. Sure, it can be improved in the future (what doesn't?) and this post would have been worlds better had it focused instead on giving suggestions on how to improve the review system in the future.

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Unkinder Bueno

Kinder Bueno – you're an idiot. Engage bloggers using professionals? Come on dude, if you had a clue in whatever you are saying, you would know that it is because of such "professionals" that so many of our Malaysian bloggers lack independent journalism and writing perspective.

I do not agree with the way Maxis handled this whole blog for phone thing but the "professionals" are no different. As a matter of fact, they deal with cash and the bloggers openly show how much they earn from these so called professional agencies. Now how is that good blogging?

Perhaps you really like reading garbage.

I also echo Jack's thought that if you did not read the entire review series, then really just shut up la. Already you sound like an idiot but because of that statement, now you look like an idiot too.

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what is the slogan of maxis???