P1 offers unlimited quota ForHome Broadband from RM99


When it comes to wireless broadband, there’s always a limit to how much we can use at full speed. Several years ago, most users frown upon having their download speeds throttled down once they have hit their subscribed data quota as part of the dreaded Fair Usage Policy. Even high speed fibre broadband service for home such as UniFi, Maxis & Time are tied with usage quotas as well. Of course there are unlimited alternatives but they are mostly catered for enterprise usage which comes with a price.

In conjunction with P1’s 5th anniversary, they are now offering their home WiMAX wireless broadband service with unlimited quota. There are 2 plans available – ForHome 99 (RM99) with 1Mbps download speed and ForHome 149 (RM149) at 2Mbps. The unlimited offer is only valid during the 24 months contract period. After that, the usual data quota will apply at 20GB for ForHome 99 and 35GB for ForHome 149.

P1 provides the modems free on rental basis and they are bundling the DV-230 modem for ForHome 99 and the better DX-230 for ForHome 149 subscribers.

For more information, head over to P1’s ForHome broadband page.

P1 introduces new high performance MX230 MiFi

P1 new MX230 mifi

P1 now offers a new MiFi personal hotspot which claims to offer higher performance. The new device that carries the model number MX230 comes in a perfect square design with slimmer profile that’s somewhat similar to the huddle XS.

Compared to the earlier MF230, the new MX230 is heavier at 75g (MF230: 62g) but it is able to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, which is great for sharing with your peers. The built-in battery is said to last up to 6 hours.

Both MF230 and MX230 are offered on rental basis bundled with 24 months contract of 6GB ToGo 69 plan for RM69/month. The MF230 is being offered for free while the new MX230 requires RM100 modem upgrade free. As a special promo, they are offering additional RM200 rebate (RM10x 20 months) and another extra RM50 off if you sign up online. ToGo 69 plan offers uncapped speeds on best effort basis.

For more information, head over to P1 MiFi page.

P1 4G revise broadband plans with return of MiFi Hotspot

P1 4G today has made several revisions to its broadband offering for its Combo (OnePlan), Fixed (ForHome) and Outdoor (ToGo) plans. P1 was offering broadband plans without contract for quite some time now but with the recent change, all plans now come with either 12 or 24 months contract duration for fixed broadband and 6 months contract for outdoor. Subscribers that picked the 24 months option will get to enjoy additional savings off subscription fees.

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P1 introduces Wiggy 39 portable broadband plan


P1 today has introduced Wiggy 39, a new low entry portable broadband plan that comes with 2GB of data. 2 modems are on offer, the smaller UT235 and the bigger UH235. Speeds offered are listed as up to 1Mbps but the table above is a little confusing as it shows 2 download speeds side by side.

As a special promo, they are offering the first 2 months at RM19/month and the following 2 months at RM29/month. 5th month onwards it will be billed at the listed subscription of RM39/month. Like the rest of P1’s postpaid plans, excess usage is free but speeds will be throttled. Extra quota can be purchased at RM10 for 2GB.

For more information, head over to P1’s On the Go page.

Before signing up, do remember that P1’s USB Modems are designed for outdoor use only. Using it indoors might result “Potong Stim”.

When fast is too fast

Click for larger image

While speed is everything when you’re surfing internet superhighway on the world wide web, the same can’t be said when you’re cruising down a highway of the asphalt kind. In the real world, speed is not everything and sometimes, fast is too fast. Case in point.

Drive safe people.


P1 4G revises One plan with entry level RM69 option


P1 has revised its ONE plan which offers a combination of desktop home modem and a USB dongle. At that time of launch, the revamped Super Broadband offering had an option of 3 ONE plans – 89, 129 and 169 with combined quota of 5GB, 15GB and 30GB respectively. To target mass consumers with lower commitment options, they now have introduced ONE plan 69 which offers a lower 3GB quota at RM69/month, making it a total of four ONE Plans.

In terms of speed, P1 now offers 1.0Mbps download speed for both home and portable modems on its lowest 69 and 89 plans. Previously P1 One Plan 89 had a speed of 600kbps for home. In terms of hardware, P1 now its UH-235 Super Wiggy modem on all 4 plans.

You probably would notice that P1 is also on the roll to educate consumers that USB Modems is bad for indoors, hence the need of having 2 modems for different need. Again this is something arguable since we have no issues with dongles indoor in many of our broadband test experiences. In most cases, indoor coverage is also very much dependent on the network than the device alone. Dongle manufacturers normally design their usb modems to cater for a wide user pattern scenarios, not just outdoors.

More plan details after the break.

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Broadband in Malaysia 2011: Cost Comparison

UPDATE: Updated Broadband Comparison with breakdown of Fixed, Mobile Broadband & Mobile Internet plans.

Our Malaysia Broadband Cost Comparison post is in dire need of an update since most broadband providers had revised/introduced new broadband plans. As demanded by you, we’ve updated the broadband comparison table as below:

Further breakdown with speed & excess charge by categories after the jump.

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P1 confuses itself with its own device

In a press release accompanying the recently launched P1 One Plan, P1 disclosed that the “new” plan was introduced as a response to findings revealed in a consumer study conducted by Frost & Sullivan on Malaysian broadband behavior. It was unclear in the release if the study was commissioned by P1.

The study indicated that only 7% of on-the-go modem users correctly utilize the device for on-the-go broadband while as many as 45 percent of subscribers use their on-the-go modems exclusively at home. The remaining 48% of on-the-go modem users are split using their modems for both home and on-the-go.

Essentially, P1 is saying that a large number of wireless broadband users were using the wrong modem for the wrong purpose…

Here’s a quote from P1 CEO, Michael Lai taken from the press release:

Most people are not aware that an on-the-go modem is not optimised for indoor usage. “Being a much smaller hence more convenient device to carry around, an on-the-go modem is best suited for outdoors. As wireless broadband signal travels through air, it inherently becomes weaker as it penetrates walls and may not be optimally received by the smaller antenna of a pocket-size.

The quote continues:

“By using the devices according to their functions, consumers will have better 4G broadband experience.

Based on this, the One Plan includes in its package two modems. One, an “outdoor” on-the-go modem and the other an “indoor” fixed modem. The logic behind this is that by offering two modems, one for outdoor and the other designed for indoor use, users can use the right modem for the right condition and “by using the devices according to their functions, consumers will have better 4G broadband experience” claimed Michael Lai.

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P1 4G refreshes portable, fixed & combo broadband plans

P1 has recently given its entire broadband line up a new refresh for both portable and broadband plans. Their biggest highlight is their new “ONE PLAN” which claims to offer the best of outdoor and indoor. What it offers is a combination of desktop modem and portable WiGGY modems at a combo price. Despite the “One Plan” naming, there are actually 3 plans available which are tied to its 3 Home/Office broadband plans.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The One Plan is actually a rename of their Super Broadband package which was launched last October.

Head after the jump for more details and comparison of their old and current offerings.

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P1: “we don’t sell MiFi”

With the cheapest cost-per-GB MiFi plans in the country there’s actually a strong case for P1 to promote its MF230 MiFi device. The generous monthly data allowance combined with seamless wireless connectivity for up to five devices makes it easy for users with multiple devices to get connected when out and about with a MiFi and a P1 plan.

P1’s MF230 MiFi was initially launched exclusively with Harvey Norman back in December 2010. To purchase the MF230 you will need to buy an iPad with Harvey Norman as well. There is no option that allowed you to purchase the MF230 as a standalone device.

We thought that this exclusivity period was only for a couple of months, so we got in touch with P1 Customer Service via its web-chat service on its website to get the latest information about the MF230 and whether it is available a standalone purchase item now.

The above screen capture was the answer that we got from a P1 customer service rep. Close to four months after the Harvey Norman deal, you still can’t buy the MF230 from P1 directly. This is confusing because there is a prominent mention of the MF230 MiFi on P1’s website but as we’ve discovered, the device is not sold by P1. The only way to get the MF230 is through Harvey Norman and even then, you’ll need to buy an iPad from them first.

With the market now inundated with tablets from numerous manufacturers MiFi devices are gaining popularity. We have a market primed for a high adoption of this particular breed of gadget. And with the impending iPad 2 mania hitting the nation this coming Friday, it’d be smart for P1 to start selling its MF230 through multiple channel rather than rely on one single channel partner (in this case, it’s Harvey Norman). Also, there should be an option to purchase the MiFi standalone and not have it tied-up to an expensive purchase-with-purchase program.

On top of this P1 CEO Michael Lai openly proclaimed via his Twitter account that its MF230 “works wonderfully well while others fail”. If this is indeed the case, then it would seem that P1 have a strong product in its hands. So why the bashful market approach?

We’re not sure why P1 is not selling the MF230 using their own channels. All we know is that, if the CEO thinks very highly of the device, the should make it widely available and easily purchased.

P1 4G Fast and Furious Broadband Promo

Recently you probably have seen P1 4G doing tie in ads with the latest installment of Fast and Furious movie. The movie sponsorship, if it considered as one seems to portray P1 as a speed demon broadband in conjunction with its Stronger, Wider and Faster motto. From the surface, it looks as if P1 is hard selling the movie more than its own broadband service which is actually having some noteworthy offers.

For the past several months, P1 has been doing its 50% off promo on its broadband service for 2 months on both fixed home broadband and portable USB broadband plans. Now they have thrown in more discounts for new subscriptions.

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P1 revises fixed broadband packages with speed upgrades

P1 has started the new year with a revamp of its fixed broadband packages for home and business users. Previously they had 3 home and 2 business plans with speed offerings between 400kbps to 2.4Mbps but now they have bumped their highest Pro plan with 4.8Mbps download speed.

To make it simple, P1 no longer offer separate plans for business or home users so there’s only 3 plans to choose from right now – Lite with 400kbps, Plus with 1.2Mbps and Pro with 4.8Mbps. This also means that they have stopped offering unlimited plans which was previously exclusively for business users.

The Lite and Plus plan remains unchanged as it maintains the same speed, quota and monthly subscription. However with the new rates, existing Plus users are clearly enticed to get 4X the download speed with 10GB additional quota for a mere RM40. That’s only RM4/GB for additional quota for those who exceed their typical 20GB quota for Home Plus plan.

Earlier on, P1’s Pro plan was originally priced at RM199/month for 2.4Mbps download speeds at 40GB quota a month. Probably knowing that this is too much for a wireless broadband service, they later reduced the subscription fee to RM139/month while reducing the quota to 30GB a month.

With the latest revision, Pro users get to enjoy much higher download speeds but like any other wireless services, it all depends on the network congestion of your area. We hope that P1 is ready to deliver 4.8Mbps download speeds to avoid situation of over-promising like its P1 W1GGY some time ago.

The offer is also made sweeter as P1 is giving all plans additional 50% off for the 2nd and 3rd month subscription, which is basically 1 month worth of savings. For more information, head to P1’s broadband promo page.