Razer’s upcoming smartphone will have killer specs and double the RAM of most flagships

Razer Gaming Smartphone

It’s no secret that Razer is coming out with a smartphone of their own. After acquiring Nexbit earlier this year, the gaming brand will be announcing its first smartphone early next month.

If you’re looking for raw performance for gaming, the upcoming Razer phone will feature top of the line specs with more RAM than most flagship smartphones in the market.

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Razer buys Nextbit. My body is ready for a Robin Chroma smartphone


Razer kicked off the year with an impressive showing at CES 2017 when they demonstrated several cool concepts including the triple 4K display gaming laptop dubbed Project Valerie (that was, unfortunately, stolen). Now, the company looks to be breaking new ground and expanding their reach into the mobile space following Razer’s acquisition of Nextbit — the company famous for their “unlimited” storage smartphone.

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Razer’s Nabu “smartwatch” discreetly goes on sale in Malaysia


Local G-shock fanatics are probably already dropping the Nabu into their online carts. Weeks after being announced at CES 2016, Razer’s first “smartwatch” is now available on our shores. The manufacturer has not had a lot of luck in the wearable segment, with their first, the Razer Nabu X falling short of expectations.

But will, this time, be any different?

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