Motorola Xoom 3G now available for RM2599


IMCC has announced via facebook that the 3G version of the Motorola Xoom is finally here with a RM2599 price tag. It comes with 32GB of storage as well. This is RM500 more than the WiFi version offered by most retailers. Whether this price difference is worth the integrated 3G connectivity depends on you. If it was us, we would prefer to invest in a MiFi device which we could share the connectivity with multiple devices.

Maxis too will be bundling this device as well with its Ultimate plans but as we all know, it won’t be affordable on a monthly and upfront basis.


Motorola Xoom RM400 cheaper elsewhere

Update: Courts Mammoth is also selling the Xoom for RM2,099. RM400 cheaper than Maxis RRP.

Want to get the Motorola Xoom RM400 cheaper? You best try authorised dealers instead of operators.

Like this one for example.

IMCC is selling the Motorola Xoom for RM2,099, RM400 cheaper that the RRP that Maxis puts out for the device. With the money save, you can get a MiFi device to go with your WiFi Xoom. Settle!

The IMCC website looks a little bit suspect though but they claim that there are an “authorised dealer” of some sort.

You can check IMCC out here. You’ll notice that almost every device they sell is at least RM100 cheaper than most places. Interesting…


Motorola Xoom and Dell Streak 5 plans from Maxis. Here’s what we think

Maxis has released their latest tablet service plans for the Motorola Xoom and the Dell Streak 5, and here are our observations on what they have to offer.

Motorola Xoom.
There’s not much of a service plan for the Motorola Xoom from Maxis. The Maxis Motorola Xoom plan is in actual fact a “get one free Motorola Defy” promo where you purchase the Xoom for RM2,499 from Maxis and then signup for a 3GB data plan with your choice of Maxis Value Plus plan to get the free Defy.

There is no option to purchase the Xoom with any other Maxis service plan.

Retailing for RM2,499 outright, you can’t deny that the WiFi only, 32GB Motorola Xoom is overpriced. Against it’s closest competitor, the WiFi 32GB iPad 2, priced at RM1,799, the Xoom is RM700 more expensive. In fact, for RM2,499, you can get the “top-of-the-line” 64GB 3G+WiFi iPad 2.

We’re not saying that the Xoom is not a capable tablet but it is really that awesome to command such a high price premium over its closest rival? We don’t think so.

With regards to the service plan, we’d rather Maxis offer just data plan with a MiFi device. If they can do it with the WiFi iPad why can’t Maxis do the same for the Xoom? It makes more sense and we’d gladly carry a MiFi — that is lighter, smaller and would probably have a better battery life — over an additional phone which we won’t be using to make calls on anyway.

So the Maxis Motorola Xoom service plan is lacking any appeal for us.

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Motorola Xoom available from Maxis starting tomorrow. RRP RM2,499

Update: Take a closer look at the camera specs stated in the image above. Maxis got it the other way around. Fellow techie Amanz pointed it out.

As a follow up to the April announcement, Maxis has started sending out email reminders to those who’ve signed up for the Motorola Xoom ROI announcing that the device will be available at any Maxis Centres from tomorrow (May 6).

Not much new information has been revealed. The retail selling price for the Xoom will be RM2,499 and customers who subscribe to a 24-months 3GB Maxis data plan will get a Motorola Defy worth RM1,599 for free.

Assuming that you don’t offset the cost of the device with the price of the free Motorola Defy, the RM2,499 Xoom is on the steep side considering that a similarly specced WiFi Xoom retails for US$599 — which is equivalent to about RM1,800 at today’s exchange rates. That is a difference of almost RM700 or about 28% on top of the US price. Also consider that for the same RM2,499 you could get the top of the line 64GB 3G+WiFi iPad 2. This makes the Xoom a bit of a tough sell in our opinion.

The Motorola Xoom is the first tablet in Malaysia to run on Google’s Honeycomb tablet OS and comes in 3G+WiFi or WiFi only versions. Maxis is bringing the WiFi only version at the moment.

As we’ve noted during the earlier announcement, we’d rather Maxis bundle the Xoom with a MiFi rather than a mobile phone as it is more practical considering that connecting the Xoom to the internet with the Defy functioning as portable hotspot will be an issue for the phone’s battery life.

No other details are available at this point in time but we’ll keep you posted if we find anything news.

Thanks @Blaze_edge for calling this in.

Maxis offers Motorola Xoom with Defy for RM2499

Maxis has announced today the anticipated Android Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom will be made available from 6th May onwards. We will be getting the WiFi only version as the 3G version is mentioned to be not available outside the US at the moment.

So how do you get connected you might ask? Maxis is offering a bundle of the Motorola Xoom together with the robust Motorola Defy for a combo price of RM2499. The connectivity for the Xoom is supposedly to come from the Motorola Defy through its portable hotspot feature as mentioned via twitter. Although this is workable, having hotspot enabled would be taxing on the smart phone’s battery and isn’t a recommended solution long term. It would be better if you could connect with a proper WiFi router while the Defy’s hotspot feature is used only when it is absolutely necessary. If we can have it our way, we would prefer the Xoom to be paired together with a MiFi device.

There’s no full details on the bundling plans yet but all should be revealed next Friday. To register your interest, head to Maxis Tablet page here.

Confirmed! Motorola Xoom Malaysia launch happening April 28

It looks like the Motorola Xoom will indeed be launched “just before” the iPad 2.

We’ve just receive a media invitation to the launch of the Motorola Xoom happening on April 28 which serves as confirmation that the tablet will be launched just a day before the iPad 2 in Malaysia.

The Motorola Xoom will be the first tablet in the country to run Android’s tablet only Honeycomb OS. With a 10.1-inch screen, 32GB of on board storage, a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP forward-facing camera, 1GB of RAM with a 1GHz dual-core processor, the Xoom is the iPad 2’s closest competitor and the most competent.

But the next-gen specs on the Motorola Xoom come with a hefty asking price — USD$799 for the 3G version and USD$599 for the WiFi version. For Malaysia, it is almost a certainty that we will be getting the WiFi only version.

The launch partner for the Motorola Xoom is none other than Maxis and it will be interesting to see what sort of plans the telco will introduce considering that the Malaysia-bound Xooms are WiFi only devices which don’t really need a telco plan.

This development is bound to make quite a number of iPad 2 would be buyers think twice and adopt a wait and see approach. If the price is right we’re pretty sure that there will be a few that’s going to forgo the iPad 2 and go for the Xoom instead.

What do you think?

Motorola Xoom Malaysia launch next week, “just before” iPad 2

Immediately after we posted the iPad 2 Malaysia launch story, a very reliable source has revealed to us that Maxis is planning to launch the Motorola Xoom “just before” the rumoured iPad 2 Malaysia launch date. Earlier last week Maxis opened its registration of interest for the Motorola Xoom.

While the source declined to elaborate what “just before” means exactly it is fairly safe to assume that both tablets will not be launched on the same day. At the very least, the Xoom will make its Malaysia debut a day before the iPad 2 which means April 28 is looking like a very likely date.

At the same time, by revealing this piece of information, the source is indirectly adding credence to the April 29 iPad 2 Malaysia launch rumour.

So, are we looking at the launch of two very exciting tablets next week? Very likely it seems.

Maxis opens registration of interest for Motorola Xoom

Hats off to Maxis. If our hats have hats, they would probably take them off to Maxis too. Fresh out of the HTC Flyer announcement today Maxis has open registration of interest for the Motorola Xoom — the hero device for the tablet specific Android Honeycomb OS.

As usual, no other details are available at the moment, leaving us all guessing when the Xoom launch will happen. Are we looking at the same availability data as the HTC Flyer? Your guess is as good ours.

Also, the Xoom is currently only available in WiFi version. With no dependency on SIM cards, it will be very interesting to see how Maxis is going to tie the Xoom with a bundling plan.

Whatever plan it will be, Maxis, you’re spoiling us with all these choices. To be the first to know when will it launch, you may register yourself at Maxis Android Tablet page here.

Motorola Xoom full specs revealed, WiFi only version available

Motorola’s upcoming super tablet, Xoom has its specs officially revealed on Motorola’s site. So it is now official that there will be a GSM, CDMA and a WiFi only version to choose from. You’ll get all you need to know about the Xoom from the screen, processor and down to the OpenGL extensions. Check out the full spec details here.

The other not so good news is that Motorola is pricing the Xoom at US$800 which they felt that its upgradability to 4G speeds of 50Mbps would justify such price tag. That’s roughly about RM2400 before all the tax and shipping cost to reach here. However the WiFi only version is said to be priced lower to match the iPad at about $599 (approx. RM1800). So, US$200 extra just to upgrade to 4G? That’s a little bit too much, don’t you think?

Considering that Apple normally reduces its prices for each new generation, let’s just see if the iPad 2 is good enough to force a price war on these Android tablets.

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Motorola Xoom: Possibly the best Android tablet right now

Earlier debuted by Andy Rubin at the D:Dive Into Mobile event, this Motorola tablet is now official and boy does it make us drool.

The Motorola Xoom is, to our eyes at least, the best Android tablet to come into the market. Here’s the specs breakdown.

  • 10.1-inch 1280X800 16:10 touchscreen
  • 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 with 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • Android3.0 Honeycomb
  • 1080p video out playback through HDMI, 720p onboard playback
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 5 MP rear-facing camera, 720p video
  • 2 MP front-facing camera
  • 10 hours battery life

The deal maker for us is the tablet specific Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, you can take a look at all the demo videos here and here. The Android developers have done a great job in making the Android OS work for a tablet and for the looks of the video, its a really good looking OS.

Motorola says the Xoom is fully upgradable to 4G but it’s not something that the user can do at home. TO upgrade the Xoom to 4G the user will need to take it back to service centre, and since 4G in this instance is LTE, don’t expect this feature to be available here.

There’s also a mention of a radical “floating finger” interface, we’re not too sure what this is but we sure can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Join us after the jump the official video of the Motorola Xoom, some press pics and full press release.

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Motorola tablet to be called Xoom?

We’re less than a week away to the most anticipated gadget showcase of the year. CES 2011 is just around the corner and one of the many devices people are looking forward to see is the Motorola tablet.

Interestingly, it has been revealed that Motorola have applied to trademark the term “Xoom” in the US, Canada, Australia, EU, Taiwan and New Zealand. It is just an educated guess at this moment but such a far reaching trademark application suggests that the name will be used for a device that will make its debut at CES and all eyes are looking at the teased Motorola tablet.

There is no confirmed specs yet for the tablet but the following are expected:

  • 7-inch and 10-inch versions
  • 32GB storage
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 dual-core processor
  • Gyroscope
  • 1280×800 resolution
  • 5MP camera on the back, 2MP on the front
  • microSD
  • HDMI out
  • Versions for UMTS, CDMA and LTE

On the other hand, it could be a trademark name for something else altogether. We’ll just have to wait and see. Just four more days people. Keep it locked on to for the latest updates on CES 2011.