Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy global launch event is taking place in Malaysia next month

Samsung is about to reveal its next Galaxy device next month and it’s making its global debut here in Malaysia. This is the first Samsung global launch event to take place locally and it’s possibly the biggest launch yet after the Galaxy S and Note series. As teased earlier, the upcoming device promises 4x the fun and it could bring more ways to express yourself than ever before.

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Samsung’s Galaxy A (2018) may get a sexy display upgrade

People like to complain that tech sites and reviewers only get excited about expensive flagship phones that hardly anyone can afford instead of the everyman mid-range phone. But there are two good reasons for that: The first is that flagship phones tend to have awesome kickass features. The second is that those awesome features you see in this year’s flagships will likely show up in next year’s affordable mid-range handset.

If you’ve been longing to get your hands on the gorgeous Infinity Displays Samsung equips with their flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 phones, 2018 could be a good year for you. Why? Well, the latest leaks of Samsung’s Galaxy A (2018) phones seem to indicate that they’ll feature Infinity Displays of their own.

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Get a Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) and stand to win a getaway with your buddies

This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia.

The new Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) are elegantly built yet they can withstand the elements with its IP68 rated dust and water resistance. Now, you too can live unplanned as Samsung’s #A2017LiveUnplanned Contest is giving you a chance to win a free getaway with your friends! There’s a whopping 100 holiday tickets to be won!

With a Galaxy A (2017) at hand, you and as many as 3 of your buddies could be on your way to sunny Gold Coast, Seoul, Bali or Phuket!

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Samsung’s Galaxy A 2017 comes with water resistance, but is it worth it?


Water resistance on smartphones is still not as common as you think, especially when you look at smartphones that aren’t flagship devices. Even the super pricey Google Pixel doesn’t come with any form of meaningful water resistance.

This makes Samsung’s decision to include IP68  water resistance in their new mid-range Galaxy A smartphones all the more interesting. They’ve launched the two brand new smartphones, the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017), here in Malaysia but the question is: Should you be looking for water resistance when you’ve got a fixed budget in mind?

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