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Maxis lowers Nexus S price and bundled pricing

With the recent launch of high end Android devices, Maxis has finally lowered its Nexus S pricing. At time of launch, the Nexus S was offered at a rather pricey RM2499 outright and offered as low as RM1499 on contract.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II at RM2099, the Nexus S which is based on its predecessor, Galaxy S is becoming a tougher choice to consider despite its “Pure Google” experience. Now they have reduced the outright selling price to RM2299 and 24 months contract pricing to RM1199. The Samsung Galaxy S II is sold at RM2099 and its currently offered at RM1199 as well on 24 months contract.

As compared previously, the Nexus S lacks 720p HD recording and there’s not even an option to expand your storage with microSD. Let’s be honest, if given a choice between the Nexus S, Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation, the Nexus S is still an overpriced device with older generation features.

Check it out on Maxis Android page.

By the numbers: Nexus S vs. HTC Incredible S vs. iPhone 4

We put it out in the open that the recently launched Nexus S is probably one of the most overpriced smart phones in the local market today (this is of course not considering absurdities like the Vertu et all). We find this rather odd considering a similarly speced HTC Incredible S that was launched on the same day is close to RM500 cheaper than the Google phone.

Is the premium on the Nexus S warranted? Some seem to think so. The supporters claim that the Nexus S delivers a pure, unadulterated Google experience and that being the only device currently available that’s running the latest version of the Android OS — Android 2.3 Gingerbread — the additional cost is warranted.

But is it? Is the Nexus S a better phone compared to its closest competitor the HTC Incredible S for it to command such a high price? Spec for spec how would both of this top shelf Android devices compare with the iPhone 4?

We’ve compiled all important specs for you to compare you can make the right choice. Head on over to after the jump to get all the details.

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Singapore launches the Nexus S, same price as Incredible S

Reader benjamin pointed out that the Nexus S was launched in Singapore on the same day as Malaysia and if anything the Singapore launch of the Nexus S proves that Malaysians are paying far too much for the Google phone.

As we’ve mentioned earlier the Malaysian pricing for the Nexus S is perplexing considering the roughly similarly spec-ed HTC Incredible S which was also launched on the same day is priced RM500 cheaper at RM1,999 without contract.

Now with the Nexus S available in Singapore we have a pricing reference that’s closer to home which further strengthens our argument that the Malaysian Nexus S is expensive.

The Nexus S retails for SG$828 outright with GST (+7%). At today’s exchange rates that equates to about RM1,990 — the same price as the HTC Incredible S. If you take into account that tourist get the GST refunded back to them when the leave the country then you realise that the Nexus S is even cheaper. Typically, gadgets in Singapore are slightly cheaper, to the tune of RM200 to RM300 cheaper on average, this means that whichever way you look at it someone, somewhere is trying to capitalise on the Nexus S being a Google phone.

Here’s the thing, Android has always been about the mass adoption of smart phones. If it is possible to price a Google phone competitively we’re sure that the Google way would have made it certain that the device will be priced competitively.

At RM2,499 the Nexus S — no matter how good or how pure of a Google experience it brings — is way too much money for our liking.

Maxis Nexus S now officially available in Malaysia

Update: We’ve added a few pictures and some videos on our first impressions of the Nexus S right after the jump. Also available after jump, a press release from Maxis announcing the Nexus S.

Maxis today has finally announced its full availability of the awaited Google device – The Nexus S. It is interesting to note that HTC too has announced the HTC Incredible S today which will be bundled by DiGi.

As announced earlier, the Nexus S is priced at RM2499 outright and bundled price at RM1499 with a 24 months data contract on Maxis. Such pricing is pretty expensive considering it is based on a Samsung Galaxy S and still runs on single core 1GHz processor.


However there’s something different with the Nexus S available in Malaysia. Instead of the Super AMOLED screen, we are actually getting the SuperLCD version. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy SL by Celcom is also using Super LCD. You can check out the full specs of the Nexus S here.

If you want to check it out first hand, you can visit their roadshow at Pavilion KL from 18-20 March 2011. More details on the offer at Maxis Android page.

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Nexus S: Y u so expensive in Malaysia?

Maxis has announced that the Nexus S will hit local stores this Friday with a retail price of RM2,499 outright without contract. Immediately we got comments in response to out earlier post saying that the retail price for the Nexus S here is Malaysia is exorbitant.

Consider the math. You can get an unlocked Nexus S from Best Buy in the US for about US$530 which translates to about RM1620 at today’s exchange rates. This is of course, excluding taxes and what not. But even if you factor in all the taxes and shipping costs, a privately purchased — meaning one single unit bought — shouldn’t cost the savvy internet shopper anything more that RM2k tops.

In fact, bulk orders and shipments should yield even more savings.

So our question is why is Maxis and Samsung asking for a close to RM900 margin on top of the US retail price for the Nexus S? If anything, the Malaysian RRP for the Nexus S should be very close to the US price. What justifies the 54% jump in price?

Could it be that because the Nexus S is a fairly decent spec-ed device infused with the strong desirability of the Google branding Maxis and Samsung feel that they can capitalise on the hype and make some money from the huge margins?

We have no idea and we can only speculate at the moment but what is certain is that we don’t think that this should be the case and we hope Maxis and Samsung can give us answer.

What do you think of the price of the Nexus S here in Malaysia

Maxis reveals Nexus S pricing and launch date

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Those who’ve indicated their interest for the Nexus S with Maxis last week would have gotten an email from the operator today indicating the price of the device, and would’ve known by now the full pricing details and launch date of new Google phone.

For those who didn’t registered your interest, do worry, we got your back because we’ve registered our interest in the device as well. Here are the details of the upcoming Nexus S from Maxis.

The Nexus S is available from Maxis from March 18 onwards and will retail for RM2,499 outright. The launch is this Friday, the same day as the HTC Incredible S launch. We speculated earlier that it is very likely for the Incredible S be launched with a telco partner and we named Maxis as the likely partner. With the telco now launching the Nexus S on Friday, could this mean that the HTC Incredible S will be launched with DiGi instead?

We have no confirmation on either. All that we know is that Friday will be a very busy day for the local gadget junkies.

While you wait for Friday to come, click the link to see what reviewers are saying about the Nexus S

Maxis starts ROI for Google Nexus S

The Nexus S device will be officially available in Malaysia soon via Maxis, as hinted earlier via twitter. Looks like the anticipated device will be made available anytime now.

The Nexus S is Google’s successor to the original Google Nexus One which is based on Samsung Galaxy S. While it still runs on a single core A8 1GHz processor, the Nexus S features a 4″ Super AMOLED display and runs on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread. You can check out the full specs at Nexus S site.

To be the first to know, sign up your interest over at Maxis’s Nexus S ROI page.

Nexus S: What the early reviews are saying

The Nexus S is probably the most talked about Android device in the world right now and for good reason. The Nexus One changed the game for Android and paved the way for the domination that open source mobile platform is enjoying today.

In many ways the Nexus One is a legendary device and like all legends, its successor has all the work cut out to at the very least live up to the name. Does the Nexus S cut the mustard? Well for us it’s too early to tell but here are some of the early reviews from those who have received seeding units of the Nexus S compiled by the people from Android and Me.

As you’ll see, just like the Nexus one, the Nexus S is getting a mixed bag of opinions from the reviewers and that’s expected. The thing that’s left to known is if the Nexus S will change the game as much as the Nexus One did before it. That is a question that only time can answer.

In the meantime, head on over to after the jump for the review roundup.

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Nexus S availability in US/UK with pricing details

The Nexus S availability has been announced for the US and UK market. In the US, it will be on sale on 16th December at T-Mobile and Best Buy outlets at $199 (approx. RM626) with 2 years contract or $529 (approx. RM1666) for outright purchase.

While in the UK, it will be available few days later on 20th December from Carphone warehouse from £35 (approx. RM173) on contract or £549 outright (approx. RM2717). Considering the Nexus S is a Samsung Galaxy S with extra enhancements, the outright device from the US of US$529 (RM1666) is cheaper than the current Galaxy S price tag of RM2599 in Malaysia.

For the rest of us here, we have no idea if Google will make it available officially in Malaysia. As mentioned earlier, all we can do is to submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) for updates on availability in our country. We hope that Google had learned from its past whereby the Nexus One was only shipped to only a handful of countries including our Singapore neighbour down south.

If you’re eager to own a Nexus S before anyone else in Malaysia, the best option is to get it via a friend staying in the states or perhaps the folks at VSHub can make it happen.