OPPO’s R9 smartphones pass certification — definitely not flagships


Speculation has been making its rounds on the upcoming OPPO R9 smartphone, many of which suggest that it could be OPPO’s new flagship device of the year especially considering the absence of the Find 9. Further “leaked” specifications hinted towards a flagship device too, but thanks to Chinese certification agency TENAA, we now know for certain one fact is true — the R9 is not the flagship you’re looking for.

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OnePlus 2 Mini passes TENAA vetting; looks like a OnePlus X?


China certification agency has just passed the little brother to the existing OnePlus 2. While it may be “smaller”, this little device’s spec sheet is going to surprise you. Subsequently, this may not even be the highest specification for the One Plus 2 Mini, as the Shenzen-based company has always listed the last number to correspond to a higher specification. For example E1003 would be better than E1000, that’s if a E1003 were to exist.

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What we know so far about Xiaomi’s Grand Finale event that’s happening tomorrow


Let’s roll back for a second to let everyone know the timeline of leaks, rumours and announcements of Xiaomi‘s purported two device launch. Word had gotten out of TENAA that a smartphone had passed its certification; after which details of the Mi Pad 2 were spotted on Geekbench.

Then on it got a whole lot for confusing, as invitations of the event went out and Xiaomi’s President leaked photos of the two devices. We’re going to try and make it easier for everyone to understand, at the same time giving out two cents on the whole situation.

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Official teaser by Xiaomi’s President confirms the existence of the Redmi Note 2 Pro and the Mi Pad 2


Earlier on, we discussed the potential of Xiaomi releasing a device that we thought couldn’t be the higher-end version of the Redmi Note 2. Highlighted in our older articles, it didn’t seem to make sense to deploy something totally new to the brand, on a smartphone that could easily be mistaken to be a mid-range device – guess we were wrong, since Lin Bin, the President of the Chinese manufacturer teased two of their upcoming releases, that include the Redmi Note 2 Pro and the Mi Pad 2 on his Weibo social media account.

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Lenovo launches two variants of the Vibe X3


The much anticipated Lenovo Vibe X3 has finally revealed and it looks like the best phone the Chinese manufacturer has made this year.

We spotted what we thought was the Vibe X3 earlier this year receiving approval from Malaysian and Chinese certification associations earlier this year, but were unable to say for certain. Based on this revealed spec sheet however, it looks like our hunch was right…though not entirely.

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Purported Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro passes TENAA certification


Someone better help the Chinese smartphone maker fix their pipes before they burst from leaking too much; we say this due to the constant leakage of photos that show their unreleased devices. But as more images surface, we’re still doubting if this particular smartphone will actually be the Redmi Note 2 Pro. Anyhow consumers still have nothing to lose, we’re still getting fresh glimpses of a Xiaomi device from China’s regulatory agency, TENAA.

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