ASUS Malaysia will launch pre-orders for the VivoWatch tomorrow


UPDATEthe ASUS VivoWatch sold for RM 799 during the pre-order during the weekend.

If you’re into a non-Android Wear or Apple equivalent wearable, you might just be in luck, as ASUS will start taking pre-orders for their no frills activity tracker, the VivoWatch from tomorrow onwards. Brought to you by ALL IT Hypermarket, the pre-order will only last for two days, the 21st and the 22nd of November.

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The Chinese and Taiwanese brands are taking over the smart phone scene in 2015


According to a report by IDC, an industry analyst company, big-time smartphone vendors like Apple and Samsung are going to find it more difficult to compete in the premium smartphone segment this year due to the sea of Chinese and Taiwanese vendors with offerings of cheaper and just as capable smartphones.

According to Daniel Pang, Asean senior research manager of the client devices and mobility division of IDC Market Research (M) Sdn Bhd, while many Malaysians would still prefer owning a premium flagship smartphone, the economical pinch are causing many consumers to feel that they just aren’t getting enough out of their investment.’

IDC’s Asia Pacific Mobile Phone Tracker shows that Chinese and Taiwanese vendors held a whopping 46% market share of the Malaysian smartphone market in the first three quarters of 2014 as opposed to 19% in the entirety of 2013, and we believe that the percentage will continue to rise as the year progresses.

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HTC Desire 626 announced. Another mid-range smart phone with 4G LTE


HTC’s Desire family just got a little bit bigger with the announcement of the Desire 626. This is yet another mid-range device with a standard 5″ HD 720p display and it runs on the newer Quad-Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 processor with 1GB of RAM. Overall, this looks like a minor update over the Desire 620.

The main camera is updated with a 13MP f/2.2 BSI camera that supports Full HD 1080p videos while the front gets a selfie happy 5MP BSI camera. On-board it gets a decent 16GB on-board storage and there’s also a microSD slot that accepts up to 128GB. The front still retains HTC’s signature Boom Sound stereo speakers.

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Samsung Galaxy J, 5″ smart phone with Galaxy Note 3 internals


For those desire the power of the Galaxy Note 3 in a smaller package, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy J. Initially exclusive for Japan market, the Galaxy J is now launched in Taiwan, which opens up a possibility of it going international.

From the exterior design, the Samsung Galaxy J looks like a face-lifted version of the current 5″ Samsung Galaxy S4 but it comes with a more metallic looking back cover like the ones found on the Galaxy ATIV S. Internally, it packs the very latest 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 3GB of RAM. On-board it comes with a smaller 16GB of storage but you can expand it further with micro-SD.

Over at the front, the 5″ display retains the similar Full HD Super AMOLED as the Galaxy S4 while the back comes with a 13MP camera which is capable of shooting 4K video. Juicing up the device is a 2,600mAh capacity battery which is similar as the Galaxy S4. In terms of connectivity, it supports 4G LTE in 900MHz/1800MHz/2100MHz and also comes with IR Blaster.

Like the latest range of Samsung Galaxy device, it also supports the Galaxy Gear smart watch and runs on the current Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. The Galaxy J is launched in Taiwan with the White colour being available this month while its Pink option will be available sometime in January next year.

You can check out Samsung Taiwan’s Galaxy J product page for more info or head after the break for the promo video and official pics.

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VIDEO: Steve Jobs = Darth Vader

(Update 20072010 1011hrs) We’ve added the translation for the video in thie post. Read all about it after the jump.

This video from Taiwan presents a compelling argument that Steve Jobs is kind of like Darth Vader.

For those who can’t catch what the narrator we have a rough English translation below.

In the meantime just take a look at the video, the visuals are pretty self-explanatory.

You know the iPhone 4 has very real design flaw, and you know Steve has been very defensive and arrogant about the issue. He’s saying he loves his customer, but does he really? Would you still consider the iPhone 4?

We did consider getting the iPhone 4 at WWDC10 but now, not anymore, not even by a long shot. No amount of free Bumper is going to make us change our minds.

If you’re in the market for a smartphone, break free from the sheep mentality and look elsewhere first before you decide. The iphone 4 is really not that great. Seriously.

Video after the jump.


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The possibilities of 4G WiMAX

Immagine being able to surf the web with a solid broadband connection while you’re in a taxi heading into downtown KL. Or perhaps being able to watch streaming videos while taking your daily commute to work in the KTM commuter, or while blasting down the PLUS highway at over 100km/h

Well this is what’s happening in Taiwan. Just last month, 1000 taxis have been made WiMAX enabled to allow passengers to surf the web. And just recently, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute had successfully concluded test showing that mobile broadband surfing via WiMAX on a high-speed vehicle is diefinitely possible.

The researchers were able to access the Internet and watch streaming videos while travelling over 300km/h in High Speed Rail bullet train.

And get this, Taiwan has yet to launch a commercial WiMAX service.

Very impressive indeed. Our hopes Malaysia’s WiMAX operators? Simply, a reliable, high-performance service with excellent coverage please. Same goes to the other non-WiMAX ISPs as well.