Mobile Prepaid Internet

Digi Prepaid gives you up to 1.5GB free high speed internet when you reload


Competition is heating up in the prepaid space as telcos are dishing out more free internet than before. After announcing its RM75/month 7GB postpaid plan with unlimited calls, Digi is now revamping its prepaid offering with free high-speed internet when you top up.

You can get free internet when you reload as little as RM10, and enjoy up to 1.5GB free each month. Nope, this isn’t your free basic internet but non-throttled internet at full speeds.

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U Mobile revamps UMI prepaid offering with free WeChat & KakaoTalk data


U Mobile’s Unlimited Mobile Internet prepaid offerings is one of the best value for money offerings in the market. After its UMI 48 package, they have now introduced a new UMI 38 option which offers 500MB of data, 200 minutes of calls and 30 SMS for just RM38/month. This is similar to its earlier UMI 28 offering but with an extra 100 minutes of talk time.

On top of that, U Mobile now offers free data usage for WeChat and KakaoTalk messengers for UMI 28, UMI 38 and UMI 48 subscribers. Not a bad offering for those who use these 2 instant messaging service on a daily basis.

Head over to U Mobile’s Unlimited Mobile Internet page for more info.

U Mobile introduces UMI 48 package with 2GB data


U Mobile has revealed more options for its Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Internet offering. Joining the original UMI28 and UMI18, is its new UMI 48 which offers 2GB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 30 SMS for just RM48 monthly.

For those that have a sudden need to use mobile internet excessively, there’s the add-on Booster Plan which offers 1GB of data for 3 days at RM10. Meanwhile for the bundled talk and minutes, U Mobile lets you roll over unused credits but there’s a maximum cap depending on plans. It is also good to know that U Mobile doesn’t charge for excess usage but download speeds will be throttled once you’ve hit your limit.

For more details, head over to U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet page.

U Mobile introduces lower Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan 18

U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet

U Mobile now has introduced a cheaper variation of its Unlimited Mobile Internet plan for prepaid. For RM18/month, it offers 250MB of data, 25 minutes of calls and 25 SMS.

Once you exceeded your 250MB quota, you still can use without extra charge but download speeds will be throttled down to 64kbps. While other prepaid normally burn unused talk time and SMS, the new UMI 18 plan lets you carry forward a maximum of 50 minutes of calls and 50 SMS at any one time. To subscribe, dial *118*3*1#.

If you need more data and talk time, there’s the usual UMI 28 which offers 500MB of data, 100 minutes of call and 30 SMS for RM28/month.

For more information, head over to U Mobile.

New Hotlink Prepaid Broadband up to 42Mbps

Hotlink Broadband Prepaid

Maxis prepaid brand Hotlink has just introduced its new Prepaid Broadband service that offers download speeds up to 42Mbps. This replaces Maxis Prepaid Broadband that offer speeds up to 7.2Mbps.

The new plan comes in a SIM pack at RM5 and a complete Hotlink Broadband Starter kit that comes with a HSPA modem for only RM88. Both packages come preloaded with 50MB of free data. Existing Maxis Prepaid Broadband users are automatically converted to this new Hotlink Broadband plan effective 8th August and shall also get to have uncapped speeds up to 42Mbps.

In terms of data quota, there’s a wide range of Broadband passes to choose from as low as RM3/day:

In terms of speed, it varies on coverage and device. The bundled modem in the Starter Kit isn’t a HSPA+ variant and supports up to 7.2Mbps. It comes covered with a 12 months warranty. To get the most out of Maxis HSPA+ network, you would need a HSPA+ modem which is sold at RM280 at selected Maxis centres. If you plan to make calls and SMS, it does allow you to do so at 36 sen/min and 10 sen per SMS.

Hotlink Broadband is an affordable broadband option especially for travellers or those looking for an alternative wireless broadband for short term use. The wide range of broadband passes offers is certainly welcome to suit various usage.

For more information, head over to Hotlink Broadband page.

TuneTalk offers daily 50MB data plan at 88sen

TuneTalk daily data plan

Prepaid users are often subjected to stingy quotas at expensive rates. The usual pay as you go rate doesn’t really cut it but luckily we are seeing telcos introducing weekly and monthly data plans lately to make mobile internet affordable for the prepaid users.

Now TuneTalk has something different which is affordable for light but consistent daily mobile internet users. Apart from its low 5sen/MB data rate, they are offering a daily 50MB for 88 sen. The service is activated by SMS by sending “50MB” to 7777. The plan is renewed automatically on a daily basis and you can stop the subscription by SMSing “STOP” to 7777.

While 50MB/day doesn’t seem that much, but on a monthly basis that’s 1.5GB over 30 days for RM26.40. That’s pretty good value only if you’re a consistent user that uses less than 50MB each day. Once you exceed the 50MB quota, you’ll be charged the usual 5sen/MB rate. So if you have a suddenly craving to download huge files or stream video in a single day, you might want to keep your usage in check as you’ll be paying excess charge upon exceeding 50MB. Your data usage can be checked by SMSing “STATUS” to 7777.

Head over to the FAQ for more info.

Tune Talk revamps website & Free SIM and delivery offer

Tune Talk, Malaysia’s aggressive MVNO prepaid has given its website a whole new revamp. On first glance, it looks pretty refreshing with heaps of red and it runs heavily on flash. While today’s trend where most portals or websites are beginning to switch to non-flash design with javascript implementation, Tune Talk had defied the odds with having a port folio designer style website which navigates both horizontal and vertically.

It looks cool and fun at first but after flicking through the site, it tends to feel a little cluttered. You can use both mouse or keyboard directionary keys to navigate but we were surprised that the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work with their pages. As Tune Talk subscribers ourselves, we are also having problems locating the self care to check our account details and usage. Anyone managed to find it?

Website aside, Tune Talk is probably the country’s simplest mobile prepaid SIM plan with its fixed rate of 16sen/minute for calls, 5 sen per SMS and the first to offer 5sen per MB for prepaid mobile data.

Now they are giving free sim card with delivery if you purchase one with a minimum top up of RM30.

For more details, visit their newly revamped website here.

U Mobile introduces lite Unlimited Mobile Internet

U Mobile now offers unlimited mobile internet plan for its prepaid users which costs only RM28 per month. Compared to other prepaids, this new U Mobile offering is rather different as it offers uncapped speeds and there’s no additional charge if you exceed its monthly quota of 500MB.

At RM28/month, this makes it less than RM1 per day to stay connected online. You’ll get 500MB data and it comes with free 100 minutes of nationwide talktime and 30 free SMS. The free minutes and talk time are transferable if your subscription is renewed for the following month. We can’t help but to notice that this looks very similar to Yes Valuepack style of monthly offering as they would bring forward unused calls and SMS to the next month. However it isn’t the same for data on U Mobile, as unfinished quota will be forfeited at the end of each monthly cycle. For calls and SMS, they can only allow maximum accumulation of 200 minutes and 60 SMS at one time.

In terms of coverage, it works in both U Mobile’s 3G and Domestic Roaming coverage areas. As expected, you’ll be getting only EDGE while on Domestic Roaming.

While this U Mobile unlimited mobile internet plan offers uncapped speeds up to 14.4Mbps, its throttled speed after 500MB is capped to a miserable 64kbps. If you’re a light user, this is not bad and the free calls which can be brought forward are good add on value. For heavy users that uses more than a GB monthly, you are better off with the UB40 plan that offers 2GB at only RM40/month.

To activate, dial *118# on your U Mobile prepaid to get started. This Unlimited Mobile Internet plan is auto-renewed so you just need to make sure you have sufficient credit before your 30 days are up. According to its FAQ, you must have credit validity of 30 days at time of activation in order for it to be renewed.

For more information, head to U Mobile’s page here.

Maxis revised Broadband plans, introduces new prepaid starter kit

This has been quite an interesting week for wireless broadband as we’ve seen new amendment of plans and offerings coming from DiGi Prepaid Internet, U Mobile and also Yes. Now Maxis too is doing some shake up of their plans as well.

Compared with our previous round of broadband cost comparison, we noticed that Maxis has made a major change for its 1.5GB plan which was previously offering similar uncapped speeds up to 7.2Mbps for only RM48/month. Now its 1.5GB plan is offered with 2 options of LITE and SWIFT.

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Happy Prepaid Kota Bharu exclusive prepaid internet plan


We’ve just discovered that Happy Prepaid, an MVNO service under DiGi has just introduced a prepaid internet offer exclusive for Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Their starter packs are going at RM15 which comes with 3 days worth of data and validity period. It starts off similar to DiGi prepaid internet at RM2/day but it gets cheaper
with higher value top ups.


For RM10 top up you’ll get 6 days of usage while RM30 top up gives you 18 days which is about RM1.67 per day to stay connected. The fair usage for this plan is capped at maximum 2GB a month which upon exceeding you might be just throttled further to snail crawling speeds. Just like the rest of DiGi prepaid internet offerings, download speed is limited at 384kbps which is adequate for normal surfing but challenging for those who require speedier downloads.

For more information, check out Happy Prepaid Kota Bharu page here.

Tune Talk offers cheap data at 5 sen per MB


UPDATE: Looks like TuneTalk has bumped their data speed from GPRS to EDGE. This makes it slightly faster with theoritical speeds up to 384kbps. At 5 sen per MB per session, this is the cheapest mobile data right now.

Has Tune Talk gone mad? Now they’ve announced that they are offering the lowest data charge ever at 5 sen per MB.

Don’t expect fast speeds as TuneTalk offers only GPRS which is very much like dial up. But at 5 sen per MB, this is a bargain for your casual facebook and twitting needs. We strongly recommend using Opera browser with their web compression technology for best experience with slow connection.

Formerly Tune Talk charges 10 sen per 10KB. The revised rates now is 5 sen per 1MB which looks like per MB blocks. This means whether you use a mere 10KB or 900KB, you will be charged a minimum of 5 sen per connection you make.

Read up their FAQ here.